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5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

Cool: spin the “wheel”!
The good old “wheel” from childhood is a fantastic tool for “modeling” the body. It is the work of the muscles of the thighs and abdominals that allows you to stand upright in your arms and quickly “walk.” Straining hard, the obliques also allow your legs to touch the floor to complete a circular motion.

So, we go out on the sand or on the grass and make a series of 4-5 “wheels” in one direction and in the other direction – your waist asks only that!

Easier: exercise-analog for those who never got upside down
If the most minimal inclinations make you dizzy, do the following exercise. It is no less effective than the full “cycles”!
1. Starting position – lying on the right side.
2. Focus on your right thigh and right arm, bent at the elbow (if necessary, use your left hand on the floor in front of the body as additional support). If you are physically fit, just stretch your left arm along the body and press it to your left leg.
3. Inhale – lift off your legs from the floor and lift as much as possible upwards so that the fingers of your left hand touch your ankles (you can bend the legs a little). Exhale – return to starting position.

Make 3 sets of 20 times – from one side and the other.

5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

Cool: write out the “eight” belly!
Bright scarf on your hips, a disc with Arabic music in the player – and now in front of the mirror you are no longer, but a real oriental dancer. Belly dancing is ideal not only for the conquest of males, but also for the “slimming” waist. The basic movement of oriental dances – the “eight” – is one of the best exercises in order to keep your waist region in tone.

After all, what is essentially a “eight”? This is a series of short and energetic “strikes” with the pelvis right-left and up and down.

And don’t be bothered by the technical side of the question: twist your hips and let the music carry you!

Easier: exercise-analogue for those who do not have a thousand and one nights left
That way is not as effective for working on the waist, but no less effective!
1. Starting position – lying on the right side. For support, lean on your right arm bent at the elbow and your legs straightened.
2. Place your left hand vertically in front of the body.
3. Breathe – lift the buttocks as high as possible, trying not to move with your whole body (lean on your left hand if you are not good at first). Exhale – return to the original position (without relaxing the buttocks!).

Do 3 series of 20 exercises on each side.

5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

Cool: hone backhand!
The sweeping forehand causes — at least at the very beginning of the exercise — rotation of perceptible twisting of the muscles in the waist. You do this in order to increase the power of the ball.

This proportion of waist musculature is in front of the hand that holds the racket. Obviously, to twist the other – the opposite – part, you will need to change hands. The blow, however, will be less effective and more difficult in terms of skill … But, yes, professional tennis players have asymmetrical muscles.

This is well known!

Easier: exercise-analog for those who never had a racket in their hands
If you have no idea where the nearest court is, buy yourself a bodibar (or just pick up any stick that fits the length).
1. Starting position – standing, feet shoulder-width apart, holding the bodibar behind the neck on the shoulders.
2. Breathe – put your left foot on the toe, while simultaneously turning the body (along with the bodybuilder) to the right. Exhale – return to starting position.
3. Breathe – place your right foot on the toe while turning the body to the left. Exhale – return to starting position.

Make 30 turns in each direction.

5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

Cool: spin like a hoop!
Want to narrow the silhouette, tighten the abdominal muscles and “draw” the waist? Imagine that you are on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater!

A classical dance with a rotation in a half turn and with a full turn is a scroll of the whole body at the finger tips. It seems that ballerinas do these tricks easily and naturally.

But everything is not so simple … After all, to finish the rotation, you need strong abdominal muscles. Try it if you do not believe.

By the way, it was thanks to the top-model body-ballet and the Victoria’s Secret angel Dautzen Creuse who managed to regain his seductive forms in record time after giving birth.

Easier: exercise-analogue for those who are trembling at the very thought of pointe
Such movements at home are best performed on a special gymnastic mat.
1. Starting position – sitting on the floor, supported on the elbows. The legs are bent at the knees and cut off from the floor.
2. Straighten your chest and make sure your back is straight.
3. Breathe – pull your knees up to your chest, while twisting left to right. Exhale – return to starting position.

The next twist is from right to left. Keep your legs bent and motionless!

You have to work on the waist and abdominal muscles, controlling your balance, like a dancer-ballerina.

5 simple and 5 cool exercises for aspen waist

Cool: feel like a mermaid!
Water aerobics makes you work almost all the muscles in your body (including the abdominals). Do you know one of the classic movements of aqua aerobics?

Raise the left knee to the chest and bring the right elbow to it, then do the same with the right knee and left elbow. Simply? Well, well … Try to work out like this for 10 minutes at an intense pace!

Do not forget that aqua aerobics is incredibly energy-intensive, so take care of your heart and watch the water level – it should reach you maximum to the solar plexus.

Easier: exercise-analogue for those to whom the water is always “a bit cold”
If your bath is too small for aqua exercises, here is a movement that will not require you a single drop of water (except for the sweat droplets on your forehead).
1. Starting position – supine. The hands behind the head are locked in such a way that the wrists touch the ears.
2. Lift your legs so that your hips are off the floor (ideally, to achieve a vertical position over time).
3. Breathe – stretch forward, lifting your shoulders from the floor, trying to touch your right knee with your left elbow. Exhale – return to starting position. Then make a turn in the other direction to touch the left elbow with the right elbow.

Perform 3 series of 20 pull-ups in each.

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