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4 differences of children’s memory from an adult

4 differences of children's memory from an adult

When we count on the good behavior of the child, we completely lose sight of the fact that children are organized in unexpected ways. We demand awareness, common sense and endurance.

We give some arguments, persist, and get a dubious result: the guy still taps his grandmother’s set on the battery. Know the features of the processes occurring inside the incomprehensible creature that runs around the apartment in your shoes – this is what will help to preserve your health and even a good mood on the ill-fated matinee.

Of course, we need memory not only to clearly know exactly where we hit the keys. Memory helps us to accumulate experience, to recognize various situations, to link individual signs into a clear picture and to foresee events based on initial signals.

Say, guess the sound of the voice of a traffic police officer that he does not carry the world, but a penalty for improper parking.

Memory can be of two types: short-term (you quickly reproduced a one-time five-digit pin-code, but after five minutes nothing could make you remember this set of numbers) and long-term (it includes a lot of important information starting with unconscious about motor skills and ending with strings from Tatyana’s letter to Onegin, which you taught at school and can still be recited if need be). That is, for the formation of short-term memory, you need to glance once over the article in the journal, for long-term, you will have to torment your close people many times with the free interpretation of Pushkin or the loss of the Dog Waltz.

When it comes to mental abilities, which includes memory, we can not miss the fact that the human brain also grows strongly after birth. If the chimpanzee size of the brain after birth increases 1.6 times, then in humans the gray matter grows 4 times! Long childhood and three years on maternity leave are given us for a reason.

Probably, just with rapid growth you can explain the strange work of your beloved curly head.

Features of the children’s memory:

1. In children under three years of age, emotional memories are formed.

No one remembers what happened to them at the age of 6 months. It is quite difficult to reproduce the words of the nanny who fed you in the manger with semolina in your 2 years. And in general, we know events up to the three-year milestone only from photographs and the words of my mother, who for some reason begins to tell at the guests how you once described in the bus.

However, this does not give us the opportunity to leave the education of children at the discretion of fate. It turns out that their unconscious emotions are imprinted in the brain and even affect the whole subsequent life.

Up to three years, we do not remember that stupid story on the bus, because until that time the hippocampus (this is the part of the brain that is involved in the formation of long-term memory) has not yet matured. Scientists believe that emotional memories can be stored in the amygdala, which is already in full swing in newborns. Genes of well-fed rat pups work differently than the genes of their identical twins, who are cared for worse, so changes occur in the brain of prosperous rats that lead to a decrease in anxiety. The results of the study of the brain cells of adult suicides who became victims of child abuse in childhood suggest that such phenomena are also characteristic of people, ”writes scientific journalist Rita Carter in her book How the Brain Works.

On how we communicate with the baby the first years of our acquaintance, no less than his well-being in adulthood depends. Suppose a person does not postpone in his head, as he once was offended by the rattle, but what he will surely remember is your sensitive treatment with him, a benevolent intonation and a general pleasant impression from the surrounding world.

2. The memory of the child is connected with his physicality.

If an adult can soar in some abstractions for a long time and not pay attention to the wet sock, then the children – on the contrary – are terribly bodily creatures. They crawl the world, crawl under the table, they try all sorts of rubbish (cute, spit up shoe cream rather!), Grab the frogs and other puddles with their hands, pinch and bite their friends in the sandbox, climb on your neck and cling to your hair.

The main breakthrough in the comprehension of his body falls on the age of 3-5 years. It is then that the main motor skills characteristic of a person, including flip-flops, which later will be useful for lower break-dance, are formed.

What is not obvious to the parent is that the mental abilities of children are strongly interrelated with their physicality, sensations in space, physics and sensation. Sensory integration specialists solve the complexities of mental development with the help of baths with beans, weighted blankets, cocoon chairs and swings, and it really works.

There are studies that show a strong relationship between mastering one’s body and developing a child’s memory. So if it is important to you that the kid memorizes valuable information, tie it with his motor skills, coordination or sense of rhythm. Children learn what they live in the body.

4 differences of children's memory from an adult

3. In children, information is quickly erased from memory.

Do you really not remember how you solved this problem with your grandfather at the dacha last summer? – yes, he really forgot. It is more difficult for children to keep in memory events that were not colored by vivid emotional experiences, and, surprisingly, the task is not one of those things that he will recall with nostalgia for many years.

So that you are not surprised by the child’s forgetfulness, the Japanese-Canadian group of neuroscientists published the results of their research. True, experiments were carried out on mice and not on children, but scientists were able to prove that the active growth of neurons stimulates forgetting. Neurons, of course, grow more quickly in young individuals, it does not matter with the tail of this individual or with sandals.

For the growth has to pay the loss of memory.

In the experiments, very young mice were compared with adult rodents. And those and others have formed a reaction of fear (it is better not even to find out how), and then scientists are left to observe how it is erased.

Adult mice remembered the danger for the next month, and the young ones completely forgot about it after two weeks.

Parenting this knowledge will help reassure themselves at every opportunity: Aha, the child again forgot the shift! Well, it means that his neurons are actively growing! In addition, keep in mind that strong shocks and mice, and people do not forget, whatever happened to their neurons.

In order for the child to digest the information, help him to connect it with the emotional side of life: let the fact bring joy or excitement.

4. Children’s memory works with a delay.

If we just left the performance, we well remember what happened there, but after a week, the details will disappear from memory. The child has the picture turned upside down: it will be better to remember the today’s event only after a few days. Scientists from Ohio State University talk about this.

Researchers played a game with children of 4-5 years old, where they needed to understand how different objects are interconnected. Psychologists were able to observe a remarkable effect: the information that the children did not remember well when they repeated on the first day miraculously resurrected in their heads a few days later.

So if you are disappointed to find that the child has left the theater and no longer knows who sang Chanterelle aria, then there are two options: either he will remember this in a couple of days and you will be happy to discuss the performance, or you would take him to the modern staging for adult theatergoers, and he slept well there.

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