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6 exercises that increase stamina

6 exercises that increase stamina

“Caring for a child requires considerable physical strength from the mother, the ability to move quickly and sometimes unexpectedly change the direction of movement. And do it with the baby on the hip or with the baby clinging to the leg, ”says Brittany Citron, the founder of the company Pre-and Post-Natal Fitness Training Pronatal Fitness (USA). Especially for future and existing moms, he developed a training program of 6 exercises on certain muscles.

Those that are necessary, for example, for multiple lifting a child car seat, carrying a bag with baby accessories or pushing a stroller with a child off-road. Citron recalls that this training works best when it is preceded by a five-minute warm-up, such as running in place.

  1. Initial position. Stand up straight, legs slightly wider than shoulders, tape under the feet. Take the ends of the ribbons into the arms at the sides and wrap them around the wrists by pulling them.
  2. While inhaling, sit down with your arms bent and almost press your fists to your chin, without ceasing to stretch the ribbon.
  3. Exhale when lifting the body, gradually returning to its original position.

Repeat 15 times.

And if it is easier? Put a chair behind you and squat on it.

  1. Stand up straight, legs wider than shoulders, feet apart, arms extended straight ahead at shoulder level. In both hands, at the end of the unstretched tape, which is to be stretched during the exercise.
  2. Inhale deeply through the nose. On the exhale, do a deep lunge with your right foot to the side, bending it at the knee. Keep your left leg as straight as possible. At the same time, the arms are stretched as widely as possible to the sides, pulling the tape.
  3. Return to the starting position, inhale.

Repeat the exercise 10 times with an emphasis on the left and 10 times with an emphasis on the right leg.

And if it is easier? Do this exercise, just squatting with your legs as wide as possible, without lunges.

  1. Having placed the extended hands slightly wider than shoulders, lean them on the edge of the high table. After taking a few steps back and stretching your legs to the maximum, stand on your toes. Your body in the initial position should represent a straight diagonal with respect to the floor.
  2. Inhale, bend your arms and bring your chest close to the table until it touches its edge. Try not to bend the body, keep it straight, as if pressing the stomach to the spine.
  3. On the exhale, return to the starting position.

Do the exercise 6‒10 times.

And if it is easier? Push not from the table, but from the wall, resting on it with your fingertips, placing them just above the height of the shoulders.

  1. The right leg is in front, the left leg is behind, slightly bent and rests on the fingers. The tape is under the right foot, its ends are wrapped twice around your outstretched arms. While inhaling, lean forward so that the torso becomes parallel to the floor. Hands – in the same position! The entire weight should be focused on the right leg, the left continues to rest on the floor with your fingers.
  2. In this position, exhale and pull your elbows up toward the ceiling. The right buttock is tense! Then inhale and lower the arms to the starting position.

Do ten repetitions on the right foot, then switch to the left.

And if it is easier? Do the same exercise, standing with both feet, shoulder-width apart, on the tape.

15 to 20 repetitions.

  1. Stand straight, push your right foot forward, about a meter, placing one end of the tape under its foot so that it will not slip out from under it. Hold the other end of the right hand down. The left hand during the exercise – at the waist.
  2. While inhaling, bend both legs. The left one almost drops to the knee, with an emphasis on the tips of the fingers. The right hand at this time rises and, bending at the elbow, but, remaining straight in the wrist, pulls the tape up to the chin.
  3. On the exhale, rise to the starting position. Do the exercise first, focusing on one, then on the other leg.

Repeat 10-15 times for each leg.

And if it is easier? Perform the exercise, just crouching as deeply as possible on both legs, holding the ribbon in both hands.

  1. Kneel down, lean your hands on the floor. Inhale through the nose and exhale, as much as possible pulling the press to the spine.
  2. Without stopping to strain the abdominal muscles, lift and extend the right leg back parallel to the floor, feet down. The left hand is pulled forward. Make sure the hand does not bend in the brush. The body rests on one knee and one arm. Neck stretched forward, face down. The whole body during exercise is the maximum straight line from the left fingertip to the right ankle.
  3. Hold this position for 10‒20 seconds, not forgetting to pull the left hand forward, the right leg back, pressing the press to the spine. Do not forget to breathe!
  4. Return to the starting position and repeat all over again for the other leg and arm. Do 2‒3 repetitions for each side.

And even easier? Focus only on your legs, then on one, then on the other, leaving your hands on the floor.

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