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7 ways to get rid of monotony in the decree

7 ways to get rid of monotony in the decree

Monotony is the repetition of the same actions every day. Routine is somehow always present in our lives. Early rise, work, home, on weekends – a trip to the store and home worries that have accumulated over the week.

Sometimes years pass by this way, and life loses the brightness of colors … This situation is not avoided by both future and young mothers.

Joy after the birth of the baby and returning home is usually replaced by the inevitable routine, to which the young mother, perhaps, was not ready (besides, it’s difficult to do without days off from unaccustomed!). A lot of fuss and the same type of action. Such gray days, with a lack of joy, can spill over into depressive disorder.

It is very important not to allow this.

  • objective, i.e. necessary in a certain situation. This refers to “regime” moments – say, a working day from 9 to 18, checking children’s lessons in the evening, cooking, or, in the case of young mothers, a cycle of the same and not very interesting things: feeding, walking, playing, bathing, laying , cleaning and feeding again … Such monotony is associated with necessity. Hence, the lack of impressions and the small workload of the human intellectual sphere.
  • subjective, i.e. based on the attitude of a person to current events. Suppose you are basically satisfied with your work, but the performance of the same duties from year to year causes you to get used to it, and after that – boredom. The same can be said about maternal affairs. However, there are quite a few women for whom monotony, including on maternity leave, is nothing more than a myth. Their lives are always filled with bright colors and pleasant impressions, even if they are “at home”.

Every moment, every day of life is a miracle that must be learned to appreciate and love. It can be said that monotony steals days from a person’s life. It is the subjective monotony that significantly impairs the quality of life of a woman on maternity leave.

Since it is based on our attitude to circumstances, by taking control of our perception, we can successfully cope with its impact on us.

7 ways to get rid of monotony in the decree

Sometimes the situation can not be immediately corrected and find a way out, so first of all you need to try to restructure your own perception of reality and change the internal settings.

Communicate with experts, listen to lectures and webinars, use the experience of other mothers who like motherhood (pictures of shining mothers with touching babies from instagram do not count, take the real experience of real people). After analyzing the information, you will understand that if there are certain restrictions, pregnancy and a small child are not an obstacle to communication, to an active lifestyle, or to self-development.

It is only necessary to take the trouble to choose a suitable option and not be afraid to show determination in actions and flexibility in the choice.

If before pregnancy you were faced with an irresistible monotony of life, then this is a signal of the existing psychological difficulties. This issue should now be taken seriously, and while there is a sufficient amount of time it is good to undergo a course of psychotherapy and prepare for motherhood.

Then problems with monotony in the decree will not arise.

7 ways to get rid of monotony in the decree

1. Set a goal.

What would you like to achieve? Consider in detail how to achieve the desired, take the first steps to achieve the goal and, most importantly, believe in success. For example, you have long had the idea of ​​creating your own business.

Decree – it’s time to do planning steps, think through every detail, create your own concept, write texts for the site, etc. Passion for your business in an instant will save you from monotony and fill your life with a special meaning.

Either you want to improve or maintain in a “working” condition your foreign language. Answer yourself, why do you need it – for work, for travel or “just like it” (the latest motivation, by the way, is the weakest).

You must be clearly aware of the role you see yourself, what you want to do, what interests and fascinates you.

2. We are looking for opportunities.

Then try to figure out what you need to achieve the goal? Perhaps you need more free time or additional knowledge … And finally, you need to figure out what can help you accomplish the task.

Actively use useful innovations (for example, slings, household appliances, radio-nurses), do not neglect the help of others, whether it is husband, mother-in-law or nanny.

3. Making “windows” to work on a dream.

Now you need to plan your day or week in such a way that a clear time is allocated for the implementation of the task, daily or periodically. You should know for sure that you have plans for this period that cannot be canceled or transferred unless absolutely necessary.

4. We associate with positive, kind people.

The social factor plays a huge role in human life. Communicating with light, positive-minded people helps to feel its importance in this world and improves mood.

It inspires and emotionally fills us with different feelings. So expand your social circle.

Meet the mothers of the same babies as yours. Joint walks in such a company can provide great support and fill the day with pleasant emotions.

5. Expanding the range of interests.

Creativity that you allow yourself, will give a lot of new emotions. Perhaps this is dancing, drawing, modeling, cooking.

Choose what you like and allow yourself this pleasure. Draw, sculpt, dance with the baby, put on performances.

Look for yourself.

6. Go on an adventure with the baby.

And a pregnant woman, and a young mother is quite capable of making a “fresh stream” in everyday life. Tired of walking along the same paths in the park or between the houses?

Choose a new route. Do you usually play pop or classical music in your headphones?

Try country or light rock. In general, do what you didn’t do before – tie a ribbon on a branch for good luck, contact the first young mother on the playground, take with you the directory of the plants of the middle band and finally find out what trees, grass and shrubs grow in your park (By the way, a very useful activity – you can then enlighten your baby when he grows up!).

Fill your life with interesting events, visit parks, museums, etc.

7. We delight, indulge, love ourselves.

Beautiful clothes, hairstyle, flowers, delicious food. It is very important to learn to love yourself, give yourself gifts, care for yourself, remember yourself.

Ask for help from your husband, relatives to look after the baby. Every mother needs at least a little free time in which she could think about herself in order to accumulate strength and energy that she could share with loved ones.

And if the source is empty, then he will not be able to drink anyone. Remember that it is you who are responsible for your mood, for your feelings, thoughts and actions.

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