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5 performances of the Golden Mask children’s weekend

Spectators will be able to appreciate the new directions of modern theater: “a wise performance” for children, a combination of opera and new technologies on the stage, a naive, based on personal impression, approach for the little ones. In addition to the performances, the organizers prepared excursions and workshops for children, which will allow young viewers to better understand and feel the theater.

Here are performances for children up to 6 years.

5 performances of the Golden Mask children's weekend

Treasures of the Forest Elves in the Mossovet Theater

St. B. Sadovaya, 16, Moscow
Age category 3+

Treasures of the Forest Elves is a fantasy performance based on fabulous poems by Finnish writer Reetta Niemel. During the performance, an ordinary city apartment, where a typical family without children lives, the only entertainment of which is the Ikea store catalog, turns into a magical Scandinavian forest: from nowhere, forest elves are taken to the kitchen.

The tale breaks into real space, transforming it beyond recognition: Brave Gull, Pop Cat, Moon Gourd, Drink from Merikarvii, Aunt Tucha, Honey Bear and Frost Trolls inhabit a huge, unpredictable and at the same time friendly world.
The director caught a childish approach to storytelling. So the hero of a fairy tale can be any thing that comes into view: an old rusty bicycle, and a neighboring yard dog, or even just silence. Fantasy fills random things with important meaning and binds them into a fancy ornament. “There is absolutely no logic in these tales, but it seems to me that there is magic in them, a miracle.

That’s why I loved them, ”says director Boris Pavlovich.

Theater performance “On Spasskaya”, Kirov
Director: Boris Pavlovich
Artist: Katerina Andreeva
Duration 50 min.

5 performances of the Golden Mask children's weekend

“Tales from my mother’s bag” in the theater and club “Workshop”

Theater Avenue, 3 Building 3, Moscow
Age category 2+

“Tales from my mother’s bag” is a fairy-tale game where, in the eyes of young viewers, the artists of the desktop theater create from the most ordinary things a great and fascinating story about the hedgehog Fedor and his parents. Who do you think will appear in the form of hedgehogs? Comb brushes!

Clothespins on the line will be Christmas trees, MacBook – a house, a scarf – river and sea, rice – rain … So the world of simple objects turns into a fairy tale. What child sits on the spot, does not try to touch the game and interfere with the process?

The performance of the theater and the club “Masterskaya” and the theater “Vkusa”, Moscow
Director Marfa Gorvits-Nazarova
Artist Alexander Lovyannikova
Duration 50 min.

5 performances of the Golden Mask children's weekend

“Tales of the heavenly cow” in the theater “Workshop PN Fomenko “, the old scene

Kutuzov Avenue, 30/32, Moscow
Age category 0+

“Tales of the celestial cow” is a musical fantasy game for the little ones. Children come to visit the Heavenly Cow and the shepherd, who skillfully played a rare musical instrument – the wheel lyre. Since all the action takes place on the clouds, the heroes will be cloudy, unusual.

The performance will acquaint the little ones with natural phenomena: sunrise and sunset, the movement of the moon, the appearance of stars in the sky, rain, a rainbow; shows the connection between them: the rain has passed – the flowers have risen, and will help to understand the concept of time, for example, the change of day and night.
It’s hard for the kids to sit still for a long time, so the heroes of the performance communicate with them, involving them in action: they offer to blow and disperse clouds, call animals, wake the Heavenly Cow with a loud cry or play hide and seek. The performance teaches to find the amazing nearby, and beauty in ordinary phenomena.

Performance of puppet theater, Yekaterinburg
Directors: Evgeny Sivko, Pavel Ovsyannikov
Artist: Andrey Melentyev
Duration 45 min.

5 performances of the Golden Mask children's weekend

“Little feelings” in the center of Meyerhold

Ul.Novoslobodskaya, d.23, Moscow
Age category 3+

“Little Feelings” is a “fairy tale”, a play for the youngest. The occasion becomes the usual morning of the child: after all, for him to wash, get dressed, have breakfast and get ready for kindergarten is already a great event requiring incredible physical and emotional efforts.

Each new day brings new experiences and discoveries.
In the play there are no words and literal plot, it is created from observations and fantasies. And what if you stay at home alone?

Then you can without adults go on an imaginary air trip in the company of a fearless friend – a teddy bear.
The director managed to show not only moments of cloudless children’s happiness, but also moments of bitterness, protest – all that makes up the bright emotional life of a little man who easily “goes” to distant countries, but with such difficulty accepts the order of the adult world in simple ones it seems things. And if a hero has such an experience, does it mean that in fact his feelings are not that small?

The performance of the theater for children and youth “Small”, Veliky Novgorod
Director: Nadezhda Alekseeva
Artist: Igor Semenov
Duration 50 min.

5 performances of the Golden Mask children's weekend

“Bremen Town Musicians” in the Theater of Nations

Petrovsky per., 3, Moscow
Age category 6+

“The Bremen Town Musicians” is a musical performance based on the play by Y. Entin and V. Livanov, based on the eponymous tale by the Brothers Grimm. A cheerful young man Troubadour and his friends Cat, Dog, Cock and Donkey with songs and jokes go around the world in search of happiness and give performances in cities that are welcomed by the people.

Heroes all the time on the road, then flooded with sunlight, then plunged into darkness, but always with adventures ahead. “The Bremen Town Musicians” is a light, sometimes funny, sometimes slightly sad performance.

Performance of the Teremok Puppet Theater, Saratov
Director: Gennady Shugurov
Artist: Alexander Echein
Duration 1 h. 20 min.

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