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5 products that accelerate skin aging

5 products that accelerate skin aging

By themselves, carbohydrates are safe – for the time being. More precisely, until such time as they begin to form the basis of the diet. Potatoes, pasta, white bread, chocolate – these are products with a high glycemic index.

Splitting, they turn into sugar, which – in the good – you need to burn. If we don’t run to the gym after macaroni and a couple of cupcakes, it accumulates in the body and contributes not only to gain extra pounds, but also slows down the production of collagen (and it is he who is responsible for the “vigorous” look of our skin!)

Comment: carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the body. So do not be surprised that we eat them always and everywhere.

Just do not forget that there are simple carbohydrates, but there are complex ones. The latter are our friends.

They promote the growth of good bacteria in the intestines and, going all the way through digestion, act as a “brush”, that is, take with them unnecessary and harmful substances for the body (toxins, cholesterol, heavy metals, radionuclides, etc.). Simple carbohydrates are also not completely useless: they are necessary for elevating the mood or when you need to quickly saturate the blood with glucose (for example, athletes, especially with prolonged cardio).

But it is dangerous to abuse them: simple carbohydrates violate the correct intestinal microflora, which provokes skin problems (from single lesions to acne).

5 products that accelerate skin aging

One of the myths that dermatologists treat us with enviable persistence says that sugar is one of the worst enemies of the skin. Why?

Sweets not only have a high glycemic index, but also dramatically increase blood glucose levels. This is reflected in the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis. And, alas, not the best way – its speed is significantly reduced.

The result is a dry, loose, wrinkled skin. Therefore, it is believed that if you significantly reduce (and ideally exclude) the consumption of sugar, the skin will become more healthy, fresh, elastic and fit.

Comment: Protein glycation is the process by which protein and glucose bind, making tissues denser and less elastic. But glycation of proteins will occur only if the level of sugar in the blood exceeds the norm for at least three months.

This is only possible for those who suffer from diabetes. In healthy people, this does not occur, since an excess of glucose is transferred by insulin either to glycogen or to adipose tissue. In general, it is not very clear why bind sugar and skin aging?

Weight gain – yes, definitely. But insulin has no direct effect on collagen synthesis.

It is just that in young skin the process is very active (collagen fibers are continuously and constantly updated), and with age, the intercellular substance of the dermis is formed more slowly. Therefore, we enlist the support of cosmetics marked with anti age and, of course, hardware and surgical techniques for skin rejuvenation.

5 products that accelerate skin aging

Sugar substitute is a completely “artificial” product. It is not surprising that if you are addicted to sugar substitutes, your skin will soon begin to suffer from a lack of nutrients.

Where did she get them? In addition, it is believed that sweeteners even cause headaches.

In fact: everything is so. I would just like to add that all sugar substitutes are divided into two groups – natural and synthetic.

Natural is well-known honey, dried fruits, natural plant syrups, stevia, and others. Synthetic includes saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and sucracite.

The worst thing is that many synthetic sweeteners are really not safe for health! Sodium cyclamate, for example, should not be consumed in renal failure, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Therefore, the most “healthy” in terms of nutrition (and dermatology), the option would be to get used to the natural taste of products and the rejection of the use of sugar substitutes.

5 products that accelerate skin aging

Dull and rough, like sandpaper, skin, circles and puffiness under the eyes, bluish tint of the face – as a rule, all of these are consequences of a stormy night party. Cocktail party!

Why, after immoderate libations, is it not only difficult for us to wake up in the morning, but also scary to look at ourselves in the mirror? Alcoholic drinks healthy dehydrate our body, making the skin dry and lifeless. This, however, is not limited to its destructive effect. “Why do you think all people drink red faces?”

Alcohol has a destructive effect on blood vessels. Impaired blood circulation in the skin leads to the fact that over time it acquires a permanently pink and then a reddish tint, ”explains Australian dermatologist De Fiori.

In fact: you can’t argue with the negative impact of alcohol on the state of the body as a whole and its appearance in particular. Ethyl alcohol is a biologically active substance with a broad pharmacological spectrum of action. What does it mean?

The fact that it penetrates the brain almost unhindered and is found there in almost the same concentration as in the blood, which causes its direct influence on the central nervous system. Alcohol can have a direct damaging effect on the genetic apparatus of a cell at the molecular, gene and chromosomal levels, affecting the structure and functioning of chromosomes.

Alcohol, metabolized in the liver, releases free radicals, which are the main enemies of the youth of our skin. Alcohol abuse reduces the ability of the skin to receive and absorb the necessary nutrients.

In the end, it is rather caloric: 1 gram of ethyl alcohol contains 7 kcal (and 130 kcal in one portion of martini). There are enough arguments to adhere to the “less and better” rule, isn’t it?

5 products that accelerate skin aging

Spicy food accelerates blood and speeds up metabolism. But at the same time, it increases sweating and has a destructive effect on the vessels, expanding them.

The vascular reticulum and the scattering of stars as minimal, reddish, as if sun-scorched skin – the maximum price that sooner or later will have to be paid to the little ones.

In fact: with spices it is really better to be moderate and careful – they are contraindicated for people with inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, because they irritate the mucous membrane. But as for their harm to our appearance, there can not be so categorical, because many spices on the contrary contain powerful antioxidants that prevent aging (red pepper, cloves, ground cinnamon, turmeric, oregano, cumin, basil).

In this case, one of the wisest life postulates works: everything is good in moderation.

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