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7 simple things that will help raise a happy child

7 simple things that will help raise a happy child

The birth of a child is the main event in the life of a woman. There is nothing better than holding your child in your arms. But as soon as you start thinking about his future, these joyful sensations are replaced by inner anxiety.

How to raise a healthy, intelligent and kind child? To do this, you need to provide everything you need, instill in him confidence in his own abilities and that he will be able to fulfill his dream.

And of course, you must be patient and restrained.

The worldview and self-awareness of a child directly depends on the environment in which he grows up. And as Larissa Dolina sang, the weather in the house is really the most important thing.

Children are vulnerable and sensitive creatures who have a very strong emotional connection with their parents. Well, when at least one of the parents is an optimist by nature.

The optimism, literally soaked with mother’s milk, will help the child avoid further negative thinking.

What is the task of good parents? Not only to raise a child, but also to give him your knowledge and skills, as well as to teach children to use this knowledge. It is important to create a light and relaxed atmosphere within the family and give the child the opportunity to express their potential.

Do your best not to project family scandals and problems on children, because excessive negative can have a bad effect on the child’s fragile psyche. And do not forget about 7 simple steps to raise happy and intelligent children.

7 simple things that will help raise a happy child

Fairy tales are not a relic of the past, but an integral part of the child, his personal development. Psychologists say that fairy tales help children realize reality. They provide an opportunity to explain to the child what is good and what is bad.

Fairy tales are full of positive and negative characters who perform good and bad deeds. In fact, it is a reflection of real life, relations between people.

Many adults remember their childhood with warmth in their hearts precisely because their parents read fairy tales to them, and they imagined the characters, their feelings and emotions. Many mothers, wanting a child to have a developed imagination, read a new story every day. And it is also useful from time to time to plant the baby next to him and read fairy tales together.

And then discuss them and ask the child questions: “What do you think, why did Ivanushka do this and not otherwise?” This teaches children to be kinder, more responsible and contributes to the development of moral values.

Belief in something good and good is always the best source of energy, motivation and patience. People can not live happily, not believing in a miracle.

Of course, Santa Claus (whatever his name – Santa Claus, Joulupukki or Per Noel) is the greatest miracle for every kid. The world of children who believe in Santa Claus is full of joy and happiness.

So let the children live in this fairy tale, as long as age allows. Severe adult world still has time to instill in them realism and skepticism.

So remind the child that on New Year’s Day Santa Claus will fulfill one of his dreams. Let the kid write him a letter and tell him what he wants as a gift.

Many parents intimidate children and say that Santa Claus will not come if they behave badly for a year. But instilling fears is not the best way to communicate with children.

7 simple things that will help raise a happy child

Think – if you focus only on the mental development of children? Doctors recommend to maintain a balance between mental and physical activity, because the human body can not function normally without physical education.

It is necessary to teach children to sport from early childhood. He must become a habit of the child, and then become a hobby. The task of the parents is to help the kid choose the most appropriate sport based on his physical abilities and interests.

Of course, not every child will become a professional athlete, and this is not necessary. But even amateur sport is the best therapy against bad mood and many health problems. In addition, team games like football or hockey teach children to be part of a team, to think not only about their own interests, but also about the interests of their comrades.

By the way, many in this way find friends for life. So, children should exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

This is the key to a long and healthy life.

It is proved that animals play a large role in the process of forming the personality of the child. Children always adore their pets and are ready to play with them all day long.

This love is sincere and pure, because animals are not as angry and arrogant as, for example, some adults. And the animal will never refuse and will always accept affection – unlike adults.

The animal can help raise children’s responsibility, compassion, devotion, self-confidence and attentiveness. In addition, pets often act as a family therapist. This is especially important for children who grow up without brothers or sisters.

They often feel lonely, especially when parents are at work or busy with their business. The baby can talk with animals, share emotions. And no matter who it is – a dog, a cat or aquarium fish.

It all depends on the temperament of the child.

7 simple things that will help raise a happy child

If you do not want the children to be in their own world all the time (and being a teenager they’d stop going out at all), then communicate as much as possible. Pets, books and gadgets will never replace real communication with parents and friends. Try to build family relationships based on respect and mutual understanding – at all levels, from grandparents to the smallest.

Children will trust you and thus it will be possible to avoid problems in communication. Good communication skills are very useful for children in later life.

Without these skills, it is impossible to achieve goals and achieve success in society. Remember that you are a role model for your children.

They subtly feel your way of speaking with other people and copy your style.

Arrange so that the regime, as well as personal hygiene, complied with without fail. Teach children to do everything on time. Then they will be able not only to carry out all the tasks on time, but gradually they will start systematically doing really important things.

Many children are not disciplined, as they cannot hold a large amount of information in their heads. But we should not assume that boys are less responsible and conscientious than girls. Explain to the children that there are many troubles and difficulties in life, but they must be overcome in order to achieve the desired.

For example, in order to become a smart person, you need to learn a lot and pass all the tasks on time.

The pace of modern life is very fast: ascent, fast breakfast, school, section, lessons, tutor. Therefore, a growing body needs a balanced diet and a full range of vitamins and minerals.

An active lifestyle and overloaded school programs all the time force children to work hard. A healthy diet helps children cope with constant overloads while remaining vigorous.

If your children go to school, then you must be sure that your child eats healthy foods at least four times a day. Do not forget to put an apple with you to school.

And even better – a full lunch in the lunchbox.

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