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8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

The chief physician of the clinic “Telo’s Beauty on Donskoy”, cosmetologist Elena Baranova states that it is possible to resort to anti-aging care from the age of 25. After all, the paraorbital zone is the area that is primarily affected by the aging process.

On the one hand, the eyelids and skin around the eyes are more susceptible to aging due to the lack of moisturizing glands, a small amount of adipose tissue and muscle fibers, as well as rich facial expressions and the destructive action of ultraviolet radiation. On the other hand, with age, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the skin are lost. To compensate for the “loss” and saturate it with antioxidants and just means designed for the area around the eyes. The Salvation Army usually consists of: anti-aging components (retinol, collagen), moisturizers (hyaluronic acid, acai fruits), antioxidants (vitamins C and E, raspberry seed oil).

True – alas! – they are unlikely to succeed in ridding us of wrinkles. But to delay their appearance and reduce the manifestation is just within the forces.

8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

The cream is applied to the skin around the eyes with light touches, gently tapping the fingertips, which helps the cream to fully soak into the skin. Begin with the upper eyelid, in the direction from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

On the lower eyelid, move from the outer corner to the inner. Do the procedure for an hour before bedtime.

Video: Technique applying anti-aging cream around the eyes

Undoubtedly, the older we get, the faster the process of skin wilting takes place. For its rejuvenation only cosmetics are not enough. Armed with modern salon techniques, cosmetologists are rushing to help us.

Elena considers the combination of biorevitalization (subcutaneous administration of preparations with a high content of hyaluronic acid) and skin grinding with a Fraxel fractional laser to be one of the most effective procedures with a long lasting effect. This mix stiffens the skin around the eyes, improves its elasticity and reduces the blue circles under the eyes (the vessels in this area become almost imperceptible).

8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

“Edemas under the eyes are often associated with impaired kidney function, so this is the first thing we need to rule out,” said Irina Ivanova, a doctor-cosmetologist at the Doktorplastic clinic. Also, incoming swelling may be genetically determined.

A household cause of “bags” under the eyes often becomes plentiful drink and “overdose” of the cream just before bedtime. Keep in mind that it is useful for the eyes to sleep on a high pillow (or not on one). The greater the angle of inclination of the head, the better the outflow of fluid and less swelling in the morning.

But the most unsuccessful posture for sleep is on the stomach: blood and lymph stagnate, face swells up.

“Dark circles are caused by thinning of the skin and dilatation of the veins,” explains Elena Baranova. “It is the venous blood that gives the blue hue to the lower eyelid.” Dark circles can appear after air travel, with pressure drops, after stress.

A simple and effective tool against the “shadows” under the eyes is sleep. Even better, if you sleep at an air temperature not higher than 19 degrees.

It improves blood circulation, and dark circles become less pronounced. Yes, and all cosmetic procedures that help to cope with this problem are aimed at strengthening the skin of the lower eyelid and improving microcirculation (lymphatic and circulatory).

In the funds for the eyes, this function is performed by vitamin K, licorice, calendula, and Pontus needle. With the same purpose, Elena advises to put ice cubes under her eyes.

This ritual helps to quickly achieve a visible effect and is ideal for morning care.

8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

For the shadow fight, Yury Stolyarov, official makeup artist Maybelline NY in Russia, offers to play in contrast. Pink-lilac (gray-blue) bruises better veil the yellow corrector, and gray-earthy circles under the eyes will hide the pink-peach “masker”.

Also, be careful that the corrector is applied exclusively locally – only on problem areas.

Video: the secrets of masking circles under the eyes and the consequences of lack of sleep:

According to Yuri, the most important thing is that the eye makeup always corresponds to the occasion. You should not make smoky eyes in the morning or make a bright color accent, combining it with bright lips, for no obvious stylistic reasons. Eye color is also always more profitable to emphasize the shadow of a contrast, rather than a similar, range of shades.

And this rule works even with the most natural make-up.

The most basic attribute, without which no eye makeup can do, is undoubtedly mascara. Keep in mind that in order for the mascara to lie flat, without lumps, the eyelashes must be completely clean and dry. A larger volume of eyelashes can be achieved by applying a thin layer of loose mineral powder on them before using the mascara.

And so that they always remain bent up, also “a priori” use twisting tweezers. Want to visually expand your eyes?

Apply a lighter shade of the eyelids from the inner corners of the eyes and darker from the outside. A little trick: to make the shadows more dense, take a brush, and for the effect of transparency – the applicator.

To prolong the life of meykapu eyes (so that it does not crumble and do not roll) up to 12 hours, the bases under the shadows are capable.

On a note. Emphasize the depth of blue eyes, capable of blue, smoky gray, chocolate, copper shades. To add expressiveness to eyes green will help colors from mauve to plum.

Black eyes will become more mysterious thanks to sky blue, dark gray, brown and dark yellow. Gray – chameleon eyes.

Blue will make them copper-red, and green – lavender and aquamarine.

8 answers to questions about skin care around the eyes

Hygiene – the guarantee of health of our eyes. Therefore, every evening, be sure to remove makeup.

This is a rule from which there can be no exceptions. Perform the ritual competently, so as not to stretch the skin of the eyelids and not cause irritation.

Wet a cotton pad with a cleansing agent (micellar water, biphasic remover, lotion). Lightly press the disc to the eye for 10 seconds (use your own disc for each eye).

Swipe the disk from top to bottom (do not rub). Then with light movements from the bottom up, remove the remaining carcass.

Fold the disc in half and clean the skin under the eyes, moving from the inner corners of the eyes to the outer.

Video: make-up removal (make up remover) from sensitive eyes

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