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8 ways to look your best without makeup

8 ways to look your best without makeup

Many women think makeup is the only way to look great. But in fact, for this we do not need to be painted every day.

What is needed in order to be irresistible and without decorative cosmetics on the face?

Every day we spend in front of the mirror a lot of time and spend a lot of energy to apply makeup. But the female face is so beautiful without eye shadows and foundation.

Maybe stop painting every day, at least in the summer? You will save precious morning time and a lot of money on cosmetics, and also give your skin a rest, improve its tone and make it radiant.

How to achieve this?

The first and main task for a woman who decides to do without make-up is to achieve a good skin condition.

If you want to look good without makeup, be sure to clean your face twice a day. Do you think this rule is obvious?

Believe me, not all women wash their face in the mornings with the help of cleansing agents – many people think that during the night the skin “doesn’t have time to get dirty” and it is enough to just rinse it with water. Meanwhile, it will save you from acne.

Use a mild cleanser, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, and make sure it works with your skin type. Once a week wash your face with a scrub that will exfoliate dead particles.

In addition, after washing, apply a tonic to the face. Yes, it lengthens the washing process, but isn’t the perfect skin worth it?

Tonic will complete the cleansing process and prepare the skin for the application of the cream.

8 ways to look your best without makeup

Unfortunately, many do not like moisturizers due to the fact that they often make the face fat and shiny. But you need to find your remedy, depending on the type of skin. Nourishing and protective creams are also important, but the main key to healthy, radiant, beautiful skin is a good moisturizer.

And if we are talking about protection, then pay attention to the means with the sun protection factor SPF 30 to protect the face from the scorching rays that dry and age the skin.

If you have healthy skin, you do not need makeup. But any nutritionist will tell you: everything that you put in your mouth every day will sooner or later be reflected on our face and body. Do you hope that your favorite buns will not affect the shape and skin?

Do not wait for this moment. It is better to include as many vegetables and fruits as possible in your daily diet.

And eat fish.

8 ways to look your best without makeup

This piece of advice has already surely gotten your teeth on edge, because not a single article about beauty and a healthy lifestyle can do without it. But it really is. The skin loves moisturizing from the outside and from the inside.

How, you still do not have a bottle of water on your desktop?

This is also extremely popular advice. But not to do without it. Dark circles under the eyes and dull, flabby skin are often the result of a lack of sleep.

Try to sleep at least 8 hours and go to bed until midnight.

Some women do not use special means to care for their lips, content with the usual face cream. But many specifically buy lip balm. However, after them the situation worsens, paradoxically, many of these products contain chemicals that dry lips and make them apply balm again and again.

Try using coconut oil in this quality. It helps keep lips moisturized and heal chapped areas.

By the way, coconut oil can also be used to remove makeup, and as a body lotion.

8 ways to look your best without makeup

Of course, you need to keep facial hair under control, but do not pull out eyebrows clean. First of all, it is worth getting rid of the hairs that are obviously out of the general direction.

And we are talking about those hairs that are below the main line of the eyebrows. Those hairs that are higher than the eyebrows, and you can leave alone, according to current fashion trends, it is quite acceptable.

And even if, in your opinion, you have very broad eyebrows, do not make them a thin “thread.

Some fashion gurus are advised to use vaseline instead of mascara, asserting that it will literally make eyelashes glow. Meanwhile, the good old castor (or burdock) oil has definitely not let anyone down. Gently apply it with a cotton swab at night (as if using mascara).

Do not overdo it so that in the morning you will not get up with swollen eyes. After a while, you will notice that the eyelashes have become thicker and darker.

And now they can be pampered – by purchasing eyelash curlers. The unit looks like a torture, but knows its business – eyelashes twisted in this way will completely do without mascara.

What else? Regularly go to the dentist and hairdresser. But most importantly – smile.

A smile hides many flaws in appearance. Even age.

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