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7 habits that will help your child learn with pleasure

7 habits that will help your child learn with pleasure

Many parents are trying to understand how to make the child learn. The secret is that you do not need to force.

Education, knowledge of the world – this is what children are busy all the time, without our gingerbread and carrots. It is only necessary to support their desire for new knowledge and send it in the right direction.

1. A healthy attitude to mistakes

To make the process of learning from routine to entertainment, first of all start to discuss mistakes. In many schools, teachers do not have the opportunity to make out the mistakes of each student, so they only scold children, and most often, in front of the whole class.

Interest in learning does not add. But the situation can be corrected!

It will be easier for the child to cope with criticism and calmly react to the comments if at home you teach him that mistakes are not scary and not embarrassing. Set an example: tell aloud about your own little mistakes – at work or in everyday affairs – and analyze them.

Then go to the mistakes of the child. Praise him for the discussion, and especially for finding the reason and concluding.

2. Table of long-term goals

Almost all parents use short-term motivation: “until you do your homework, you will not go for a walk,” “until you solve the task, you don’t receive the prefix”, “write an essay, we will buy ice cream.” But over time, this method of motivation stops working.

For successful study and later life, it is more important that the child learns to set his own long-term goals. Get a special task table. “Assign” points to all tasks and achievements and enter earned marks in this table.

For example, a child can get 20 points for a good result on a control, 5 points for a little help in cleaning, 10 points for a book read.

At the end of the month, let the child choose what he wants to spend his points on. Only the “price” should be known to him in advance. For example, for 100 points you can go to the water park, and for 15 – to buy your favorite sweets.

And you can “postpone” some points and by the end of the year accumulate 500 points on a radio-controlled helicopter. It is important that the baby in any case received something.

And may he have many awards of completely different in importance and real value.

7 habits that will help your child learn with pleasure

3. Planning for the day

In order for a child to really achieve his goals, you need to help him with time management. This word seems very “adult”, but it is also important for children to manage their time.

When you write your plan for the day, show it to the child. Help him create his own schedule.

Let him write everything himself, and you just tell me how to correct the plan. Explain how to prioritize and determine the significance of different activities.

Write down and common affairs: a long delicious dinner, family watching movies. Yes, entertainment also needs to be planned so that the schedule does not consist of duties alone.

At the end of the day, analyze together what he had done, what did not, and why.

4. Reading instead of social networks

A study by American psychologist and financial consultant Thomas Corley showed that 86% of successful and wealthy people read books every day. Among those who are poor, only 26% can boast of this habit.

But the love of reading is to instill it in childhood.

In order for a child to truly love reading, he must learn from this habit in the family. It is impossible to explain to children that reading is useful and fascinating if mom and dad do not take books into their hands for months, but instead spend all their free time with a smartphone in their hands.

As long as the baby does not know how or only learns to read himself, you can read it out loud, this is also useful. Then you should read together, discussing what you read during the walk.

5. Board games as a hobby

Board games help to learn. The journal Psychological Science conducted a study and found that puzzles, cubes and board games develop logic and spatial thinking in children.

Start the tradition of playing on weekends or in the evening after work in Monopoly, Erudite, or more unusual modern games. You can conduct these games exclusively in the family circle or invite friends.

It is only important not to get carried away and make sure that the games are interesting first of all to the child.

6. Study of nature

Advice to walk in the fresh air, it would seem, have already heard everything. But not everyone wondered why this is important.

According to the Journal of the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, children who spend at least 5–10 hours a week in the open air feel a deep connection with nature and a duty to protect the environment. If such interest wakes up, the chances of captivating the child with the natural sciences will increase.

7. Abstract fantasy and visualization

Waving away from the constant fantasies of the child? It is in vain!

Israeli scientists conducted an experiment in which children of 6–9 years old were shown a sequence of pictures. One group of children first saw the image of their own desk. With each subsequent picture, the image “expanded.”

The last were images of the cosmos. The second group of children looked at the photos in reverse order: at the beginning of the cosmos, at the end – their own school desk.

After viewing the pictures, the children passed the test.

The little ones who saw the “expanding” world in the pictures showed much higher test results. And the children, whose world “narrowed” to the size of their desks, began to think in a more limited way.

So do not limit the child, on the contrary, fantasize with him and encourage him to use imagination.

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