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6 ways not to take everything to heart

6 ways not to take everything to heart

In fact, many events and the behavior of others are rarely associated with you and, more often than not, have nothing to do with you, but are caused by their state of health, education or personal problems. Therefore, you should not allow such trifles as a careless tone of a boss, a cashier’s mistake or husband’s distraction, take you out of balance and ruin your life, especially during pregnancy or while your baby is small.

This will help you simple and effective techniques.

1. Switch to other interests

Learn to redirect your energy from worrying about the opinions of others to a productive course. You should always have a “list” of goals (what you want) and hobbies (something that distracts you).

When obsessive thoughts about an unpleasant conversation or situation begin to haunt you, tell yourself “Stop!” And turn your attention to something exciting.

For example, focus on the creative design of the nursery, dog training, playing the keyboard, reading or watching a new webinar.

6 ways not to take everything to heart

2 Learn how to control emotions

If you feel anxiety, stress symptoms appear, you need to quickly take action to calm the “inner storm”. Here simple techniques can come to the rescue, the basic meaning of which is to shift the focus of attention from emotions to physical sensations.

Some of them are very simple and can be used in any situation – for example, tension and relaxation of fingers and hands with the help of an anti-stress ball, mental recounting and alternating feeling of each toe on each toe … Other methods are better trained under the supervision of specialists. For example, a breathing technique suitable for your gestation period will be helped to master the courses for pregnant women.

The main thing is to perform them not automatically, but with full awareness of your actions.

3. Identify your weaknesses.

Each person has certain topics or problems to which they are most sensitive (appearance, career failures, etc.). Write out your “pain points” and try to take them, having developed an ironic and condescending attitude towards them. Preparing in advance, you can control your reaction if someone touches your weaknesses.

For example, your girlfriend’s daughter is 1.5 years old and she’s already telling children’s poems with might and main, and your daughter at the same age prefers to do with 20 words that you approximately guess. Your maternal pride suffers, especially when a friend brags about her daughter’s success. How to help yourself?

You can just say: “Your Masha is just a genius. And what’s new with you? ”And let a friend think.

4. Increase self-esteem

Confidence in one’s own abilities and abilities is the best remedy for excessive sensitivity. Be active, learn new things, learn, find new talents. Think about what you can be proud of, and do not hesitate to demonstrate it and apply in life.

Do not forget to praise yourself even for small achievements, because any victory increases self-esteem.

6 ways not to take everything to heart

5. Learn constructive communication

You can limit communication with ill-wishers and surround yourself with positive people, especially during pregnancy. However, it is much easier to learn how to adequately express your feelings if you are unpleasant and do not like something.

Use “I-statements” when you talk about your feelings (for example, you can say to your husband: “I worry when you criticize me for not having time to tidy up at home” instead of “Always you find fault with the mess, take it yourself ! ”).

6. Sometimes leave the comfort zone

Do sometimes what scares you. For example, you have long wanted to learn how to dance salsa or tango, but considered yourself incapable, “wooden”, etc.

The main thing is your desire to learn. Take a step towards the dream – for example, take a personal lesson from the choreographer.

And you will realize that you have underestimated yourself in vain. Overcoming fear, you become braver, smarter and more resistant to the challenges of life.

Sometimes notable achievements are the result of what you thought was impossible. You will be proud of yourself, and minor troubles will not be able to knock you off track so easily.

Of course, there is no “switch” in your soul that would allow you to stop taking everything that is happening around to heart at one moment. However, by setting priorities correctly, you will be able to focus on more pleasant moments than the attacks of those around you.

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