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7 good reasons to love rhubarb

7 good reasons to love rhubarb

In hot climates, rhubarb grows year-round, and in our cool Russian one it starts growing in spring. This is one of the earliest plants, and therefore rhubarb is so valuable after a winter lack of vitamins. Often it is grown in heated greenhouses.

And there are enthusiasts who cultivate this plant at home, in huge pots. Growing rhubarb is easy, and in one place it can grow for 10-15 years.

In the food are only the stems (petioles) of rhubarb, and only young. Remove the stalks better in June and July.

Later, oxalic acid accumulates in the stems, which is not very useful.

Rhubarb has a tart and slightly sweet-sour taste, similar to green apples. By the way, if you want to buy the sweetest rhubarb, look for stems of juicy red color – they are much tastier than rhubarb of green, pale pink or light red color.

Rhubarb is actually a natural vitamin pantry. It is rich in vitamins C and K, B vitamins, as well as potassium, calcium, manganese and other vital vitamins and minerals.

Rhubarb also contains powerful antioxidants such as lycopene and zeaxanthin. In addition, it is low in calories, and it contains very little fat (and even that is unsaturated), which makes rhubarb a quite suitable product for a dietary diet.

So, 7 reasons to introduce rhubarb in your diet:

7 good reasons to love rhubarb

Due to its high calcium content, rhubarb helps keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. If rhubarb is fairly regular, it helps prevent tooth loss and softening of the bones.

Calcium deficiency is now very common, so rhubarb will be a good help in overcoming it.

Rhubarb is an excellent source of vitamin A, essential for the health of our eyes. It contains beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, which help keep your eyesight sharp and reduce the risk of age-related changes.

Drink smoothies or rhubarb jelly whenever you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Rhubarb is one of the best sources of vitamin C that supports the immune system. And in the spring, as you know, our immunity is usually weakened.

In addition, vitamin C is the main nutrient in the production of collagen. Thus, rhubarb is also able to prevent premature aging, and you will look younger longer.

This plant contains very few fats and calories. A cup of sliced ​​rhubarb contains about 26 calories and 1 gram of fat. In addition, rhubarb is rich in powerful antioxidants, such as lycopene and anthocyanins, which help reduce the risk of heart disease.

True, if you are too susceptible to stress, juicy red stalk of rhubarb is unlikely to help you significantly improve heart health. He will have to help: keep your emotions under control, eat healthy food and exercise regularly to live a long and healthy life.

7 good reasons to love rhubarb

According to foreign studies, potassium contained in rhubarb helps reduce blood pressure. Of course, eating a bowl of rhubarb, you will not immediately see fantastic results.

But hypertensive patients should add a few stems of a plant to a salad or pie.

Thanks to its excellent laxative properties, rhubarb helps to cope with constipation. It improves appetite, helps keep the digestive system healthy and even can relieve abdominal pain. There is also an opinion that rhubarb compote helps young children get rid of worms.

However, if you regularly suffer from constipation, you better see your doctor. Rhubarb also helps speed up the metabolism, so it is necessary for those who want to lose weight.

One of the main reasons is rhubarb – it is inexpensive and versatile. It can be used to cook almost any food – salads, soups, pies, cookies, muffins, pizza, candied fruits, sauces, stewed fruit, smoothies, jelly.

Rhubarb can be mashed (it will look like an apple) and add it, for example, to rice dishes. There are lots of amazing rhubarb recipes.

And you can come up with your own.

Rhubarb is not recommended in large quantities during pregnancy, as well as with rheumatism, diabetes, gastrointestinal bleeding, gout, hemorrhoids, urolithiasis, cholecystitis and peritonitis.

7 good reasons to love rhubarb

The most popular use of rhubarb – as a filling for sweet pastries. As a rule, it is kneaded directly into the dough, or spread on top in open traceable cakes. The description of these recipes can be easily found on specialized culinary sites.

We decided to recall the less well-known recipes.

For 1 liter of water 140-160 g of rhubarb, 70-80 g of sugar, 1-1.5 g of yeast
Wash rhubarb stalks, cut into pieces 2-3 cm long. Put in boiling water, let simmer for 5-7 minutes.

Then strain through a sieve, cool. Season with sugar and yeast, put in a warm place.

After 8-10 hours kvass from rhubarb is ready. Pour the glass jars and put in a cold place.

200 g of rhubarb – 1.5 cups of sugar syrup.
Peeled, washed and sliced ​​petioles mixed with sugar syrup and simmer in a saucepan, stirring with a spoon. Stewed rhubarb rub through a sieve.

Per 100 g of rhubarb – 2 tbsp. l rice, 1 tbsp. l sugar, salt, cinnamon.
Peel the rhubarb stalks, finely chop, boil in water with salt and sugar, fold in a colander, rub through a sieve, and strain the broth. After moving the rice soaked in water, put it in the broth and cook until ready. 5 minutes before the end of cooking add cinnamon.

Cool the prepared rice, put on a dish, and put rhubarb puree on top.

Recipes from pastry chef Alexander Seleznev: Rhubarb cake, compote with rhubarb and pumpkin.

Recommended video: how to grow and use rhubarb correctly

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