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6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

When my daughter was quite small, than she just did not hurt. I passed the accelerated course of the young fighter and now, it seems, nothing scares me.

But now we have a new problem: bad breath. Quite a harmless thing at first glance.

But as soon as I caught myself thinking that our kisses were unpleasant to me because of her stale breath, I realized that we had a problem. And it’s not about hygiene, as it turned out.

What to do: If in adults, both teeth / gum problems and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be the cause of stale breathing, in children, poor oral hygiene is the main cause of bad breath, dentists say. Introduce the rule to brush your teeth every time after eating up to seven years and monitor its implementation.

Be sure to remind the child that the tongue should be cleaned, as the bacteria multiply there (the products of their vital activity cause the unpleasant smell). If the teeth are located close to each other, teach the child to use dental floss, as a regular toothbrush cannot get food residues from hard-to-reach places. If the child is monitoring oral hygiene, but the breath is still stale, contact your pediatrician.

The cause may be sour eructation, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, an ear infection or chronic sinusitis (which, by the way, was found in my daughter).

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

When my friend brought a two-year-old son to our friend’s birthday, there was a cap on his head. “Vanya has seborrheic dermatitis, but I’m afraid that no one will understand me and will only think that I don’t wash my head often enough,” she admitted. It is believed that children’s seborrheic dermatitis is a consequence of the presence in the baby’s body of maternal hormones remaining after pregnancy.

These hormones cause active secretion of sebum, which, in turn, leads to such a diagnosis. Seborrheic dermatitis in babies is a yellow crusts or scales. It may be unattractive, but certainly not disgusting.

In addition, seborrhea usually does not cause discomfort to the child and, as a rule, disappears itself in the first year of the baby’s life.

What to do: Gently rub mineral oil into the scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes, even overnight. Why mineral?

It absorbs faster than others into the skin and moisturizes better than any other oils. In addition, mineral oil has the highest degree of purification among others.

After washing the baby’s head with a small amount of special shampoo (for example, Losterin), then use a comb with frequent teeth to comb the scales. But do it very carefully, otherwise the child may be uncomfortable.

If the baby is unpleasant, do not do it – with time the scales will fall off on their own. If the scalp is reddened, there is obvious irritation or the baby has a rash (on the face, neck, forearms or buttocks), see your pediatrician.

Most likely, he will prescribe cortisone ointment.

If the child is more than 18 months old, and seborrhea has not disappeared or, on the contrary, has appeared, consult your doctor. Perhaps the baby has a hyperreaction on the shampoo or, more unpleasantly, psoriasis or a fungal infection.

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

“He has all the hands in the warts, and he is so worried that he asks him to band his fingers,” explains the mother of four-year-old Denis, when I and other mothers, taking their children from kindergarten, are interested in what happened to her child.

What to do: Warts – one of the most frequent “guests” on children’s skin. They usually occur on the hands and feet (plantar warts).

They are one of the manifestations of human papillomavirus, which actively reproduces in a humid environment. Do not panic! Warts usually disappear by themselves between 6 months and 2 years from the time they appear (the child’s immune system copes with them).

Therefore, it is not recommended to treat them, unless, of course, they have begun to spread to other parts of the body or cause discomfort to the baby. Convince your child not to touch the warts (do not try to tear off, knock off or bite off), otherwise there is a big risk that they will move to other parts of the body, including the face and lips.

Bandaging is really one way to prevent this. Self-treatment can sometimes be effective, but in this case it is necessary to grind the keratinous skin several times a week with pumice.

If home treatment does not work, consult a dermatologist who can recommend cryotherapy, burning out, or laser wart removal.

Another unpleasant problem is the clam. A small white tubercle that occurs in the folds of the skin (elbows, armpits, groin area, area under the knee, buttocks).

The doctor is likely to prescribe the same treatment as for warts. But, like the latter, the mollusks disappear on their own, so schedule a visit to a specialist only when necessary.

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

Once, while reading the children’s health forum, I stumbled upon a horrifying message from a single mom. She said that one night she noticed that her daughter was constantly scratching her ass.

Naturally, she decided to check whether there is a rash or inflammation. But it turned out … “What I saw was so ugly!” – summed up the woman.

Yes, most parents shudder at the thought that their child may have worms. However, pinworms are more a nuisance than a disease, pediatricians say.

Enterobiasis is a fairly common story if children play with each other in the ground, and even in an ordinary sandbox. Moreover, it has already been proven that pinworm eggs can enter the body along with dust, as well as through toys.

And, of course, one of the main sources can be a common pot or a toilet in a kindergarten or school. So, if your child is infected – do not sprinkle ashes on his head.

This is not your fault.

What to do: Small, white, roundworms can cause unbearable itching in the crotch area. This happens mostly in the evening / night, when they crawl out of the anus to lay eggs on the skin around it. Therefore, in the morning, immediately after waking up the child, press a piece of scotch tape to the skin around his anus, then take it to the medical laboratory to examine whether there are worms eggs on the tape.

Most of these infections are mild and can be treated fairly quickly. Ask the doctor to also advise the cream for itching.

To prevent a relapse, watch your child after treatment: he washes his hands thoroughly before eating and after playing in the courtyard and using the toilet. Keep his nails in order: cut them regularly and brush them.

And try to stop childish attempts to bite the nails, put your fingers into your mouth and scratch your fifth point.

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

This is what they fear in our country, as the fire is lice. It is believed that only children from dysfunctional families, homeless people and alcoholics are ill with pediculosis. Because of this, we feel a sense of shame, hush up the fact that we are sick.

Therefore, pediculosis has become widespread: we learn that we communicated with the “lint” only when the “guests” appear on the head itself. Let’s say more – and strict adherence to the rules of hygiene does not guarantee that the parasites do not settle on the head.

According to statistics, the peak of childhood diseases of pediculosis occurs in early autumn, when many return from abroad, from camps and hikes. So, with the onset of the new school year regularly regularly inspect the head of your child.

What to do: Treatment usually consists of two stages: the use of a special agent against lice and combing lice and nits from the hair. None of these stages by itself does not work, it should definitely be treated in combination. Means (shampoos, sprays and lotions) kill adults and soften the glue, which nits are attached to the base of the hair, and it becomes easier to comb.

Another way to soften the glue – a solution of 9% table vinegar, diluted 1: 2 with water. Apply it should be the entire length of the hair and leave for 30 minutes.

Then proceed to combing the parasites and each time wash the comb under running water so that the parasites do not fall on the poor baby’s head again. After the lice are removed, wash all baby clothes, bedding, bath accessories at high temperatures.
There are no methods to prevent pediculosis. The only thing that can be advised is to remind the child more often that it is impossible to use someone else’s hairbrushes and wear other people’s hats.

A long girly hair before going out is better to braid in braids.

6 common childhood diseases that are not spoken aloud

Fortunately, this problem did not affect us and my daughter, but many of my friends faced this childish nuisance. Unfortunately, having become infected with herpes, a person permanently acquires this “friend” for himself: under severe stress, a cold or other diseases associated with a decrease in immunity, he again makes itself felt.

But besides this, this “neighborhood” does not affect the health.

What to do: The hardest thing, mom says, is forcing children not to comb herpes. After all, it is accompanied by itching, tingling and tingling, and the herpes crust can not wait to knock over.

In no case do not let the kid do this: the virus can “stump away” on the hands or face. In this case, you should contact a specialist.

At home, herpes is usually treated with antiviral ointments such as Acyclovir, and on the second day of use, an improvement is already noticeable. If after a week it does not come, be sure to go to the doctor.

Do not forget to give the child a separate towel and dishes, as you can become infected not only through direct contact, but also through objects on which droplets of baby saliva are left.

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