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8 vital skills that a working mom should master

8 vital skills that a working mom should master

Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts that life can give. However, to be a mother who also goes to the office is a serious challenge. Every woman who decided to combine motherhood and work, there are many things that need to be done during the day, and a minimum of time for this.

What does such a race mean? A woman begins to think that her career is over. And ceases to believe in their professional abilities.

And from here it is not far to disappointment in oneself and in the family. What turns out – motherhood and work are really incompatible?

Meanwhile, many working mothers are often more valuable employees than other employees. They masterfully manage time and are well motivated for results.

And most importantly – they know what is needed for a happy and successful life.

With household chores on the one hand and working problems on the other hand, it is very easy to forget about yourself (and score yourself). Yes, as soon as you come home, the child and family immediately get into priority.

And during the day you are completely immersed in reports, meetings, and electronic correspondence. And it starts to seem to you that taking care of yourself is not the most important thing right now.

Stop it. No matter how busy you are, you need to set aside time for yourself.

Yes, every day. Manicure, not only because it requires a dress code – and enjoy the care of themselves.

At lunchtime, go outside, look at the sky, exhale. Order a cup of cappuccino and think – not about work, not about children, not about her husband, but about yourself. You want your husband and children to be proud of what a beautiful and calm mother they have?

And who will take care of you, if not yourself?

Even if you belong to that type of independent women who firmly believe in the truth “If you want to do well, do it yourself,” you need to learn how to work in a team. You are a mother who has no time to do everything on her own.

Ask your half to help you with household chores. Share work assignments with colleagues. In the end, you’re just a man, not a Superman in a skirt.

You do not have a superpower or superpowers to cope with absolutely everything alone.

8 vital skills that a working mom should master

Working moms always pay less attention to their children, because they have a super tight schedule. Admit it, no matter how you would like another. And if you cannot spend all your time with your family, do not feel guilty.

So the situation is that you work (and it doesn’t matter if you do it because you don’t take out the seats at home, or because you need to replenish your family budget). Yes, you do not spend the whole day with your child, but you bring money home. You have no reason to consider yourself a bad mother.

Instead of blaming yourself, be proud of yourself.

Yes, this is an obvious fact. But you can not forget about it.

Just try to manage your time so that you can manage to cope with the work and communicate with your husband and children. Think, perhaps, on Friday the chief of your ability to work will allow you to leave work a couple of hours earlier?

The life of a working mother is hard and difficult. You must be a responsible and hardworking worker, a beautiful and contented wife, a caring mother and a grateful daughter at the same time. You are always busy, like a bee.

Are you tired? Rest, mourn, regret yourself.

In the end, think about changing your profession. But do not turn the life – yours and loved ones – into a round-the-clock moaning and tearing

It will not be any easier for anyone.

8 vital skills that a working mom should master

Sometimes working problems go beyond the office, and they have to be solved at home. You strive to get rid of affairs as quickly as possible, but the child categorically does not want to play for a minute. The kid is eager for your attention!

Give the child several tasks and offer to complete it and your tasks together, in turn. Nothing bad will happen if you play and work with the child

A working mother has every right to do so. Yes, you are tired, and now you want to go home and not have a drink with your colleagues. However, if your soul is now eager for a glass of wine with a partner, then you will have to say no to your husband.

But the most important “no” learn to say to the authorities: to stay in the office for overtime is definitely not your duty. And if before pregnancy you could be forced to do what you do not need, now your life is subject to other rules.

Your life is certainly not sugar. However, many people do not have what you have – someone is not able to have children, and someone sits without work. So focus on the bright side of life – it will give energy to move forward.

Think of your little sun whenever you feel that you no longer have the strength. You have strength and more than you think.

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