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5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

For researchers: from 5 to 8 years

Duration: 1 hour

The life of the average soap bubble just a few seconds. A thin film of soapy water, filled with air, breaks easily when you touch it. But is the bubble as simple as it seems at first sight?

Where do giant bubbles come from, why do they have a spherical shape, are there square bubbles? We will understand everything thoroughly.

We are waiting for experiments with soap solutions. Let’s try experimenting on the shape, color and strength of bubbles.

We will learn how to get inside the bubble and arrange real competitions to create colored soap balls.

5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

For researchers: from 8 to 12 years

Duration: 1 hour

Why are we so much like brothers and sisters, like parents? Or not at all. How did it happen that we got a nose with potatoes from grandfather, and lips with a bow, from grandmother.

Whose then rich blue eye color, curly hair and extravagant character?
Science answers these questions with just one word – heredity. Just imagine that all the information about us is stored in encrypted form in one molecule.

At the “My Biopassport” master class we will learn what kind of molecule it is, where it “lies” and even try to extract it. And also, together with the leader of the lesson, we will understand what dactyloscopy is, the iris, how they relate to our bio-passport and what they can tell about a person.

5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

For researchers: from 8 to 12 years

Duration: 1 hour

The master class is devoted to a curious phenomenon – optical illusions or optical illusions. Sometimes, when we ourselves do not suspect it, our own eyes shamelessly deceive us.

Have you noticed that a spoon in a glass of water seems curved? And the shadow of the clouds on the surface of the earth on a sunny day resembles fabulous animals?

At the master class we learn about the illusions created by nature and man, about the peculiarities of our perception of size and shape, stereo-illusions, “flip-flops”, “non-existent objects” and moving pictures. On the practical part of the lesson we will build a craft that can mislead even moms and dads!

5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

For researchers: from 5 to 10 years

Duration: 1 hour

This time the subject of our scientific experiments will be toothpaste.
Do you know that people started brushing their teeth in ancient Egypt ?! Of course, then it was not a beautiful pink gel with the aroma of berries, but a powder of salt, pepper and mint leaves. Since then, the perfume industry has advanced far ahead.

But what is filled with tubes today? Who are surfactants and fluorides? Are they helpful or harmful?

Is it possible to do without all this chemistry? Under the guidance of the leading master class we will produce eco-friendly toothpaste!

It will not contain dyes and flavors.

5 workshops on mysterious phenomena

For researchers: from 8 to 12 years

Duration: 1 hour

Let’s return to the very nose that we got from grandfather. According to scientists, it distinguishes more than 10,000 odors.

But why, some seem pleasant to us, while others do not? What role do fragrances play in our lives?

When can they help? Who, and where first created the perfume?

All the secrets open in the laboratory “InnoPark”.
People who work professionally with odors, for example in the perfume industry, are also called “noses”. Trusting their smell, they can determine the ingredients in the composition of the perfume by smell.

We try and we become a perfumer for a while and synthesize the author’s fragrance.

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