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6 landmarks, how to choose a fairy tale for the baby

6 landmarks, how to choose a fairy tale for the baby

And who, in fact, was the first to write fairy tales? To answer this question, perhaps, you need to know how our world appeared, because the forerunner of a folk tale, according to some scholars, is a myth – a story about the world, man, about the origin of everything. And the myth – it is a myth, so for now there is no exact answer …

About fairy tales, it is known for certain that many of their plots appeared not only before the advent of writing, but also before the emergence of modern European languages, therefore the fairy tale was originally a genre of oral folk art. The similarity of the plots of fairy tales of different nations of the world is explained by the common “progenitor” of fairy tales, the plot that passes from one nation to another. But how did the tales of American Indians and Russian folk tales have common themes when these peoples never crossed paths of their development?

Scientists have not yet solved this riddle, alas, either.

Despite the fact that the world is changing very quickly, the tale is still there. Moreover, psychologists are convinced that such a genre as a fairy tale is simply necessary for modern children.

The fact is that the child exists today in an atmosphere of total negative social suggestion. It is present everywhere, and many children live with the expectation of a bad future, programming themselves for just such a turn of events.

Suggestion occurs in kindergarten, when the kid is frightened that if he does not study hard, he will not be taken to school. Then at school, suggesting that bad schooling is a direct road to the wipers.

At home, the parents add fuel to the fire: “Come on, come on, otherwise you will not become successful!” And if the child gets a bad mark, his self-confidence instantly drops, he begins to scold himself, to doubt his abilities, to think that nothing really good will come of it. And when a person is afraid of bad, it usually happens to him.

What is the pressure in this situation gives a fairy tale? Recall the story of two frogs, one of which despaired and drowned in milk, while the second, trying to swim, hit sour cream with its paws and escaped.

Fairy tale finals – that’s what’s so important in a fairy tale! It gives a positive attitude, necessary for the development of a small person. In addition, in any fairy tale there are always trials and helpers who help to overcome them.

And for a child it is very important to know that not only difficulties await him, but also friends who will help. A fairy tale will tell you how to take such help – this also needs to be learned. The tale will change the attitude to difficulties – so that they are not perceived every time as a catastrophe and a finale to everything, but as a training, as a necessary and even useful stage.

Baby understands: after the difficulties, I will become stronger. Like in a dream! And fairy tales help to update the child’s own resources.

For example, the tale of the Ugly Duckling, which teaches that, in order to overcome difficulties, it is necessary not only to change circumstances, but also to change yourself.

Children’s stories and fairy tales – what is the difference? Maybe interesting stories about peers, which could well happen, in fact, enough – in the same place with the child, too, a lot of things happening?

Why read about miracles that do not happen in life? Another important feature of the tale is that it affects the right hemisphere of our brain more, that is, it actualizes the creative side of a person. And profit – on the left.

Actualization of only the left hemisphere, which is responsible for logic, is another, besides negative social programming, the misfortune of the modern world. Even our school curriculum is designed for left hemispheric children, therefore, relatively speaking, if a person has a left hemisphere working before the school for 50%, after its completion it will work for 70%. And right.

Meanwhile, the development of the right hemisphere is vital, because it is responsible for the adaptive abilities of the body, for its health, for its ability to survive stress. It can be said directly that if a child has been completely deprived of a fairy tale since childhood, his right hemisphere will develop worse and, with a high probability, he will grow ill and unstable to stress.

Opinions about the dependence of good adaptive abilities on the development of the right hemisphere are shared by doctors.

As for adapted and unadapted tales, it is worth dispelling one grand reader myth. There is a widespread idea that the adapted text is bad, and unadapted, the original source is good.

So, if we are talking about folk tales, then the concept of an unadapted fairy tale in the broad sense of the word does not exist at all. After all, a fairy tale is a work of oral folk art, its plot was passed from mouth to mouth, changed from narrator to narrator, from village to village, from edge to edge, acquired new details and grammatical, lexical features. Even A.N.

Afanasyev, a literary critic and collector of Russian folklore, in a certain sense adapted Russian folk tales, writing them down according to the narrators, taking into account the literary norms of the Russian language. Nevertheless, some of the tales from his collection are perceived as too cruel.

Therefore, fairy tales for children, of course, are specially adapted. And the most popular adaptations of Russian folk tales in children’s literature belong to OI

Kapitsa and A.N. Tolstoy.

1. It is best to start dating with animal tales. You shouldn’t read fairy tales with a dramatic end, for example, Kolobok, for example.

Or you can read, reworking the end into a good one. The real finale of Kolobok’s life for a child is best known in 4–5 years. And, if in a dramatic place of a fairy tale a child is very worried, cries, it is wonderful.

So, he perceives the tale as it should, with all his soul.

2. Older children can use fairy tales like “Cinderella”, “Beauties and Beasts”, “Puss in Boots”, etc. And later, lovers of fairy tales can enjoy author’s fairy tales, for example, Andersen. Or the same “Harry Potter”. What is not a fairy tale?

This fairy tale!

3. Inanimate characters, so popular in fairy tales for the smallest, act on them for a reason. The child has a magical mindset. He really believes in a fairy tale!

And in all fairy-tale characters: and in Santa Claus, and in Kolobok, and in talking fox and wolf, because for children the whole world is alive. In addition, psychologists know that, oddly enough, it is easier for a child to relate himself to a magical or inanimate object than to an ordinary character — the boy Vanya or the girl Lena.

For example, in therapeutic fairy tales, if there is a hero child, his appearance is not described. It is in order that the little listener could more easily try on his image on himself.

4. Read and listen to reviews of new products in the recommended online services of children’s literature, such as Papmambuk and Bibliogid. Reviews are made up of real professionals, librarians, teachers, psychologists, as well as children and adolescents themselves.

5. Study reviews on major book portals, such as LiveLib and BookMix.

6. Frequently ask for recommendations from the staff of children’s libraries. They are the first to learn about the main events in children’s literature and new books that you should definitely read to your child.

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