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5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

After the 15th week of pregnancy, the woman becomes nervous, irritable, easily controversial. Try not to pay attention to this and remember that a pregnant woman should not be criticized, angry and offended.

A man is not obliged to indulge his pregnant wife in everything, but he must let her know that she is needed and he continues to take care of her.

Often quarrels can arise over trifles. It’s just that a future mother, especially when she is already on maternity leave, may lack communication, it may seem to her that the husband is indifferent to both her and the unborn child.

This is expressed in constant complaints: the husband didn’t do it wrong, he was too slow, didn’t look that way and didn’t say it, came home too late and watches his football again instead of walking with her before going to bed.

Take time to sit together and talk about what the doctor said, inquire about the wife’s well-being and the future baby’s well-being, ask how the little tot pushes in the tummy what the wife feels at that, inquire about plans for the evening and next weekend, etc.

Give your guesses why your significant other today is upset, ask leading questions. For example: “Do you want me to come early and not linger at work?

Do you want me to talk to you more often? Do you want us to go to the museum, to exhibitions, to the theater more often? ”

5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

Such a state is considered a natural adaptation of the organism to a new position and a change in the hormonal background. A similar problem can occur at any time of the day and usually lasts until the 12th to 13th week of carrying a baby.

To help your wife cope with discomfort, you can even before she gets out of bed, bring something to eat – for example, crackers, toast, rice cakes. Try to make sure that the apartment does not have strong smells, strong noise – this can also provoke discomfort and cause discomfort.

With a nausea attack, fresh ginger root, which is eaten or crumbled into tea, will help to cope. You can also offer your favorite suck a slice of lemon.

It should be noted that the increased sensitivity to odors can trigger an attack of nausea during cooking. Try to take the cooking process in your own hands, not removing the whole wife from the traditional troubles.

In short, let the spouse direct the process from the room, periodically consult with her, but boiling-frying, cutting and cutting ingredients should become the prerogative of her husband.

5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

Yes, a pregnant woman is afraid to become unattractive for her husband, to get better, to spoil the figure. And she is afraid of uncertainty, responsibility, future changes in the usual way of life.

As for the first, never underline the fact that the expectant mother is gaining weight. Just say that she is now more than ever beautiful and attractive, without specifying why. Never laugh at the expanding belly, no epithets like “fatty, pampushechka.”

Instead, as often as you can, say how beautiful her tummy is, how it goes to her and how much you want to photograph her.

As for the second, let me know that you share her concerns. And calm: together you can overcome any difficulties.

Let us feel that with you without fear you can literally talk about everything, about any fears.

5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

The female body during pregnancy produces a huge amount of sex hormones, because a pregnant woman always wants to caress. But not necessarily intimate.

As for intimate relationships, then the desires of a man and a woman can be diametrically opposed. The hardest thing for men is in the first trimester. Because of the changes occurring in the future mother’s body, she often feels ill at ease, which is why even the thought of sex can terrify her.

Well, the husband needs to pull himself together and endure how the camel suffers thirst. It will take a little time and in the second trimester the desire for sex will return.

Since hormones can cause irritability, you must be especially careful and try to give your wife as much pleasure as possible. Even if the doctors have banned intimate relationships or the wife is not currently in a position to them, do not give up physical contacts. Stroking, kissing, light erotic massage can also become a form of manifestation of your love.

By the way, just before birth, doctors may, on the contrary, recommend more frequent intimate relationships. The fact is that during an orgasm in the woman’s body, the hormone oxytocin is produced, which accelerates the maturation of the uterus and stimulates the opening of its cervix.

So why not take advantage of this and not give pleasure to yourself and your wife?

5 facts that a pregnant husband must know

The food that you both liked, can now cause his wife to disgust. And vice versa – those products that are suddenly pulled his wife, can cause rejection of her husband.

Nothing wrong. You can cook separately – for yourself and for the expectant mother and try not to eat in front of his wife.

Establish a morning ritual: first you wake up, make breakfast, eat, then give your favorite snack to bed, after which she finally wakes up and eats what the soul is about.

The situation is more complicated with the so-called taste perversions – literally “perversions” of taste, which are manifested in the fact that a pregnant woman may feel like eating something that is not intended for food. For example, charcoal, tooth powder, plaster or something else. As a rule, the problem is solved by buying the right multivitamin and adjusting the menu.

But what to do if a pregnant wife begins to feel sick from certain items or clothing? Probably, the problem can be solved only by physically eliminating the irritant in the closet during the entire pregnancy.

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