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7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

Whatever you say, no matter how reassured, accept the fact that breastfeeding is a panacea for the excess weight that you gained during pregnancy. When you are breastfeeding, it is quite natural to feel wolf hunger from time to time, because in fact you are now eating for two.

If, in addition, you have to follow a strict diet (for example, an allergic toddler), the temptation to “pamper” yourself with something tasty will become more and more attractive. Do not justify the huge portions on the plate that breastfeed.

As long as this is the case, you really need a little more food than usual. But after the cessation of lactation, the body’s need for additional calories will change, and the habit of absorbing large amounts of food will remain. Do not forget to gradually adjust its volume on the plate in a smaller direction after you decide that the time has come to wean the baby from the breast.

Eat less often than before, and listen to your feeling of hunger – remember how much you ate before the baby appeared and aim for it.

7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

  • Snack on fruits, wholegrain crackers and cheese, yogurts, bran muffins, vegetable smoothies or a half sandwich with wholegrain bread;
  • Avoid smoked meats, pickles, pickles and products with dyes and preservatives in general – this is harmful not only for the health of the baby, but also for your body shape.
  • Even if you are a lover of salty, try not to add salt to your food: there is still so much fluid in your body, which means you don’t need to add extra volumes.

It’s not about fast food, the unconditional harm of which no one doubts. In this case, the point is not what you eat, but how. How many times have you noticed that the baby is calling you an impatient cry at the very moment when you took the cutlery in your hands?

And then you quickly try to stuff more food into yourself – for it is not known when the next time you find yourself at the table. Although it is not easy, adjust the mode of the day crumbs and try to allocate a sufficient amount of time for your meal. Even if circumstances develop in such a way that you have to run from the kitchen to the nursery and back during lunch, eat slowly so as not to miss the moment when the feeling of fullness comes.

Lay the fork and the knife aside while you are chewing on food, and do not put the additive before your plate is empty.

The opposite situation is also not rare: finding yourself at home with a child, you get unlimited access to food throughout the day. When you want (at least every 20 minutes), you can open the fridge to grab a delicious slice of cheese, sausages or salted fish.

Stop and think: are you really hungry or are you eating just because your route passes by the fridge?

7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

Here are a few snacking ideas that can help out when you suddenly have a desire to eat.

  • Fat-free crackers (rye, rice), crisps or biscuits. So that they do not seem too bland, try to keep in the fridge some self-made fruit and vegetable seasoning such as chutney or dipa.
  • Fruits. Put a whole basket on the table: it is not only beautiful, but also useful. Rich in fiber, they inhibit the absorption of simple carbohydrates into the blood, which reduces the level of insulin in the blood. You can diversify fruit tastes by dipping them into various “sauces”, for example, in yogurt.
  • Make delicious crunchy mini sandwiches from pita, lightly greased with olive oil, sprinkled with parmesan and roasted in the oven, and store them in an airtight container.
  • Slices of apple, carrots and beets, dried in the oven – a low-calorie alternative to chips.
  • Cookies with fruit filling. It is better and more useful than any other sweet cookies (chocolate, with condensed milk, etc.).

Breastfeeding you finished, and problems with obesity left? Think about how often you eat up the remnants of a children’s plate, after introducing the baby to the common table. The game “One spoon – to you, another – to me”, if you are still practicing it to make a child eat, will not add to you a slim and popular game since one of our childhood.

The horror of the situation is that in a week, a month or two all these “spoons” will surely make themselves felt. Miserable, at first glance, pieces will not satisfy your appetite and will not become a full-fledged substitute for dinner, which means that during a normal meal you will eat more than this and your usual portion.

7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

Do not eat up the baby! It is not always possible to guess exactly how much he will eat, and often we put on his plate more food than necessary. Try to match the size of the portion of the child with the size of his palm.

Then you will have less chance that something will remain on the “eating up”.

Meeting with friends is a great way not to lose touch with them and just “air out” from time to time. It’s just obvious that along with coffee (2-5 kcal per 100 g of freshly brewed drink without milk and sugar), food will be present at the table. If you arrange such gatherings once a month, you should not worry, even if you, along with the latte, order a piece of Prague cake.

But if you are “hooked” on them as the only available and enjoyable form of leisure, be careful with the choice of food. The best option is to bring healthy food (sliced ​​fruits or vegetables, natural yoghurts, crackers, whole-grain breads, cereal bars, raisins, etc.).

As a rule, other mummies are too busy talking about themselves and their children to notice that you are eating the food you brought with you or not at all.

Before the appearance of the baby, did you regularly drink tea (of course, with sweets and cookies) in the morning or afternoon? And now, when you give your child something to eat between main meals, join him with a cup of tea.

These 15 minutes are really good for spending some quiet moments together. But is it necessary to send another piece of cake in your mouth?

Do not refuse midday tea drinking, if they are a vital “relaxant” for you, but listen to your body – do not eat sweets and flours just like that, out of habit.

7 reasons that do not give to lose weight after giving birth

It is impossible to completely exclude sweets from the diet, because our brain “works” on glucose, but the need for simple carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, galactose, maltose and sucrose) can be partially satisfied with complex carbohydrates (fruits, whole grain bread, cereals). And do not forget about dark chocolate – the source of not only pleasure, but also a large amount of antioxidants.

Another reason for the unsuccessful struggle with excess weight after the birth of a child (of course, after the hormonal background returned to normal) – a change in daily routine. It seems that when the whole day you are spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, there is no time or energy left for fitness (or a banal set of exercises at home).

But nutritionists are much easier to lose weight after childbirth than is commonly believed, nutritionists believe. Their sentence is harsh: the rejection of physical exertion and excessive food consumption in 90% of cases – just a manifestation of weakness and laziness.

Sport and proper nutrition (above all, the exclusion of fatty and fried foods, the rejection of excessive consumption of sugar and salt) will help to lose extra pounds in a fairly short time. A good option if the child has not “got out” of the stroller yet is walking.

When the baby grows up a little, you can cooperate with friends who also have children, and look after them in turn to be able to attend a fitness club or just run in the nearest park.

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