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6 ways to ease Internet addiction

6 ways to ease Internet addiction

On maternity leave, a woman has a lot of free time, which means more temptation to spend it in the virtual world. In fact, there is nothing wrong with occasionally chatting with other expectant mothers on the forums, reading everything you want to know about pregnancy, flipping through the inspiration tape on your instagram.

The key word is “periodically.”

Why is the future mother, and indeed any person, should take control of the addiction to the Internet? There are three main reasons: it’s not at all useful to sit at the computer for a long time, stuck in one position, our own affairs do not move, and finally, we don’t really relax, because the healthy balance between working at the computer (in terms of tension is exactly work) and real by life.

It is easy to acquire a bad habit, but this does not mean that you are forever in captivity with her. You can simply try to curb your addiction to “dive” into a smartphone at every opportunity, just for fun. The reward will be increased self-esteem, because you can then, at the end of the experiment, say: “I am a good young man, because I myself manage my life”.

So where to start?

1. Try to find your profit.

Ask yourself: “What does the internet give me? Why is he so drawn to him? ”The answer is usually:“ I just like it. ” Like what?

Do not think about anything, “kill time.” In other words, good old procrastination.

We are on the Internet because we don’t want to do something boring for us, but necessary (exercise therapy exercises, cooking lunch or dealing with public service arrears).

2. Find a serious motivation to hold back.

For example, for a pregnant woman this is her health. When a baby is born, you will have no time to go to doctors to treat a sore back.

On the contrary, the load on her will increase (carry the baby, bend down to him in the crib, etc.). It would be wiser to take care of yourself now. Or the same accounts – the more debt on rent, the higher the penalty.

Disadvantage after all?

3. Make a daily routine.

It does not have to be clear in the army, but the main points (in particular, those that suffer from sitting on the Internet) should be present. Be sure to include in your regime a walk and pleasant physical activities like swimming, as well as activities that you like (remember that you were interested before).

4. Enter the network scope.

Limit the time spent at the computer, for example, an hour – from 15.00 to 16.00. During this period, you can indulge in Internet surfing without remorse.

And then comes the turn of other things. And of course, it is not necessary to take the phone in the matrimonial bed.

6 ways to ease Internet addiction

5. Keep records.

It is pleasant to experience the triumph of your own will. Therefore, fix small victories (like “failures” – everything happens). Describe your emotions and actions … For example: “I now terribly want to go to instagram, because there is no desire to do a list of documents for the hospital, but I struggle with myself.

No one will write this list for me. ” Such small achievements increase self-esteem, and consequently, mood.

6. Sometimes let loose.

Do you know that in the lives of those who are on a diet, there is a cheat meal (from English “fraudulent, cheating food”) – read? This is the day when people can afford themselves too much, in which they limit themselves, and then return to the restrictions that they need to achieve the goal.

What is your goal? Well-being during pregnancy. Therefore, in the conditional holiday violations of the Internet diet do not hang on the Internet for hours, but allow yourself to relax.

When they wanted, then went. But remember, then you have to return to the “true path.”

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