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8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

In recent years, the use of melons for some reason overgrown with a huge number of myths. Now and then the hostess on melons melts prefer watermelons to melons, saying that not everyone can eat melons and not always. But this is far from the case.

We find out how, to whom and when it is necessary to use melon.

The truth is that there is a lot of sugar in melon: up to 16-20%, depending on the variety.

In fact: melon is rich in vitamins C, PP, and vitamins of group B. In addition, there is a lot of potassium in melon (which is good for the cardiovascular system) and folic acid (as you probably know, it is useful for pregnant women). In addition, melon contains a lot of iron.

Truth: the melon can not be used for diabetes, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, intestinal diseases, especially in the period of exacerbation.

In fact: the melon is recommended to be used for gallstone and urolithiasis, due to its high iron content, it is useful for anemia, anemia.

In addition, the melon is recommended for recovery after surgery, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, kidney and liver diseases. Melon soothes the nervous system.

8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

Some truth: some pediatricians believe that children under 3 years old shouldn’t give a melon, because during this period, babies are better off eating only neutral food. When the child has passed three years of age, you can begin to give him a melon, watching his reaction.

In fact: some experts believe that you can give a child a piece of melon at the age of one. In addition, melon is a good anthelmintic agent for children and is useful in the case of childhood constipation.

So the final decision at which age your child will try a melon for the first time is up to you.

Truth: women who breast feed babies are not recommended melon. There is an opinion that this may provoke a violation of the digestive system of the baby.

In fact: a piece of melon does not hurt pregnant women. A moderate consumption of melons during pregnancy helps to calm the nervous system, improves the bowels, normalizes the water-salt balance.

8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

The truth is that, as we have already found out, a melon is a very sweet product that contains a lot of sugar, so that when eating a melon, the breakdown of fat stops, and when overeating the melon, excess carbohydrates can also contribute to fat accumulation.

In fact: the melon is not too high in calories – it only has about 35 kcal per 100 g, and almost no protein and fat. The melon also has a lot of fiber, which has a good effect on the intestinal function, literally sweeping out toxins from it.

In addition, there are even special melon diets and fasting days on the melon. For example, during the day, between meals, it is recommended to eat about one and a half kilograms of melon.

And if you need to remove toxins from the body, then for a couple of weeks in the morning before breakfast, you can drink a glass of melon juice.

Some truth: some people sometimes complain that the melon is hard to digest, especially if you eat it on an empty stomach.

In fact: it depends on the individual characteristics of the human digestive system. Only by experience can you find out exactly how this product affects your own body.

In general, melon has a mild laxative and diuretic effect, so that it is a good cleaner for the gastrointestinal tract.

8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

Truth: in the 1930s, the American naturopath Herbert Sheldon reported that melons are digested in the stomach in 30 minutes, and meat in 2 hours. From this, he concluded that meat and melons should not get into the stomach together, otherwise undigested protein along with melon will leave the stomach in the intestine, and there will begin the process of rotting and fermentation.

Actually: you need to know that, unlike meat, the melon in the stomach is not digested at all – the melon is digested only in the small intestine. Thus, the melon does not affect the digestion of proteins in any way – either by inhibiting or accelerating action.

Just eat it not for dessert, but before you start eating heavy meals.

The truth is: in some individual cases, the body’s reaction to a melon, which is washed down with milk, is negative.

In fact: in national cuisines of different countries there are a lot of peculiar at first glance combinations: melon with yogurt, melon with cottage cheese, melon with ricotta, melon with parmesan, melon with cream. It is unlikely that such recipes would live for so long if they did not fit all the inhabitants of the land.

8 myths and facts about melon that are worth knowing

By smell: This is the most important feature. Mature melon has a very strong aroma – honey or vanilla.

Herbal notes in the smell can indicate the mellowness of the melon.

By: tail: It should be faded, but not dry. And thick – about a pencil.

Wet, green and resilient tail – melon is unripe.

At the tip: This is the opposite of the peduncle. In mature melon, the spout lends itself slightly when pressed and resiliently springs; in the immature, the spout is hard.

Skinned: If green skin is easily formed when scraping under the skin, melon is ripe. In unripe melon skin is very dense, firm.

By sound: A ripe melon makes a dull, dense sound when tapped. The sonorous response gives melon unripe.

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