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5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Most recently, the public was shocked by the news of a 5-year-old girl who died as a result of an attack from a kennel dog. Many were especially impressed by the fact that earlier this and other dogs of the kennel did not just communicate with children, but even participated in the program of animal therapy (rehabilitation of sick children through communication and interaction with animals) and just recently returned from a tour of animal therapy in boarding schools of the Kostroma region.

This story makes you think that a dog is, after all, first of all an animal, and then “a friend of a man” and everything else. It will never be a completely safe “toy” for a child.

According to statistics, every third family in Russia keeps a pet. Many young parents believe that babies are better to grow and develop in the environment of a pet.

In many ways, they are absolutely right. After all, animals are for children not only loyal friends, but also excellent teachers. They will gladly teach the crumbs of responsibility, delicacy and benevolence.

According to dog handlers, 2–3 years is the most optimal age for a child to introduce to him a new family member – a dog. Nevertheless, there are cases of misunderstanding of the baby and the animal. And as a result – bitten children and fear of animals for many years.

To prevent such a development of events, learn to understand the behavior of your pet and show your child how to get along with the dog.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Fact. Indeed, some breeds of dogs – such as collie, German shepherd, golden retriever, labrador – are famous for their friendliness and good attitude to children. But do not forget that the dog – is primarily an animal.

She may bite unexpectedly, even if this has not happened before.

Remember: the child should always play with the dog under the supervision of adults. A kid may accidentally step on a dog’s paw or pull its tail, which may cause it to bite: the animal’s natural reaction to pain is triggered.

Small children do not understand that they are invading the personal space of the animal. Before allowing the child to play with the pet, the baby should be taught how to properly handle the dog. Do not stroke the dog on the head: often it causes fear in her.

First you need to give the dog a sniff of the hand, then slowly and gently move it to the neck and body. In order to avoid disastrous consequences, always be present at the games of your pet and baby.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Fact. There are times when the dog needs to relax and be alone.

It is very important to control communication between the child and the pet.

Try to make it bring both pleasant emotions to both. Teach the child not to stick to the dog when she sleeps or eats.

At such moments, she may try to bite or snarl, thereby scaring the baby.

The fear caused by the dog may later develop into a serious phobia in the child, which will be hard to get rid of. Try to avoid this situation. Explain to the baby that he, too, would not like it if someone suddenly woke him up.

It is also worth bringing to the smallest that dogs, unlike people, do not like to eat in public and it is better not to interfere with eating during meals. In order for the child to understand that the animal needs its own space, ask him to help you arrange a special place for the dog where he can rest easy. For the baby to personally make a box for your favorite four-legged friend will be a responsible task.

Then set a clear rule: from now on this place is only for a dog.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Fact. Our four-legged friends, especially those who are not used to small children, may be frightened by their too loud voices, loud cries, harsh and chaotic movements.

When a small child appears in the house where the dog lives, give them time to get used to each other. Often, when the dog approaches the baby, he tries to move away and run away.

Although it is quite a natural manifestation of curiosity when the pet tries to sniff or lick the crumbs. Praise, stroke and give treat to your pet if he behaves calmly and friendly with the child.

When the dog is next to the baby, make sure that he sharply misses her hair and does not pull the tail or ears.

Explain to the baby that the dog hurts and he can cry. It is important from the very first acquaintance to teach a child to be gentle and affectionate with a pet.

Take the baby’s pen and show how to iron the animal correctly. If the child is still afraid to approach the dog, do not force him to communicate with it.

In no case do not impose a society of children to your pet. Otherwise, you can completely ruin their relationship, and your contact with the four-legged pet may be cracked.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Fact. Sometimes, wagging its tail, the dog tries to express its discontent.

If the body of the dog “goes shaking”, the tongue will stick out and it turns around you, this is a manifestation of joy. But if her mouth is closed and her body is strained, it is worth staying away.

Thus, the dog shows that he is clearly not in the mood to play with the baby. The best way to find out what mood your pet is in is to call it. If the child called the dog, and she wants attention, he will certainly come running.

If the dog has not approached, it is better to leave it alone for a while.

Rules of behavior with other dogs

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences of communication between a dog and a baby, be sure to teach your child to observe the following rules of behavior with unfamiliar animals:

  1. You can not touch the dog without asking permission from its owner.
  2. You can not run up to the dog. It is necessary to approach slowly from the front or from the side, in any case not from the back.
  3. You should always let your dog sniff before touching it.
  4. It is impossible to stroke the dog on the head (this is the prerogative of the owner), it is better to stroke the back.
  5. If an unfamiliar dog approaches the child, he should stand calmly. The main thing is not to run – it can provoke an animal to chase after it.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

Fact. Even if the dog tolerates being dressed, it can get scared or feel uncomfortable, and as a result, bite to get free.
If you allow playing these games with dressing up, then try to use unobtrusive wardrobe items in order not to disturb the animal too much. Harmless bandana is quite suitable. Be alert and watch the signs your pet gives.

If the dog tries to break free and take off his clothes, tell the child to let him go. Explain to the child that the dog did not like this game, and offer to come up with another one. Play, for example, in the hairdresser: gently comb your pet wool.

Keep in mind that a ball game that is banal at first glance is more suitable for trained animals that are able to gently give the ball to the baby in order not to injure the crumbs.

It is quite natural that raising animals, like children, requires a lot of time and effort. To begin with, the owner himself should master the basics of dressure.

Professional dog breeders will help him in this.

If the dog lives in a family where there are children, it must be trained. After all, it is much easier to teach a kid to communicate with well-bred and calm animals.

Of course, it is better if the dog is trained with an experienced dog handler, but you can teach him some commands yourself. In addition to the generally accepted: “Sit!”, “Lie down!”, “To me!”, The dog must perform the following commands:

  • This command is given to the dog when you feel like it’s time to finish the game.

How to teach? Put her litter in some quiet, secluded corner. Put the bait there and tell the dog: “Place!”.

Explain to the children that when the dog is “in place,” you cannot pester it.

  • Thanks to this command, you can control that the dog did not pick up food from the floor and did not take children’s toys.

How to teach? Put the dog on a leash, put the dog food on the floor and say: “Ugh”. At that moment, when the dog stops trying to get a treat, call it and give it a more tasty treat (a piece of cheese or chicken).

Do not forget to praise your pet.

  • Agree, it is very annoying when you are holding a child, and the dog constantly jumps, turns around and tries to crawl on you with its paws. Teach the dog to perform the command “You can not.”

How to teach? Do not push or push the dog. Instead, turn your back so that she can not lean on you and fell on all four paws.

After that, bend over and stroke it. To achieve results and achieve dog obedience, try again several times.

  • This command will help when you are going for a walk and the dog is too excited. Put her on a leash, open the door and say: “Wait.” As soon as she calms down, praise her and only after that let her go outside.

5 dangerous misconceptions about the friendship of a child and a dog

With proper upbringing by an adult, a dog of almost any breed can get along well in a family with a child. In this case, do not forget that, acquiring an animal, you take on a huge responsibility.

Before deciding to take this step, discuss the pros and cons of the family council. After all, not only you, but your future pet should be comfortable in your home.

Always remember the irrefutable truth: “We are responsible for those who have tamed.” Parents need to set a good example for children, showing how to properly care, play and feed a four-legged family member.

In turn, the dog will not remain in debt and will help you grow a humane and noble person.

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