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7 best home remedies for bags under the eyes

7 best home remedies for bags under the eyes

Are you sure your swollen eyelids are not a topic for communicating with doctors? Then proceed to the elimination of hated bags. There are some simple and cheap tools that you probably have at home.

They are so versatile that they are suitable for both women and men.

Do you know that cold milk can help you get rid of puffiness? Milk contains fat that has a smoothing effect and is rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins A and D, and lactic acid, which help reduce puffiness under the eyes.

Just soak a clean towel in cold milk and place it on closed eyes for 15 minutes.

This is one of the oldest and most effective means for the eyes. They probably still enjoyed your grandmother. And for good reason.

Cucumbers are rich in flavonoids and antioxidants that fight against swelling, redness and irritation. In addition, this vegetable has a cooling effect that helps to narrow the dilated blood vessels, thereby reducing the appearance of puffiness around the eyes.

Apply cool cucumber slices to eyes for 30 minutes.

There is a second option. Crush two cucumbers, squeeze the juice out of them, put it in the fridge for 20 minutes. Moisten cotton pads in chilled cucumber juice and put on eyes for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse with warm or cool water.

7 best home remedies for bags under the eyes

If you do not have cucumbers, make a choice in favor of raw potatoes. It contains an astringent that removes excess water from under the eyes and thus prevents swelling.

Apply thin slices of peeled and washed potatoes to your eyes for about 10 minutes. Or rub the raw potatoes and put this gruel in gauze pouches.

And put them under your eyes for 10 minutes.

They help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood circulation in the skin under the eyes. To get rid of swollen eyes, apply the beaten egg white with your fingers or a brush under the eyes and let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

This remedy literally tightens the skin. Rinse gently with warm or cold water.

Bags of both black and green tea help soothe swollen, irritated eyes. Tea contains a natural astringent – tannin, which constricts the blood vessels in the skin around the eyes and reduces swelling.

Throw 2 tea bags in a cup of boiling water, then remove them and allow to cool to room temperature. Put the bags on the eyes for 15-30 minutes. Gently wash away all the drops of tea on the face.

By the way, this tool can be used 1-2 times a week, if you want to slightly tighten and toned the skin around and under the eyes.

Have you ever used cold spoons to get rid of puffy eyes? And this is also an excellent tool. Cold metal also helps to narrow the blood vessels in the skin under the eyes and eliminates the bags.

If in the evening you feel that you can’t avoid edema in the morning, leave two spoons in the fridge for the night and put them on your eyes in the morning. To avoid discomfort, you can wrap the spoons in a clean cloth, handkerchief or towel.

This is one of the easiest ways. Water acts as a vasoconstrictor, which reduces blood flow to the skin under the eyes. It is useful if there is nothing else on hand and in the refrigerator.

Take a handkerchief or any clean cloth, soak it in cold (or, if you stand it, even ice) water, squeeze out any excess water and put it on your eyes for a few minutes.

7 best home remedies for bags under the eyes

In both men and women, the main causes of eyelid edema are most often:

  • alcohol abuse (he retains water in the body),
  • food rich in sodium (sausages, bread, many ready-to-eat foods),
  • abuse of salty food at night (salt causes the fluid to remain in the body, causing swelling),
  • chronic sleep deprivation, stress, depression,
  • smoking,
  • a surplus of ultraviolet radiation (it is necessary to sunbathe wisely, including in the solarium).

In women, this is added:

  • use of poor-quality decorative cosmetics,
  • prolonged presence of cosmetics on the face and eyelids (in the evening, cosmetics should still be thoroughly washed off),
  • applying to the eyelids creams that are not intended for this purpose (for example, applying a face cream to the area around the eyes),
  • changes in hormonal levels on certain days of the menstrual cycle,
  • features of blood circulation during pregnancy.

The accumulation of fluid under the skin of the eyes can also be a signal of some diseases, such as kidney disease. Therefore, in the case when the bags under the eyes for you are the morning “norm”, the source of the problem should be sought with the doctors.
If the bags under the eyes appeared unexpectedly and are accompanied by other symptoms – for example, shortness of breath, swelling of the legs, headache, cough, weakness, swelling of the face, decreased performance, redness of the eyes, sneezing, fever – this is an occasion to consult a doctor immediately.

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