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5 home exercises that can harm us

5 home exercises that can harm us

How to do wrong. Bend over, rounding your back and holding her in that position. A person turns out to be slouching both in the back and in the thoracic region.

Doing this exercise in such a way threatens to provoke the occurrence of back pain and aggravation of all degenerative processes in the spine: protrusions, hernias, osteochondrosis. And the use of weight (in the arms, on the shoulders) will further aggravate the situation.

5 home exercises that can harm us

How to do it right. Feet put on the width of the pelvis or shoulders. Bending forward, bend your knees slightly and, keeping your back as flat as a table, can bend down. Hands while you can rest on the hips or knees.

In this case, neither the loins nor the thoracic region should in any case be rounded.

How to do wrong. Moving shoulders and shoulder blades towards the head, pull up, first lifting shoulders and shoulder blades, and then pulling up the whole body. In addition, at the time of tightening can not bend in the lumbar and rotate the pelvis.

All this threatens to worsen the work of the shoulder joints, as well as the work of the spine in the case of a strong deflection in the lower back.

5 home exercises that can harm us

How to do it right. The arms should be positioned slightly wider than the width of the shoulders (approximately at the distance of the palm). When tightening the shoulder blades should move down to the waist, and then, bending your elbows, stretch your chest to the crossbar, without bending to the lower back.

Movement is performed only by the arms and back.

How to do wrong. Raise your arms with dumbbells up from a position at shoulder level. Exercise is quite traumatic, because people usually do not keep their backs even (especially if they do not initially have an equal posture).

In this case, the shoulder joints are damaged. For women, in order to worsen their work, dumbbell weights from 3 kg in both hands are enough, for men – from 6 kg.

5 home exercises that can harm us

How to do it right. This exercise is from the category of those who are better not to perform at all. It can be replaced by another, similar.

With proper exercise, arms are weighted apart and raised to 80-90 degrees, almost to a right angle. They are fixed and then slowly descend.

But even this exercise, like all exercises with a load, can only be used by people who are already physically prepared enough. Beginners should not do it.

How to do wrong. All splits change the work of the lumbar spine, that is, they act on it negatively and do not necessarily increase flexibility. Twine, made with the deflection of the lower back – that is how they are done by unprepared people – worsen the work of the spine.

Alone at home they are also better not to do.

How to do it right. Twine can be replaced by semi-twine. In this case, one leg is pulled forward, the second remains bent.

Exercise can be performed standing, sitting or lying down.

How to do wrong. When performing this exercise, the work of the lumbar spine deteriorates. Nobody should do it at all.

5 home exercises that can harm us

How to do it right. The correct exercise to strengthen the press is that the legs are placed on a ball or on a low sofa so that the shin is lying on it. Then perform the twisting on the upper part of the press.

That is, the hands at this moment are behind the head, and the upper part of the body rises above the floor, turning to the sides. Press in this position of the body works more efficiently, and does not include the muscles that overload the lower back.

  • The success of the training is not even in their duration and intensity, but in regularity. The body will gradually get used to the loads, and you will feel when they can be increased.
  • Breathing during exercise should be deep, without holding your breath, better with your nose. Right with the greatest muscular tension, exhale, when returning to the starting position – inhale.
  • Drinking water (simple, without gas, not cold, in small sips) with stretching, twisting and other flexibility exercises is better after training. During training, water is drunk in small sips under power loads in combination with dynamic heating.

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