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8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

When choosing, consider the needs of your child. Some children like to do it alone, others prefer to do their homework at the kitchen table when the whole family is together. Regardless of which option you choose, make sure that all the accessories you need to study are with your child.

If your child has his own table, store them in drawers, and if he prefers to study at the kitchen, buy a special stand for writing-materials or a wall-mounted organizer so that they are not lost.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Teach your child to make a weekly homework plan. For example, hang a calendar above his desk. So, he will be able to sign over each date the names of the items on which the task must be performed.

Or you can at the end of each month make a joint glider. It’s very simple: divide a piece of paper into 30 (31) squares and number them.

Every square is a day of the week. You can make gliders from colored paper, decorate them with applications and drawings.

They are much more convenient than calendars and, moreover, provide space for children’s creativity.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Remove all unnecessary from the table and leave only the table lamp. Remove all notes, reminder notes and other notes in special boxes for papers so that they do not distract the attention of the student.

A spacious neat workplace will help the child focus more quickly on the task.

A computer may be useful for studying, but it can also distract the child’s attention. Leave it aside until needed.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Laconic in design, the table and chair will last for a long time: they will not be out of fashion, and the child is unlikely to grow out of classics.

But children often want something bright and unusual. Buy a bright soft pouf on which the child can relax after doing homework or during a break. For example, you can buy a ball chair for a small football fan.

With age, the child’s tastes will inevitably change, so these puffs are a great solution: they are inexpensive and it will not be a pity to part with them.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Hang in front of your child a bright wall clock with large numbers. This will help him control his time and finish his business on time.

And at the same time will help to better get acquainted with the definition of time on the clock with an arrow. Yes, and with the very concept of the passage of time.

A great tool for motivation can serve as a kitchen timer. Break homework preparation into intervals of 30 minutes, and the timer will warn you when to take a break.

At such breaks, the child can have a snack or just relax.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Hang up notes, children’s drawings and “valentines” above the table. You can attach them with clips to a regular rope.

So you will free the table from unnecessary papers, and the child will be pleased to look at memorabilia.

As an option, you can work together to create a mood-board or mood board – a kind of collage that reflects the interests and hobbies of the child. Collect magazine clippings, baby photos and postcards — in a word, what the schoolchild will want. Attach it all onto a cork board or onto a plain piece of paper.

The flight of fantasy is not limited here: mount with your child anything you want on the board, use different materials and textures. Such a collage can be infinitely updated by appending quotes from your favorite songs or pasting fresh photos.

You can, for example, make a list of goals that your child has set for himself for the current year, and attach it to the mood-board. The main thing is to hang the collage in a prominent place to inspire and motivate the child.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Attach a backpack hook to the wall next to the student’s desk. So, the necessary accessories will always be at hand, and the child will not be constantly distracted.

Hang on the side of the table organizer with a lot of pockets in which it is convenient to store pencils, rulers, notebooks, drafts, and so on, that you definitely need to do homework.

Little trick: so that the child does not forget the ruler, stand for books, as well as other writing materials at home, get a “home kit”. It is just possible to settle in the organizer at the table (or above the table).

And what the young schoolchild uses in the classroom is better not to get out of the portfolio. Kids – younger schoolchildren are not yet able to keep in mind everything that should be in a briefcase before leaving the house.

The same goes for points. If your child uses glasses in the classroom, it’s worthwhile to have a second pair for the house

The only points the baby will inevitably forget at home, especially after the weekend.

8 steps to success: how to help your child sit down at lessons

Remember that a child should like his surroundings. But this does not mean that you have to buy expensive furniture of the original design. The student’s workspace can be varied in yet another way.

Turn on the fantasy and make, for example, a shelving a bright spot in the interior of the children’s room. Buy multi-colored boxes so that the student can keep paper in them, and colored adhesive tape is useful for decorating shelves. The main thing – to connect the child to such “alterations”.

Then homework will not seem to him a chore.

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