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5 things that annoy us most in kindergartens

5 things that annoy us most in kindergartens

The modern world lives by its own laws, making adjustments in all areas of human life. And if we touch upon the topic of kindergarten, then changes are especially vividly noticeable. We no longer perceive the garden only as a safe way to overdo the child while we are at work.

We no longer hesitate to ask questions to teachers, and openly express our discontent if we do not like something. We want to know more about what the child does in the garden, we have the opportunity to convey our wishes to the garden management and to influence various aspects of its arrangement.

On the other hand, modern parents have also changed a lot. Society no longer sets strict standards and standards for life, but rather, emphasizes our right to a variety of different behaviors.

And if strict control and regime reigns in one family, the other family considers freedom and relaxation over most life issues as its values. One can only imagine how different requirements these families will make to the kindergarten in relation to their children …

Of course, most kindergartens, keeping up with the times and considering the high expectations of their parents, have greatly changed. Changes for the better occurred in the training programs, and equipment groups, and the selection of educational staff. However, misunderstanding and even conflicts between parents and teachers still arise.

The main difficulty is to learn to compromise and express your thoughts in a friendly way. These skills need to be developed, because if we didn’t like the beauty salon, we can go to another, and changing the kindergarten is more difficult: the child gets used to the place, to the caregivers, he has friends among his fellow students.

Let’s take a look at the situations that annoy parents more often, and ponder together how to smooth out sharp corners.

1. “Ask to bring the same shape for physical education. I do not see the point! ”

In kindergarten, parents are often asked to bring shorts and a T-shirt of a certain color for sports. Many parents consider such a claim a relic of the Soviet era and wonder: where did such stringent standards come from? Whether you like it or not, kindergarten has its own rules and rules regarding children’s clothing.

It should be the size of a child, easy to dress and remove, have simple fasteners. All this makes it easier for the caregiver to quickly change clothes or gather a child for a walk.

However, comfortable clothes do not remove the task of parents to teach children to remember what exactly and in what sequence they need to wear before going out, as well as train the child day after day to dress and undress independently. The sooner your baby learns to do it himself, the easier it will be for the caregiver.

Keep special bags in the child’s locker where clothes for dance and sports activities will be stored, as well as removable underwear. Label them with child-friendly symbols.

So you will help teachers to avoid confusion in the form, as well as teach the child to be accurate.

As a rule, the more seriously and attentively the garden treats its activities, the more the teachers have requirements for the appearance of the child in the classroom. Qualified choreography teachers require ballet flats and dancing swimsuits, sports coaches want to see their students in kimonos or in a special form.

The identical appearance of the children in the classroom helps to feel like a team and disciplines. Do not neglect the requests of educators and educators to bring uniforms for classes.

By accepting the rules of the kindergarten, you demonstrate your respect for this institution and thereby instill respect for the garden and the child.

2. “They gave the child the role of a bunny, and he wants to be only a hedgehog”

Kindergartens have separate traditions, how to celebrate various holidays and hold reporting morning performances. Usually the group begins to prepare for the performance strongly in advance – the children learn the words, rehearse the scenes.

Educators and educators are always faced with a difficult choice – who to determine the main roles. As a rule, they choose not only the most talented, but also children who rarely get sick, which means they go to almost all rehearsals.

However, it also happens that your kid got a role that he doesn’t like at all. It is necessary to talk with the teacher, to explain the experience of the child. Maybe it is not too late to change the character, but if it can’t be done in any way, do not worry.

Discuss with the tutor how you can support the child, agree before the next matinee to participate in the selection of the role in advance, find words of comfort for the baby.

3. “The parent committee insists that we give money for gifts, but we do not want”

The decision whether or not to congratulate the caregivers or the garden management is your own. In many gardens, parental committees have long been abolished and each does so at will. However, if in your kindergarten periodically collect money for gifts, and you for one reason or another do not want to donate them, say this at the beginning of the year.

The person responsible for the fundraising will make a note for yourself, and you will avoid repeated conversations on this topic.

4. “A teacher complains about our son every day”

Each garden in its own way builds relationships with parents. Somewhere there are monthly or quarterly parent meetings, someone has a system of communication in messengers, and someone receives information in the old manner only in live communication with the teacher.

All of us – both educators and parents – have a number of features. It is very important to build relationships, try to understand each other, learn to negotiate.

Claims to the teacher may be different:

– too sociable (tells all the small details of the day, focuses on the negative manifestations of the child – he fought, did not obey, did not practice),

– unsociable (says little, “words cannot be stretched,” comments on the child are superficial and “dry”).

It is important to establish a level of relationship that will suit everyone. If there are many stories, and most of them are in a negative way, ask the question – what was good, what was the success of my child today? If the caretaker is scantly sharing information, try asking leading questions.

Demonstrating your interest over and over again, you will teach the person responsible for your child to be more attentive to him, to observe and remember the important moments of the day. If the situation with the information provided does not change at all, and this worries you greatly, feel free to send your claim to the administration.

5. “They are asked to warn the garden for three days, when the child enters the garden after the hospital day. How do I know whether the child will be discharged today or not? ”

You really cannot know this, but is it worth it to waste your nerves because of this point? It is possible for this case to prepare a template letter for educators (“I don’t know what the doctor will say today. This time, unfortunately, we don’t have a chance to warn you in advance”) and forget about it once and for all.

But in general, the desire to know your plans for the absence or appearance of a child in the garden is not a whim of educators, but an important necessity. Focusing on the number of children in a group, teachers prepare their classes and handouts, methodologists plan general activities (performances and matinees), educators order a certain number of servings of food.

If you can warn educators in advance, do it better.

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