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7 ways to quickly relieve stress

7 ways to quickly relieve stress

You are terribly tired, but the baby is awake, and therefore you have to be alert all the time.

Exercise Feet up! Put the child in the crib, and lie down on your back, close to the wall, lift your legs up, so that the heels touch the wall. Put your hands along the body, palms up.

Breathe slowly and deeply, stay in this position for 1 to 3 minutes.

Benefit The effect of the exercise will be the same as if you took a nap. Your blood circulation will improve, tension will be removed from the lower back and the overall tone will increase.

You are tired and desperate to lull a naughty child. Now you need peace of mind and endurance like never before.

Exercise “Meditation”. Sit down “in Turkish” and try to concentrate on your breathing.

Take slow breaths and exhale, watch as the air circulates throughout the body. With each new breath, repeat to yourself the same soothing phrase like “I am relaxed, I feel good and easy” – and so for a minute or until you feel relief.

Benefit: Meditation helps to restore the flow of energy, it begins to flow freely, and you feel a surge of strength and improvement in well-being. Repetition of the mantra also allows you to discipline your thoughts and focus on something good.

Performing this exercise in good faith, you can relax, and the child, feeling this, will also begin to calm down.

Bag with the necessary children’s things collected, the child is dressed, and you are ready to go for a walk, when you suddenly discover that the baby has done in the pants …

Exercise “Full Breath.” Stand straight, relaxed arms stretch along the body, close your eyes. Breathe in air through the nostrils, gradually filling the lungs with air.

Finally, draw the lower part of the abdomen inward, which will give support to the lungs and allow the uppermost part to be filled with air. Hold your breath for a few seconds.

Then exhale slowly, making sure that the chest is still straightened, and gradually releasing the stomach as the air comes out of the lungs. When the air leaves the lungs, release the tension of the chest and abdomen.

Benefits: Full breathing increases the body’s defenses, promotes the active flow of oxygen into the lungs. You will immediately feel how life-giving energy fills you.

The cells and tissues of the body will be cleansed of toxins, the general condition will improve, anxiety will recede.

You have already tried everything, but you could not stop the child’s hysteria and now you are ready to burst into tears. It is necessary to immediately restore harmony in the body!

Exercise “Acupressure.” Put the baby in the crib for a while.

Sit on the sofa, with your thumb and forefinger grope for a groove in the center of the chest. Slowly and rhythmically press your fingers on this point for a minute so that the layers of tissue and internal organs can respond normally to the massage.

It is better if you do the exercise lying down, slightly raising the torso above the waist with the help of a pillow.

Benefits: Helps relieve anxiety, stimulates the restoration of correct, deep breathing, which has a general calming effect on the entire body. In addition, focusing on acupressure helps to relax and distract.

7 ways to quickly relieve stress

The life of a young mother is not easy: daily washing, cleaning, cooking. It is not surprising that with such tension the body literally calls for help.

You just need to learn how to get rid of excessive muscle tension.

Exercise “Coats to the top” (stretching). Stand up straight, legs apart shoulder-width apart, arms folded over the head in the form of a pyramid, so that the tips of the fingers of both hands touch each other. Now begin to slowly pull the spine up, with your legs resting on the floor.

You need to feel how all your muscles tighten. When stretching the lower part of the spine, help yourself by straining the abdominal muscles. Picking up the stomach, you thereby compensate for the load on the lumbar spine.

Raise the rib cage, feel how your back muscles stretch towards the spine, as the chest “opens”. Try to stretch your neck up without lifting and not lowering your chin: the movement should be as if you are being pulled up by the top of the head. The whole body will become elastic and light, and the breath will become free and even.

Then slowly lower your hands, take 3-5 deep breaths. And repeat again.

Benefit: This exercise helps to eliminate muscle spasm of the cervical spine and shoulder girdle, improve blood circulation, relieve emotional tension.

You can not wait to go out and breathe fresh air, and at the same time and stretch your numb and tired legs. But the baby suddenly fell asleep, and it would be an unforgivable mistake to wake him up now …

Exercise “Jumping on a trampoline.” Stand straight, bend your legs a little at the knees, and relax your hands.

Start bouncing slightly on your toes, while allowing your arms to move freely. Then get some rest and repeat the exercise.

Use: Light jumps up and down relieve physical muscle tension and help “let off steam” and even laugh a little, and, as you know, laughter not only improves mood, but also prolongs life!

You are very tired for the day, the crumb begins to be capricious, and your only desire is to hide somewhere, away from everyone and everything. But you still need to cook dinner …

Exercise “soft hugs.” Take a few thin soft pillows and stack them on the carpet.

Sit on the heels facing the pillows, spread your legs wider, clasp the pile with your knees. Now lie down with your whole body on the pillows.

Put your hands along, palms up. Turn your head to the right side and lie down for 30 seconds.

Then change the turn of the head and lie in that position for another half a minute.

Benefit: This exercise helps relieve tension from the lower back, hips and neck. In addition, soft pillow support allows the body to relax and feel the comfort and care – your baby usually feels the same because of your daily care.

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