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8 questions to Dr. Komarovsky

8 questions to Dr. Komarovsky

1. Now pediatricians often say: “If on the third day the temperature does not drop, let’s take antibiotics.” Is it correct?

Wrong. Now more. More than 95% of children’s “colds” are viral in nature.

But it is also true that ARVI often ends with the addition of bacterial infections. Parents can understand: they want to do everything to prevent complications.

Then the idea arises: wouldn’t the child be given antibiotics? Just in case.

Medical science has a clear answer: antibiotics are able to effectively fight bacterial infections, but they cannot prevent their development. Then why pediatricians all over the world, including in very civilized countries, give such recommendations? Obviously not because doctors do not know what medical science is talking about.

They are simply afraid of lawyers and the wrath of their parents. After all, if a child’s complication develops, it will be very difficult for the doctor to prove that there was no bacterial infection at the time of examination.

So if your pediatrician prescribes antibiotics in the absence of valid reasons, then this is nothing more than an attempt to relieve yourself of responsibility.

2. Are green snot always a sure sign of a bacterial infection?

Runny nose can be of three types – allergic, viral and bacterial. It is easy to diagnose. If there is a lot of eosinophils in a smear from the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, it is an allergic rhinitis, if the lymphocytes are viral, and if neutrophils are bacterial.

But you can make a preliminary conclusion and independently, according to the color of the mucus itself. When bacteria begin to actively proliferate, snot are painted in yellow-green shades. The more bacteria, the more intense the green color.

Conclusion: this is either a bacterial rhinitis, or viral-bacterial. It is important, however, to understand that green snot is not considered as a reasonable reason for prescribing antibiotics.

3. If a child goes to the garden a week, and then three is sick, and so all year round, except for the summer months, is this normal?

All parents want children to never get sick. Nevertheless, in the American textbooks for pediatricians it is written that if a child goes to kindergarten, then at the age of 6 years old, he has every right to suffer from ARVI from 6 to 10 times a year.

At the same time, everyone will consider it absolutely normal. In the West, frequent colds are not treated as universal evil or punishment. There both doctors and parents understand that this will be the case with almost all the children who will be given to kindergarten.

Moreover, in developed countries, no one doubts that sooner or later the “often ill” child will turn into a “rarely ill” adult. In the post-Soviet space, most pediatricians have a different point of view. What we all know very well.

My advice: you should not worry about the frequency of acute respiratory viral infections, but about whether you know how to properly help your child and prevent complications. And do not want to hurt, then you need to live in the forest.

4. There is an opinion that there is no need to drive a child up to 5 years in the pool. But what about swimming babies, because it is so popular today?

I personally am a big supporter of bathing in infancy, in principle, and infant swimming in particular. This is one of the very effective ways of tempering.

But I want to talk separately about the “temperature” mode. Often, 34 ° C recommended for water and 24 ° C for changing rooms is wrong. I would lower the figures by 2, or even 3 degrees.

And mothers would suggest hanging a poster of such content in a prominent place: “In young children, the metabolism is three times faster than in adults. If you feel warm – the child is hot.

You are hot – he is very hot. You are cold – he is fine! ”So go to the“ right ”pool, and not to the“ bath ”.

5. Many mothers in my environment teach children to pot up to a year. But there are those who allow the child to wear diapers up to 4 years.

Which of the two tactics is correct?

Even if you do not do anything on purpose, by the age of 3-4 years, children acquire this skill quite successfully. But no matter what, the topic of teaching a child to the pot takes almost every mother.

Anxiety increases exponentially, if it suddenly turns out that a friend or son or daughter learned this ability a year, or even 6 months. My opinion: it’s not necessary to discuss how your child pees or poops. This is a private affair of your family.

And if we turn to what modern medicine says, then the average age when children begin to go to the toilet on their own varies from 22 to 30 months. The general recommendation is this: up to 1.5 years it is better to leave the child alone and not to get the pot from the closet.

6. Does the dummy affect the bite or is it not?

Definitely affected. But besides the dummy the wrong bite provokes a lot of other adverse factors.

I am for a reasonable approach. After all, you can give the child a pacifier several times a day for 10–15 minutes, or for 24 hours.

A dummy is needed in order to satisfy the sucking reflex. Mother’s breast is needed in order to eat.

Therefore, if your child has a sucking reflex strongly developed, then the nipple can be given (after the appearance of the first tooth, only the latex one).

7. WHO recommends breastfeeding babies for up to 6 months, but recently more and more pediatricians are advised to keep breastfeeding for up to 2 and even 3 years. Does it make sense?

WHO recommends that breastfeeding be continued until 2 years of age if mom wants. This means that the child will receive regular food, but 1-2 times a day he will be applied to the breast. Although some women do it much more often, and I do not blame them.

Attaching after a year is believed to strengthen the emotional connection between mother and child. Yes, there is an opinion (I completely agree with him) that if a mother, instead of giving a breast, reads a fairy tale to a baby, the effect will be just as good.

In any case, prolonged feeding is a private affair of each individual family.

8. Is it possible for a child to sleep with their parents? Someone advises to put the baby in a separate bed from birth, while others say that up to 7 years of sleep together is very useful for the child’s psyche.

I believe that children should sleep in a separate bed. And this position is followed by the pediatric associations of most countries. If you “move out” the baby immediately after the maternity hospital, then he usually gets used to isolated sleep within 2-3 days.

But in general, I admit that there are other options. The main thing is that the decision about joint dream should not be taken by the mother alone (and this is just what happens most often), but by the mother and the father.

The opinion of her husband still need to be considered. And, I repeat, as far as I know, not one of the pediatricians with classical medical education, in whatever country of the world he studies, says that the child should sleep with the parents.

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