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5 ways to make the morning kind

5 ways to make the morning kind

It is impossible not to notice that the rest of the day depends on how well you slept and slept. According to the scientific data, the ease of awakening directly depends on what phase of sleep a person is in.

There are 5 stages of sleep: the first, second, third, fourth stages and the stage of paradoxical sleep. In a person in the stage of paradoxical sleep – sleep with dreams – eyes begin to quickly and quickly move.

Therefore, this stage of sleep is called REM sleep (from the English “rapid eye movements”, which means “rapid eye movements”). All stages successively replace each other approximately every 90–110 minutes (this is the time of one “cycle” of sleep).

If the alarm clock is ringing when a person is in the deep sleep phase, the awakening will be difficult, and, on the contrary, it is rather easy to wake up from the so-called REM sleep. Therefore, always leave yourself time to wake up.

Start the alarm for ten minutes before the ascent, give yourself the opportunity to think through an unrealized dream, gradually enter a new day. The same rule applies to children.

Want to avoid the morning whims? Wake your children 15 minutes before the due time.

5 ways to make the morning kind

Japanese and Swedish scientists have proven that a tasty and healthy breakfast enhances mood and resistance to stress for the whole day. Nutritionists say that a balanced diet begins with breakfast, as it helps to replenish the supply of nutrients consumed during the night, which means it gives energy in the morning.

Therefore, in order to have energy and feel full of energy before dinner, make it a rule and teach your kids to eat in the morning.

In order for breakfast to invigorate longer, you need to add to it slowly digestible carbohydrates – black bread, buckwheat, rice, millet porridge or ready-made breakfasts, cereals, filled with milk.

Great breakfast oatmeal. It charges us with energy for a long time, and besides, it envelops the gastric mucosa and extinguishes the increased acidity. By the way, pediatricians highly recommend various cereal dishes to be given for breakfast to babies.

In addition, if a child has a good appetite, in the morning, you can offer meat or fish dishes in combination with a side dish. If you yourself do not like porridge, you can replace them with yogurt, cottage cheese or a pair of sandwiches with fish or chicken.

But the use of protein foods is better to postpone for lunch.

5 ways to make the morning kind

Psychologists say that the color of clothes can affect not only mood, but also well-being. Green has a calming effect on the nervous system, relieves headache, fatigue, irritability. Red energizes and improves performance. Yellow stimulates brain activity.

Violet improves the functioning of the heart, blood vessels and lungs. In addition, this color increases the body’s stamina.

Orange improves mood, so it is simply indispensable in stressful situations. To make it easier for yourself and your family to live on cold and cloudy days, try to choose bright colors of clothes. Buy yourself a bright red dress, your husband – a tie or a sweater with bright inserts, and choose a little more colorful things for your baby.

And you will see how the general family mood will rise!

The favorable influence of musical works on the human condition has been known since ancient times. In the III century BC in the Parthian kingdom with the help of specially selected melodies were treated for anguish, nervous breakdowns and heart pain.

Since then, little has changed. Music still influences our feelings and awakens various emotions.

Therefore, to maintain the tone, turn on cheerful, invigorating music in the morning. She sets up the internal organs to work in the right rhythm, makes you wake up and smile faster.

5 ways to make the morning kind

Do not rush to get out of bed in the morning. First, do a light morning exercise, lying right in bed. Here are a few exercises that everyone can handle.

Attract your baby to classes – most likely, he will “play with pleasure” with you.

Cat on all fours: Sit on the heels and pull your hands forward. Then sit straight again.

And stretch again.

Turtle: Lying on your stomach, alternately bend and unbend your arms, imitating a swimming tortoise.

Beetle: Lying on your back, straighten your legs, put your hands along your torso. Head and heels push on the bed.

Alternately, slightly tighten the muscles in this direction: feet, calves, thighs, then strain and relax your arms, from your fingers to your shoulders. Then, while also remaining in a horizontal position, lift up your “feet” and gently shake them.

Bear grip: Lying on your back, pull your knees to the stomach, clasp them with your hands. When straightening your legs, try to break open arms.

After that, normalize breathing: calmly and deeply inhale through the nose, and then slowly exhale through the mouth. Repeat at intervals of 3-4 seconds.

Breathe deeper: Smile and take 5 deep breaths, hold the breath for the last two for the last two seconds. Blink at least 50 times.

Now sit on the bed and give your back a strictly upright position. Make 5 circular motions with your head in different directions.

Only at this moment it is worth remembering about morning affairs and clearly planning them.

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