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5 ways to get a child’s SNILS

5 ways to get a child's SNILS

SNILS stands for “insurance number of an individual personal account” – this unique combination of 11 digits is assigned to a person once and for a lifetime. What does SNILS look like?

This is a plastic card of green color with the corresponding number and reference information about the owner. Despite the fact that the main period of using this document falls on the working age, the child will also need a card.

At present, both schools and pre-school educational institutions, upon admission, ask students to provide a SNILS number. Some of them recognize and pass pupils to school by card number, but globally it acts as a universal identifier for the use of medical, educational and other types of services.

  • In the era of rampant computerization, no one will be surprised by registering on the portal of public services. There you can apply for an international passport, issue a certificate or registration without leaving your home, which, you see, is really convenient for parents of young children. But this can be done only by filling out a questionnaire, one of the mandatory points of which is the number of the pension insurance certificate.
  • Also, the child’s SNILS card will be required for processing a universal electronic card (UEC), which very soon, as we are promised, will be replaced by a whole set of documents, including even an identity card.
  • SNILS will be useful for teenagers if they want to earn some money during the holidays: the employer will be obliged to transfer the insurance premium to the personal account of the employee in the pension fund.
  • For socially unprotected categories of citizens, including children with disabilities, the card will be required for registration in social registries and receiving pensions, monthly payments and benefits, mothers of two or more children – for registration of maternity capital.

5 ways to get a child's SNILS

5 ways to get a child's SNILS

You will be disappointed, but the document, designed to facilitate the process of registration of public services on the Internet, can only be obtained by personal contact with the Pension Fund. It is impossible to issue a SNILS to a child through public services, as well as to get it there. In order to acquire the cherished green card, you can use one of the following five methods:

1. Personally apply to the Pension Fund
If your child is not yet 14 years old, contact the territorial department of the Pension Fund of Russia at the place of registration of one of the parents or the place of actual residence of the family and fill out the form. Attach the original of your own passport and the child’s birth certificate with a copy to it. You do not need to take the baby with you; you do not need to be present when you make a SNILS.

If a child is over 14 years old, he can apply independently. For this, he will need a passport and a completed application form.

2. To personally contact the MFC
Submit documents for registration of SNILS child can in the district multifunctional center. The list of documents is the same.

However, in this case, it is better to print the questionnaire in advance from the Pension Fund website.

3. Issue a SNILS through an educational institution
SNILS child can be issued through the administration of a kindergarten or school, which he attends. Just transfer the papers to the person in charge and wait for the card to be delivered and handed to you right in your hands.

In this case, by the way, original documents will not be needed, simple copies will suffice.

4. To issue a universal electronic card
If you decide on the design of a universal electronic card (UEC), then you should not worry about SNILS at all. The numbers of these documents are the same, they are assigned automatically.

UEC is issued free of charge and combines the functions of an insurance policy, SNILS, bank card, travel card, as well as an identity document.

5. Issue SNILS through the first employer
In case you and your child were able to finish with the design of the card right up to the age of 14, the first official employer can issue a SNILS.

It will take a card from two to four weeks, counting from the date of submission of documents.

Please note that SNILS is not a mandatory document for a citizen of the Russian Federation who has not attained the age of 14 years, which means that his request from a child (for example, at school) is illegal. Refusal to provide medical or educational services in the absence of SNILS is illegal. However, the need for a document is very justified, so we recommend that you issue a pension insurance certificate.

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