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5 domestic comedies for family viewing

director Tatyana Lukashevich, script of actress Rina Zelena and children’s writer Agnes Barto.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

Leaving on business, mother asks to look after the five-year-old Natasha of her elder brother Yura. The boy, busy with his pioneering assignment, does not notice how the nimble little sister leaves the apartment. The restless Natasha goes to kindergarten, but while the manager calls the police, she leaves from there.

Then the baby gets into a communal apartment where a bachelor geologist and an elderly lady live. While the geologist is arguing with a neighbor about the methods of education, the girl goes away again and gets to the married couple – Lala and Mule.

Here is such a bun, only in the Soviet way.

By the way, the phrase Lyali, played by the brilliant Faina Ranevskaya, “Mule, do not make me nervous!” Has turned into a business card of the actress. And in the film are young Rina Green and Rostislav Plyatt.

Naive, but very funny and kind movie.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

What else is it good for are the views of old Moscow. In it you can see the panorama of Chistye Prudy, Tverskaya Street (then Gorky Street), the beginning of Leninsky Avenue, the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (then VSHV) and Mira Avenue, Manezhnaya Square.

And you can admire the old cars, trolley buses, trams and buses.

director Elem Klimov, scriptwriters Semyon Lungin and Ilya Nusinov. Starring Victor Kosykh (Danka from the “elusive avengers”), Evgeny Evstigneev, Nina Shatskaya.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

In the film, in all its glory, the pioneering reality of reality unfolds before us with its silly jokes, ridiculous problems, adult reinsurance and touching children’s friendship, when the notorious hooligan is almost ready to wear and cover it to the last.

Young hooligan Kostya Inochkin (Viktor Kosykh) swam across the river in the wrong place and found himself on a forbidden territory. For this, the head of the Dynin camp (Yevgeny Evstigneev) expels the boy from the camp, because, looking at Kostya, other children can also break the rules and start climbing to restricted areas. The camp manager of the pioneer camp takes Kostya to the railway station and leaves there, firmly believing that the boy will board the train.

But as soon as Kostya presented his grandmother’s reaction to his unexpected return, he secretly returned to the camp. By the way, the scene, which is played out in the boy’s imagination, at one time caused the spectators Homeric laughter.

Yes, grandmother dies with the words: “You will drive me into a coffin!”, And a giant crowd condemns Kostya for what he did to the old woman. Comrades until the last will hide Kostya, carry him food from the dining room, and many ridiculous and comical situations are connected with this.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

This fine kind film is literally punctuated with specific wits and “pioneer camp” humor. To several generations of Soviet pioneers there is something to remember, and at the same time to check, the jokes of their childhood are understandable to modern preschoolers and schoolchildren.

For the last, however, you can not worry: something, but the specific kindergarten or school humor has not gone away and even thrives. And, of course, both adults and children will enjoy the brilliant and very sincere play of actors.

director Vladimir Alenikov, scriptwriters Vladimir Alenikov and Valentin Gorlov.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

The film was a continuation of the film “The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, ordinary and incredible.” This musical comedy, in which a lot of music and dance, about two inseparable friends – Vasya Petrov and Petya Vasechkina. The plot is full of funny situations, the boys now and then fall into ridiculous alterations and only do what they get out of them.

Again summer, again pioneer camp and two restless and very sincere little boys who are not taken for those who they really are. The analogies with Gogol’s “Auditor” are more than transparent and suggest themselves.

The boys do not expect anything good from the pioneer camp and already consider the holidays in advance as spoiled. But in the camp, friends suddenly notice that they are surrounded by some strange attention from the other guys.

The fact is that shortly before the arrival of Petit and Vasya it becomes known: the camp must be a hooligan named Gus. And pioneers should re-educate this hooligan. Needless to say that all of their educational fervor is directed at two suspicious newcomers?

And Vasechkin, who has a gift for finding adventure on all parts of his body, took advantage of the situation to have fun. What would have ended this entertainment is unknown, but Masha Startseva – a girl with bottomless eyes, directs the energy of boys in the right direction.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

The film is perceived easily, there is a lot of funny confusion, a lot of fun music and songs. Adults have something to remember about their childhood, children – to listen and hear something new about the childhood of their moms and dads.

director Vladimir Khramov, scriptwriter Victor Dragunsky. Cast: Marianna Vertinskaya, Valentin Smirnitsky, Spartak Mishulin, Yuri Nikulin.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

The tape “Deniskins stories” includes 4 episodes based on the stories “School holiday”, “Healthy thought”, “Grandmaster’s hat” and “Twenty years under the bed”. Deniska is played by Mikhail Men (the former governor of the Ivanovo region, Ph.D.), his mother is Marianna Vertinskaya, the father is Valentin Smirnitsky, in occasional roles of the host of the school holiday and neighbor is Spartak Mishulin and Yuri Nikulin.

Already from one acting ensemble you can get pleasure. And how many sincere laughter will cause funny and amazing stories that happened to little Deniska Korablev, his parents and friends!

In the first episode of Denis, having neither a hearing nor a voice, at a school holiday, together with his friend Mishka, satirical chastooshts are called to sing. Together they managed to sing only one verse, then Mishka completely forgot the words, and he was dragged behind the scenes, shouting encouragingly to Denis: “Denis, sing one, don’t let me down!” And Denis did not let him down: if not all the spectators chanted in unison, he, like the clockwork, repeated everything and repeated the first verse. Funny to colic!

And how he looked for his apartment in the same houses and the same entrances! After 5 years, the same situation will cause misunderstandings on the “adult” level in the film “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

An excellent film for sharing family viewing and sharing impressions about the Soviet past. Only here next to you will sit the same fidget and wind everything seen and heard on the mustache, which means try on the “cinematic” experience of communication with adults and peers.

Which, however, is not so bad.

director Karen Hovhannisyan, scriptwriters Oleg Sirotkin, David Galustyan, Sergey Levitan, Artem Soloviev, Karen Arutyunov. Starring Mikhail Galustyan (humorist, showman, former KVN member).

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

The animator in the panda costume Misha is a loser in life, because by the age of 30 he has neither work nor family, but he has debts above the roof, which is why he has to hide from his creditors. The only thing he knows how to entertain children in a panda costume.

So when he is invited to work on the birthday of the son of the oligarch Artem, Misha is happy to grab the offer. And who could have known that this meeting would literally be the beginning of big adventures?

Artem is far from being a simple boy. Well, yes, the son of an oligarch, but not developed according to his age, a child who is not interested in either fancy computer gadgets or ordinary toys.

He knows what he wants. Yes, the boy has one cherished dream, for which he has to go on a journey through the whole country together with his adult friend. Artem even bought a ticket and collected the suitcase with his belongings, it’s only for his partner.

And with such a pragmatic child, an accompanying adult klutz becomes, as naive as a child, and who believes in a happy accident. Joint adventures bring together two such different people.

By the way, the intrigue remains until the end of the film: what the boy dreamed about, the audience will know only at the very end of the picture.

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

5 domestic comedies for family viewing

A good, funny film at the same time unobtrusively speaks about family values ​​and what happens when working parents completely forget about their work for what and for whom they earn money so zealously for their work. Adults have something to think about, children – over what to laugh heartily.

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