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5 steps to the perfect freezer

5 steps to the perfect freezer

Well, it’s time to disassemble the freezer. You understand this at the moment when, gently pulling out a bag of broccoli, you fall under the avalanche of frozen food … But your freezer is an aid, it saves you in emergency cases when the older brother is empty and on the threshold a crowd suddenly drew friends With an organized and well-equipped freezer, you can have a decent lunch for a few minutes – both for one and for a company.

True, for this you still have to go from a disaster to ordering. However, it is easier than you think.

Here are five simple steps to organize your freezer.

5 steps to the perfect freezer

No, do not be eager to unload what has been clogged for a long time. The main work begins even before you open the freezer door.

The secret of proper organization is to understand exactly what you need and be able to make a choice. So say planning experts.

Usually, with regard to the freezer, the housewives need the following: first, to be able to quickly find the right, and secondly, to regularly monitor the contents.

But first, think about filling your freezer. What foods should you always have on hand: portions of ready-to-eat meals like “warm up and eat” or large volumes of blanks in order to quickly build a dinner, even for a horde of children?

You need to focus on your daily life. Where do you usually buy – at the nearest grocery store on your way home or a huge supermarket on the outskirts of the city?

Do you cook daily or periodically, on weekends? Who should get food quickly when they come home – a husband whose work schedule does not coincide with yours; children coming afternoon from school? How often do you have unplanned guests, and who is it – school friends of a daughter, living in the neighborhood of vegetarian friends or mother-in-law, arriving from another city?

Answers to these questions will help you figure out what your freezer should ideally be filled with.

5 steps to the perfect freezer

Once you understand your priorities, you need to get rid of excess. Now you can open the freezer.

Rake out all the bundles and packages and start exploring them. In separate heaps, sort the following: the storage period has expired, frozen and has lost appearance, cannot be identified.

Then what is not included in these heaps (they ruthlessly go to the emission), sort, for example, as follows: fruits and vegetables, meat, side dishes, desserts. However, you can split frozen foods on your own.

For example – a portion of the finished dish (dinner on return from vacation), semi-finished products for lunch (already washed and chopped vegetables), summer harvesting of berries for compotes and desserts, etc.

After sorting you need to label products. Remember that labeling should not be too complicated.

After all, not only you, but also other family members peeking into the freezer, so the system should be understandable to everyone. The simplest is the color coding system: for example, a red label on all types of meat, blue on berries, green on ready-made dishes.

Color allows you to sort instantly, without reading, and this saves time. By the way, if there are allergies or vegetarians in the family, then it is convenient to indicate with colored marks the food of a particular family member.

5 steps to the perfect freezer

Almost every housewife is familiar with the situation when it is scary to even think about what is hidden in the depths of the freezer – often the products there are simply lost. While the contents of the packages lying at the door itself are well known to you.

How to avoid it?

Regardless of what kind of freezer you have – a small chamber in the upper part of the refrigerator, a full half of the refrigerator or even a freestanding freezer cabinet, the most important thing is to divide the usable space into zones.

Suppose you have a freezer with one shelf. The space above the shelf is one zone, the space under the shelf is the second zone, and finally the freezer door is the third zone. And let in one zone you have frozen vegetables, in the other zone – puff pastry and dumplings with potatoes, and in the third – meat for broth.

In addition to organizational issues, this distinction also has a purely applied meaning: the products in the freezer easily exchange odors, so zoning is a must.

One way or another, but to look for the blueberries that you namorozy last summer, you should always only in the area where you keep the fruit. If you don’t even think about other parts of the freezer, it will save a lot of effort.

5 steps to the perfect freezer

5 steps to the perfect freezer

Now the fun begins. Think about how you will be storing products in designated areas. You might want to buy cute containers of various sizes that will give your freezer a look, as if it were a professional designer.

However, this is just a freezer. And she does not have to be beautiful.

She should just work. So you better think about this.

Of course, shapeless pieces of meat in the frozen state are difficult to cram into some kind of box. But the container for small items is worth considering.

There you can put, for example, cubes of lemon juice, bags of frozen broth or all the same portions of ready-made dishes that need only be warmed up.

If you often cook for the future and you need to protect the mountains of stuck pelmeni from the stuffed pepper, then use all the means for that. And do not hesitate to repurpose the tools at hand from other parts of the house, including dividers for linen in the dressers and even transparent files – all this can transform the freezer, which means it will make your life easier.

5 steps to the perfect freezer

You need to create and think about a system that will be easy and logical to maintain, without complicating your life. One of the cornerstones in our world of tiny freezers: think before you freeze.

It makes no sense to fill the freezer with products that you do not use. Remember how many years the precious square was cluttered with a box of popsicles that no one could finish.

After unloading and restoring order, you probably thought that it would be nice to have a list of what they put and what they take from the freezer in order to constantly monitor its filling. Do not overdo it.

Such an inventory will most likely not work. Instead, you can stick a sticker on the side of the freezer and add non-standard products for you, which are sent to the depths of the chamber, for example, peels of cheese for casseroles or pods of red pepper.

Notify the household about this.

But if you are still full of energy and do not want to lose your new order, then here’s another tip – on the colored stickers with which you marked the products (see step 2), you can write the freeze date. So you can first use what is stored longer than others.

By maintaining your own system, you will save both time and nerves. And then you will always have a model freezer from which you can easily get the right package of french fries.

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