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7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

You may have heard more than once that one of the reasons that prevent people from effectively losing weight is a “slow” metabolism. Indeed, the speed of production and energy consumption, including that obtained from food, depends on the metabolic rate, that is, the metabolism. The faster the metabolic processes take place, the faster we process the energy obtained with food, and the sooner we begin to spend the excess if there is not enough food.

On the contrary, the slower our metabolism, the lazier our body, and, most importantly, even being on a diet and getting the minimum amount of calories from food, our body will manage to save the resulting substances in fat, and not spend them on energy for cells. Result: we become increasingly lethargic and lazy.

We do not want to move. Yes, even get out of bed – and that is laziness.

And they are almost certain that the diet, vitamin deficiency, spring fatigue are to blame. And in fact, too lazy metabolism is to blame.

That is why many weight loss systems are primarily advised to start with the “acceleration” of metabolism. After all, a fast metabolism is what is needed for burning calories and excess body fat.

But even if you are slim, like a doe, the morning acceleration of metabolism will still benefit you. For it is also a guarantee of protection against all sorts of diseases and stagnation in your body.

So, what can be done to disperse your metabolism right in the morning:

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

No matter how much we would like to avoid this procedure, it is impossible to stir up your body and adjust it to a positive energy wave without a small morning physical activity. Do not think that you can invigorate yourself with a cup of coffee.

In this case, it will not be a real jolt, but chemical doping. Therefore, choose for yourself some simple and useful exercises for morning exercises that will help you to wake up and charge you with real energy.

Otherwise, the sleepy body will require a sweet as a reliable and simple energy source.

Tip: the best result for the morning metabolism acceleration bring interval training, in which there is an alternation of high and low intensity exercise. For example, running alternates with walking.

Or changing the pace of the same exercises.

By the way, morning gymnastics can be replaced by morning jogging in the park.

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

The British say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – one apple a day and you do not need a doctor. And the apple is an excellent way to break up metabolism in the morning.

Apples are rich in pectin, which is known for its positive effect on the rate of metabolic processes.

Tip: if you are going to the morning workout at the gym, eat an apple at home before workout. This will add energy to you and will not let you feel a “brutal appetite” after a workout.

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

To cleanse the body of toxins, flush the kidneys and boost metabolism, drink in the morning at least one glass of clean water. Note: not tea, coffee or milk, but a glass or two of plain water.

And do not forget to drink it throughout the day.

Tip: Get a 1.5 liter bottle of water on your desktop. Fill it on arrival at work and force yourself to gradually empty it during the working day.

So you rather drink your daily fluid intake.

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

Green cocktail is simple in execution, it does not take a lot of time in the morning and perfectly promotes metabolism. Mix the ingredients you like, experiment. But do not add sugar or other sweeteners.

For example, in a blender, mix several kinds of fruit, cabbage, flax seeds and coconut milk, and the drink is ready. For refueling after a morning jog or charging, a green smoothie is suitable, which includes avocados, rich in healthy unsaturated fats and perfectly helps to burn calories.

Video: how to make a simple green smoothie

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

Use the morning hours to stretch the muscles. It is in the muscles that calories are burned, the less elastic and more clogged your muscles are, the less calories they will burn. The less muscle you have, the fewer calories you will burn.

Stretch up, pull your arms to the side, do the bends with stretching the lateral and posterior muscles.

Tip: at work, improve the moment to stretch – take a deep breath, pull your hands up as much as possible, then do a few circular movements with your hands.

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

Do not go to work without the right breakfast. If you allow yourself not to eat breakfast before work, your metabolism will “sleep” before lunch.

Breakfast is the most important meal, setting the tone for the metabolism for the whole day. Morning food intake should be protein-carbohydrate.

At the same time, proteins should be easily digestible, and carbohydrates – complex (long), which require sufficient time for splitting to glucose.

7 easy ways to speed up your metabolism in the morning (and start losing weight)

At least in the morning do not use the elevator. If your office is above the 5th floor, walk at least part of the way up. On the 3rd floor and even more so you can climb without the help of a lift.

When using public transport, do not specifically make one or two stops to your destination, but walk them. Put your personal car not closer to the office, but, conversely, away from it, in order to force yourself to go to work on foot.

Milk shake with cottage cheese and strawberries

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