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7 myths about cesarean section

7 myths about cesarean section

Myth number 1. Caesarean section can be done at the request of a woman.

Totally unfounded. A caesarean section, like any medical intervention, has a risk of complications. Therefore, the indications for surgery should be serious.

The desire or unwillingness of the future mother to those do not apply. Although the caesarean section has now become commonplace in Russia, it is done only if birth through the birth canal is impossible.

The absolute indications for this operation are serious complications of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as health problems for a woman.

Myth number 2. After surgery on the skin remains a rough scar.

Now the operation technique has improved. If a couple of decades ago, a vertical incision from the navel was made on the skin, then today it is made transversely above the pubis along the bikini line. Thanks to modern suture material and cosmetic (intradermal) suturing technique, over time such a cut turns into a thin, barely noticeable strip on the skin.

Healing of the suture helps active production of collagen, and its appearance depends on the individual characteristics of the woman. If she is prone to the formation of keloid scars, it is likely that the scar after the operation will not be ideal and, so that it is invisible, you will have to resort to additional measures.

Myth number 3. After cesarean section, vaginal delivery is impossible.

The statement is true only in part. The operation is performed when the indications that caused the first cesarean section are saved.

For example, if a woman has an anatomically narrow pelvis of II – III degree of narrowing or complicated myopia. The most important thing for the doctor is to evaluate all the risks and make the right decision. It is important to remember that now, no study during pregnancy can reliably assess the condition of the uterine scar and give a 100% guarantee of a successful natural birth.

Therefore, often after the first cesarean section, the second labor is also performed operatively. This reduces the risks for the baby and for the mother.

Myth number 4. After a cesarean section, milk does not come and you cannot breastfeed.

Modern methods of anesthesia allow you to attach the newborn to her mother’s breast in the first minutes after birth. Moreover, they allow the mother to independently take care of the baby during the entire period of stay in the maternity hospital.

Undoubtedly, it helps to establish the lactation process. If a cesarean section is performed after the onset of labor, then lactation begins the same way as after vaginal delivery.

But most of all it helps to establish the production of milk, the joint stay of mother and child. Therefore, when choosing a maternity hospital, pay attention to whether it is possible to early attach the child to the chest and be together in the post-operating room.

Many women fear that they will not be able to breastfeed due to antibiotic therapy (it must be carried out after the operation). It is in vain anxiety. Now young mothers are given antibiotics that do not affect the properties of breast milk.

But in any case, a similar problem should be discussed with your doctor.

Myth number 5. “Kesaryat” are weak and often get sick.

Such a statement is a consequence of the fact that often a cesarean section is carried out before the expected date of birth, as there is a threat to the life and health of the baby. Then, due to the immaturity of the respiratory system, problems may arise. Pre-term children are more likely to get sick.

In order to reduce risks, doctors try to do a caesarean section as close as possible to the expected natural birth date, cut the umbilical cord only after it stops pulsing, and ensure skin-to-skin contact and first breastfeeding immediately after the baby is born.

Myth number 6. Caesarean section – it fell asleep, woke up, and all behind.

Again, wrong. Especially about “fell asleep.” Now during the operation, the woman is most often conscious.

She can hear the first cry of a newborn, pick him up and attach to her chest.

Yes, during the operation the woman does not feel pain, as during natural childbirth. But this is still a medical intervention.

After it may require the introduction of painkillers, wearing postoperative bandage and care of postoperative suture. In addition, to reduce the likelihood of complications, women are often prescribed antibiotic therapy.

Myth number 7. If the child does not pass through the natural birth canal, there is no strong emotional connection between him and the mother.

This view is due to the fact that before a woman finally came to his senses and, accordingly, could communicate with the baby only on the second or third day after cesarean section. All this time, the child was in the children’s department far from the mother. There was no question of early attachment and skin contact.

Modern methods of operation allow the baby not to part with his mother for a minute, fully receiving her attention and care.

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