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5 “NO” for a healthy baby food


Yummy! And useful?

We live in an age of plenty of food. Never before has food been so affordable and … so artificial. On television, smiling people talk about a “healthy breakfast” for children in the form of bars or cereal.

The fact that pasteurized juices contain many vitamins, and yogurts strengthen the bones and teeth of a growing organism. But not a word is said about sugar, artificial additives and flavor enhancers added to all these products, which are harmful to health and form food addiction.

And even the inscriptions on the products: “for children” do not guarantee at all that this food is healthy, while lunting the vigilance of parents.

You are what you eat!

The way of life of modern children is different from what it was 10 years ago. The story about the fact that “we somehow grew up” may not work.

We have not grown since birth in the wi-fi zone and cell phones, ice cream did not have a shelf life of 3 years before, and fast food was not so affordable. Moms and dads need to remember: the basis of eating behavior is laid in the family. A well-feeling baby is less capricious, active and inquisitive.

And with the help of properly organized nutrition, this state can be controlled. The more in the diet of the lungs for the assimilation of useful products, and the more the child moves, the healthier he will be.

Parents can help their child avoid the formation of bad habits and food addiction.

So, what does it say to say “NO” on the way to healthy eating your baby?

“NO” industrial baking!

In addition to refined flour, sugar and chemical additives, it contains trans fats that inhibit immunity.

What to do? Replace industrial buns with homemade cakes.

For example, prepare a triple portion of your favorite homemade cookies and freeze. Baking is beautifully stored in the freezer for several months without loss of taste.

Thus, there is no need to often stand at the stove and buy food every time in the store.

The task of the parents is to offer the child high-quality food, and the baby’s appetite will tell you how much to eat. When force-feeding is lost a reasonable mechanism for regulating saturation and the habit of eating a lot is formed. In addition, parental anxiety will develop a fear in the child that, not having finished it, it will cause itself substantial harm.

So there will be a fear of the appearance of even a slight hunger, and eating in reserve will become a habit. And then there will be only one step until the appearance of the overeating pattern, which will lead to excess weight at an older age.

What to do? If the child refuses to finish his portion, do not insist.

Adults seize stress, suffer from craving for sweets, including the fact that the edible prize food stereotype is firmly rooted in consciousness since childhood. And buying himself another cake, a person experiences at the subconscious level physical and emotional pleasure, which he experienced when he was small.

Sweet as a reward for eaten up soup or obedient behavior forms an unhealthy attitude towards food and leads to future dependence on it.

What to do? Do not cultivate food, do not encourage or punish food.

Treat the child not as a reward for something, but just like that.

“NO” blind faith advertising!

Here, for example, is an advertisement for baby cookies, whose manufacturers promise absolute benefits from it to children, thanks to vitamins and minerals in the composition. And what else in the composition?

We read: wheat flour, whole grain wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, cocoa powder, dextrose, leavening agents (baking soda, ammonium carbonate), salt, emulsifier (soy lecithin), vitamin-mineral complex. The main ingredients are listed first and the rest in descending order.

Advertising promises vitamins and minerals, but they are in last place, that is, their share is small. Cookies with such a composition will not benefit the child, which means you should not buy such products.

What to do? Be sure to read the labels and do it correctly.

“NO” to pasteurized juices!

Industrial processing kills enzymes and vitamins in juices. Scientists have proven that most vitamins and minerals are destroyed when heated above 42 ° C.

While pasteurization is carried out at 80 ° C and above. Therefore, the benefits of such drinks no more than soda.

What to do? Teach your child to clean drinking water and natural fruit.

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