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7 advantages to karma: how to improve your life and regain self-esteem

7 advantages to karma: how to improve your life and regain self-esteem

Karma is translated from Sanskrit means “cause-effect” or “reward.” To put it simply, according to Buddhist teachings, karma means that you get exactly what you give in life. Thus, karma is not destiny – people are free to create their own destiny.

The only question is what needs to be done for this.

Try to analyze your actions. Every time you do something, you unconsciously “charge” your act – it may be dictated by hatred of a neighbor whose dog keeps you awake at night, or may be filled with joy from a good message received in the morning.

So your attitude to the world returns to you with the same power and strength.

Buddhists believe that karma is made up of what you do in life, and all the negative things you produce will come back to you. So if you are looking for how to improve karma, here are some tips.

However, even if you do not believe in this doctrine, what prevents you from doing well and adding positive things to your life?

Strive to do at least one good deed per day. Regardless of how important and significant it will be – whether you give up a place in the queue to the one in a hurry, or help the tourist to understand the intricacies of urban transport, you will be rewarded. You will feel practically great, knowing that the day was not in vain.

Another bonus – feeling your increased self-esteem, and others will begin to appreciate you.

Do not forget, spinning in the daily bustle, one way or another to express gratitude to everyone who thinks and cares about you. Let friends know how you appreciate them. Please your girlfriend with a pleasant trifle: looking into a cosmetics store, grab a pleasant change and for her – at least a hand cream.

Do not forget to admit to your beloved in your feelings when he tries to support you and listens to the whole evening what is happening at your place of work. Often repeat to parents that if they were not, you would not have grown up such a good person. Thank colleagues for cooperation and well-coordinated work.

Respect and gratitude to other people for what they do will change your world view, and you will not take anything for granted. Well, after you begin to be grateful, your karma will begin to thank you.

7 advantages to karma: how to improve your life and regain self-esteem

Let’s confess: all people lie. Or almost everything. We are cheating too.

And in the same way they lie to us in response. Many people believe that it is impossible to live in the modern world, not embellishing anywhere, not lying to anyone, and not hiding the truth from anyone.

But Buddhists believe that this is quite possible. And they are ready to take responsibility for every word spoken. We often have to hide something, including well-meaning ones, so as not to disappoint friends, not to upset loved ones.

But still: to be honest in any situation is much better. Especially with friends and family.

Already tell your friend that she is no longer getting things red, but dark blue, and you still shouldn’t wear such tight pants to the office. After all, in the end, it will only benefit from this.

In the West, volunteering is widespread among people of all ages. We are more often engaged in this youth, not burdened with family and other concerns. Of course, not every mother of the family will go to help after work in a homeless shelter – just to improve karma.

However, no one bothers to look at the canine shelter with the children on Saturdays to find out whether it is not necessary to remove the cage or throw a hundred for food. And if you work in a large company, then surely from time to time you receive e-mail messages asking for help – for example, to collect things for orphanages. Do not ignore them.

Another option is to find a large charitable foundation whose activities inspire you to trust, and transfer a certain amount to it on payday.

5. Take care of lonely people.

If you have your own family, then think about those who do not have it. And if you have no family, then help those who are worse off than you. If you do not find the moral strength to go to a nursing home, take a look at the neighbors, if someone needs your help.

Take in the store an extra bag of milk for the old woman across the street. However, many lonely people sometimes need not even material assistance, but simply communication and lively interest.

Walking the park with the dog, chat about something good with the man sitting on the bench.

7 advantages to karma: how to improve your life and regain self-esteem

Women know that gossip is a great way to relax and forget about your own personal problems. But, frankly speaking, it is a waste of time that reflects badly on your karma.

Do not go on about the friends. No one, including you, wants to gossip, does he?

So, if you feel that the exchange of news about your friends has begun to turn into the washing of the bones, stop. Do not allow the spread of gossip and do not listen to them yourself.

Instead of judging others, read a book. For your personal growth it will definitely be more useful.

Remember that the negative that you create when you gossip can affect the course of your own life.

With people who do not skimp on a smile, a pleasure to deal with. Strive to sow positive wherever you appear. No, this is not a call to waste American-style smiles and to express their love for others around.

But if you notice that a colleague is in a bad mood today, do not ignore it. Do not elicit what has happened – not everyone will want to share personal problems.

Just try to give a person a spontaneous, but sincere compliment. And you will be surprised at how valuable your words can be.

For the most advanced, there is a more difficult exercise: make an unfamiliar gloomy saleswoman smile. Happened?

You – another plus in karma!

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