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7 mistakes of parents who devalue their studies and school in the eyes of first-graders

7 mistakes of parents who devalue their studies and school in the eyes of first-graders

Often we don’t even keep track of which comments are being sent to teachers. To criticize the actions of teachers, to be surprised by the unreasonable device of the educational system, to question the school requirements – our favorite activities. If children are present during such conversations, be sure that they will not ignore one of our words.

And the conclusions they draw will affect their attitude toward school and school. Here are our common mistakes to avoid.

The attitude of the child to the school is laid long before September 1. All of us, in one way or another, transmit to children our own attitude toward school, whether in superficial conversations or in intimate conversation, depending on what impressions we have learned from that time — positive or negative. Children catch our mood intuitively, so it is very important to keep track of your words and intonations.

When a child is necessary to refrain from harsh statements about the existing educational system. Find like-minded people and discuss these topics as you like, but only in their company.

And you should not tell the child how you were afraid of your first teacher, you stood with shaking knees at the blackboard, sobbed over the undeserved deuce for dictation.

You will have to watch your statements even after the first call. Even if you had good memories of your school years and managed to “positively” charge a child, situations may arise very soon that will cause you to have a storm of emotions or a wave of indignation.

Most often, problems arise when the first homework begins. Although this happens rarely in the first grade, nevertheless, even in a regular school, sometimes teachers still ask children to work hard after school hours. Such a turn should be taken positively.

The most important thing you should remember: in the first place now is the child and his psychological comfort. It’s better to keep your own opinion on this. If you are with the child loudly outraged by the “illegal” initiative of the teacher and give comments like: “How can you!

The children are still small, they get tired! ”,“ The child doesn’t cope on his own, and I spend days at work with my goals, I also have no time for that! ”, The children will quickly draw conclusions. And at some point they will simply reproduce your own words and tell the teacher directly: “I will not do my homework, because by law you have no right to give it!” Needless to say, in such conditions it will be difficult for a child to believe in the authority of the teacher and adopt an adequate attitude to learning.

In a situation where two out of 30 children become renegades and go against the system (of course, this always happens with the support of the parents), socialization is also very difficult. Classmates will look askance at the “saboteurs”, and conflicts will begin.

Many parents take their children to school, thinking that they are special and better prepared than all other children. Naturally, they expect that the teacher will notice this from the very first days and will clearly distinguish their child. If this does not happen (and this is how it usually happens), the parents are initially surprised, and then begin to be outraged.

A stream of complaints is pouring on the teacher: “Why do you rarely ask him in class?”, “She prepared so well at home, and you didn’t even praise her!” In addition to your child, the teacher has another 28 people in the class. He is purely physically unable to interview all the children who are well prepared.

It is better to relax from the very beginning and warn the child in advance that he will constantly fall into such a situation, and this is normal.

Today, parents have the opportunity to choose a teacher, but it happens that in reality our expectations are not met. However, complaining about the teacher, especially openly accusing him of incompetence, is meaningless. You just will not be heard.

Evaluate the level of professionalism of the teacher have the right to either the attestation commission or his colleagues in the workshop. Point.

It is better to remember that the teacher needs to maintain his authority in the eyes of the students, so give up “subversive activities” for the benefit of all the children in the classroom. And admit, after all, your responsibility too. The child’s problems at school arise not when the teacher is bad, but when the family does not help him to digest this difficulty.

A teacher is not a choice of fate, but a bad teacher is not the end of the world.

Another primary task for every first-grader is to develop a sense of personal competence. Only with its presence the child will want to continue to receive knowledge and strive for good results. Now, in the first grade, they are given not the usual marks in points, but indirect ones in the form of the sun, stars or clouds.

But to guess what they mean is simple. When a child begins to receive too many clouds, a sense of self-competence is not formed.

The child quickly loses faith in himself and stops trying. Some parents at this moment adhere to the motto “pass itself.”

But this approach is wrong. If you notice that your child is at home in failure, you must act immediately while the iron is hot.

You have two ways: either together to explain the material passed to him at home, or to urgently find the area where he is successful, and not skimp on the praise. The main thing now is to broadcast the thought: “I believe in you, and I am near. Cheer up!

We can handle it. You will succeed! ”

If the parents do not have the opportunity to take the child out of school after the end of the lesson or have ambitions to raise a genius, after class they take him to the cups or donate to the after-school classes. Competent teachers even before September 1 ask moms and dads not to do this. If both parents work, it is very difficult to think of something, but it is better to strain all the resources right now.

If the day of the child is saturated to the limit in addition to school, all his energy is spent on getting used to new circles and sections. And on the assimilation of the school curriculum forces remain.

The child starts to get very tired and fall behind classmates even more. Parents in this case very often throw the blame on the teacher.

Instead, it would be wiser to analyze how you organized the leisure of the baby. Remember the golden rule: if a child has problems with the assimilation of knowledge, the first thing to do is to reduce the burden.

Another way to undermine the constructive dialogue with the teacher is for any of his demands to advance his own undertakings. If you are asked to buy 12 colored pencils, you buy 24 pencils, they tell you: “Let the child write with a ballpoint pen”, and you give him gel, etc. This disobedience in small things shows that you do not hear the teacher (and this is insulting and unpleasant) and undermine his authority in the eyes of your child and his classmates.

But this is not your “small victory” at all, it is your defeat, a very large and far-reaching one. In the first grade, the most important thing that every child should learn is to accept the requirements of the teacher and the school.

Only by firmly adopting this rule of the game, the child will be able to safely adapt to the school and perceive its code adequately. The teacher should be an authority for children, and for this, you will have to fulfill his requirements implicitly, even in small things.

Otherwise, the child will not be able to perceive the teacher as a translator of the rules and in the future, for 11 years, he will treat the school as hard labor.

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