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5 tricks that act better than persuasion

5 tricks that act better than persuasion

Carefully consider the choice of a professional who will cut the crumbs. It is best to use the services of a specialized children’s salon, but a regional hairdresser will do.

When registering for a haircut, be sure to clarify that this is about the baby, so that you can find the most experienced master.

  • Bring the child to the salon a few days earlier so that he can familiarize himself with the situation.
  • At home, play with him at the hairdresser, giving the crumbs alternately the role of master and client.
  • Children, as a rule, treat with horror the procedure of washing the head in the salon and lowering the head to the sink. Therefore, wash your hair at home – the hairdresser will only moisturize them with a spray.
  • Take some toys and books with you. This way you can keep the child in place for a quarter of an hour, which is necessary for haircuts. Some children behave more calmly on their mother’s lap, others pretend to be adults, “chatting” with a hairdresser while the mother is standing aside. But in any case it is better to turn his chair facing the hall than to the mirror, so that the baby does not get scared by the sight of terrible scissors that touch the ears!

Before you go, think about what games you can take the crumbs on the road. “The King of Silence”, “We count red cars”, etc. In the stress experienced before the road, it is difficult for us to improvise.

  • Let the baby choose and put in his backpack favorite toys that he will take on the trip. In another bag, which you will keep on hand, put surprises prepared for a long journey: mini-games, action figures, as well as sandwiches and drinks.
  • Buy a toy in the children’s store toy steering wheel – because kids love to copy the behavior of adults!
  • Think of CD: fairy tales, stories, songs in various styles, choruses that you can sing along, and gentle, listenable songs.
  • A pause for sleep will be easier if you take his favorite pillow with you. He will find familiar sensations in her and will rather close his eyes.

Show the child an example by telling him “Good morning, my angel” on waking up, “Thank you, this is very cute,” when he helps you, “Good bye, good luck,” when you leave him in kindergarten.

  • Play the “What do you want to say?” Game. “What do you need to say when they leave?” – “Goodbye!” – “And when do they come?” – “Hello!” – etc. You will see: the little one knows all the “magic” words.
  • Regularly encourage your kid for the shown politeness. Because he likes to be praised, he will want to repeat success.
  • In the event of his indecision in greeting, advise him to make contact in a different way, smiling or making a hand sign.
  • Play with the baby in the game “The most rude in the world.” For 5 minutes, show him what it means to be truly ill-mannered (you can easily find examples.). Would he like it if you were always like this? Obviously not. So you do not want to see him like this.

5 tricks that act better than persuasion

Introduce him to the medical world. Not only shots, but also a stranger scare your baby.

Buy him books about the human body, the hospital.

  • Give him a toy set of medical instruments and a doctor’s clothes. There is nothing better for getting rid of the fear of a doctor than letting a baby treat a favorite toy at home.
  • Take your favorite toy with you the next time you go to the doctor’s office and ask the pediatrician to examine it first.
  • Explain to your child what will happen at the reception, starting with the positive moments: “The doctor will measure your height, weigh you up, look at the neck so that it does not hurt anymore. “
  • Be honest. If a child should be vaccinated, and you say that he will feel absolutely nothing, and then it turns out that it hurts, he will not forgive you for cheating. And the next time you will never listen to you.

First you need to present this in the form of a game. The baby must blow by mouth, as if blowing out the candles on the cake.

Then just with the nose, both nostrils, closing the mouth. He can place his hand in front of his nose to feel how the air is blown out, this will be proof that he can exhale not only the air, but also the liquid, along with all the microbes that could harm him.

  • Every day, put the crumbs in the pocket of a handkerchief.
  • Ask your child to clean his nose every time he goes to the toilet.
  • In the case of a cold, help him blow his nose correctly, several times a day, with saline.
  • If he is not afraid to lower his head in the water, ask him during the evening dress to let bubbles. First by mouth, then by nose. It is funny and effective!

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