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5 treatments for spring skin renewal

5 treatments for spring skin renewal

Problem: wrinkles and pigmentation on the face.

Thanks to the active substances that are part of the preparation, the skin is filled with moisture, fine wrinkles disappear. In addition, you can forget about unwanted pigmentation and rosacea. The composition of the injection is selected individually, depending on your age and the problem to be solved: an increase in skin turgor, reduction of dark circles under the eyes, prevention of aging at a young age.

Vitamin C, which is part of the substance – is an antioxidant necessary for the prevention of photoaging. Amino-acid composition of the drug helps to build new collagen and elastin.

They prevent the appearance of “improper collagen” formed in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.

Contraindications: pregnancy, lactation, skin diseases and blood diseases.

Problem: wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone of the skin of the neck.

One of the most promising areas of modern cosmetology is neoplasma modeling or Swiss plasma lifting. The procedure helps in solving the problems of fading skin: dull color, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin tone. Regeneration occurs through the injection of your own plasma, enriched with living platelets.

This procedure is especially useful for rejuvenation of the neck and décolleté area, because it is these areas that most often give out the female age. Platelets activate fibroblasts in the production of collagen and elastin, thereby stimulating the processes of cell renewal. The obvious advantage of this technique is that no cuts are made and there is no need for rehabilitation.

The result of neoplasm modeling can be seen already a week after the procedure: a more toned face shape, fresh, radiant skin with a smooth tone.

Contraindications: blood diseases and some other serious diseases.

Problem: loss of elasticity and skin tone of the breast.

At the moment, 3D mesoniti or trade-lifting is the most modern way to restore youth and freshness to the body and face. The 3D lifting technique is called 3D reinforcement: with the help of the finest microneedles, the cosmetologist injects self-absorbable threads into the patient’s skin, which create an invisible frame and prevent the skin from sagging in the future.

The effect lasts 8 months. During this time, the threads are involved in neocollagenesis, stimulate the production of new collagen, which saves the results of the procedure for up to one year.

Mesothreads are used not only for face correction, but also for skin tightening in the area of ​​the décolleté, chest, neck, back and buttocks.

The indisputable advantage of this technique is that the result is visible immediately after the procedure, and the maximum result occurs in one or two months.

Contraindications: autoimmune diseases, severe somatic diseases, blood diseases, heart disease, mental and neurotic disorders, the presence of malignant tumors, skin diseases in the procedure area, previously introduced injection implants in the procedure area, a tendency to form keloid and / or hypertrophic scars, pregnancy, lactation.

5 treatments for spring skin renewal

Problem: fat folds on the abdomen.

The procedure for cryolipolysis Zeltiq is suitable for those who are faced with the problem of local fat deposits. The method of modeling the figure with cold helps to get rid of the folds on the abdomen, waist and back.

The cryolipolysis apparatus works as follows: a special vacuum nozzle draws in the fat fold and cools it. Since fat cells are very sensitive to cold, the process of splitting fat immediately starts.

Already after the first procedure, up to 25% of fat is removed in the zone of impact of the device. It is enough to hold sessions once every 2-3 months.

The method of cryolipolysis Zeltiq is safe for the body, since during the procedure there is no mechanical damage to the skin. Sometimes there may be small bruises or swelling that disappear within a few days.

Contraindications: excessive obesity, pregnancy, extensive scar tissue in the treatment area, skin diseases in the area of ​​intended exposure, trauma and infection of the skin, the presence of a pacemaker.

One of the most important problems among women is cellulite. It occurs in 95% of women. Also, statistics say that white women have a greater inclination towards it than women of other races.

Ways to prevent and combat it have long been known: proper nutrition and exercise. But, we must not forget about the hardware procedures that will help to achieve a result much faster.

A good help, in the fight against cellulite, will serve as electro-miostimulyatsiya c using the apparatus Bodyter.

The procedure begins with thermotherapy – attaching special plates to the problem areas, which “warm up” and warm up the muscles. Pleasant heat spreads immediately through the body – the result of heating the plates.

Next, you will be offered a choice of 2 ways to affect the muscles – biostimulation or electroporation (which can also be combined to obtain a versatile effect).

When biostimulation uses pulsed current, under the influence of which is an active muscle contraction. During the procedure, they come to a tone and strengthen, and damaged muscle fibers are restored.

Thus, the fat cell volume decreases. During electroporation, under the influence of an electric field, blood circulation is improved, tissue regeneration is enhanced, skin laxity is eliminated, and hip volume is reduced. Significant improvements in the condition of the skin and muscles will become apparent after 3-4 procedures.

The full course consists of 10 sessions.

Contraindications for biostimulation: serious muscle injuries, chronic varicose veins, recent phlebitis or thrombophlebitis, affected skin at the procedure site.

Contraindications for electroporation: excessively low or high pressure, pregnancy, infectious diseases, high air temperature, skin lesions at the procedure site, hemorrhagic disorders.

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