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3 typical situations of “uncomfortable” behavior of the child in the car

3 typical situations of

As soon as you approach the car – the crumb hits tears, and in the cabin of his hysteria only intensifies. And the same baby can play calmly with cars and be interested in real machines, but only outside. Why it happens?

Often the child is afraid to get into the car for the first time. This may be due to the fear of a closed space. Watch how he behaves in the elevator?

And perhaps with his trips are not very pleasant associations, for example, an accident or a trip to an emergency room. Another option that becomes particularly relevant in the autumn-winter period is the fear of darkness.

So what to do?

  • “Teach” the child to the car seat ahead of time: put it at home, let the baby examine a new subject, sit in the chair. So it will be easier for him to understand his purpose and it is easier to get used to the need to sit in it while he is moving.
  • Introduce the baby and the car: open the doors, put the car behind the wheel, let the buttons on the dashboard press or horn the horn. Act gradually: first get into the car with the baby, turn on soft, pleasant music and talk. Tell that you, too, once “were afraid” of the car, but then it passed.
  • Carry out a general cleaning: remove all fragrances (sharp, unusual smells can cause discomfort to the baby), extra items from the dashboard and from the windows (swaying, they can scare the little one).
  • Place your face in the direction of the car seat and use a special round mirror (in addition to the rear-view mirror) to observe the baby: this way you can always “meet” your eyes. Eye contact is very soothing!
  • Fight with motion sickness if your child is susceptible to them: train the vestibular apparatus (at home, circle it in your arms, fool around, roll it from side to side, swing on a swing). Reserve in advance the means that will help alleviate the discomfort on the road: mint or ginger tea, snack in the form of pieces of fruit or vegetables, motion sickness medications approved by a pediatrician in advance.

Do not first try to put a crumb to sleep, and then, in a sleepy state, transplant into a car: the fear that he will experience when he wakes up almost alone in a new place can negate all your efforts to adapt it to the car’s interior.

Depending on the age, the child can sit in the car, quietly watching the scenery changing outside the window, from 20 to 40 minutes. Well, when then he falls asleep. And if not?

Fatigue (both physical and psychological) covers the baby, and he begins to act up, trying to reach out to everything possible, to cry. The only way out of such a situation is to somehow distract him by switching attention.

The best option is to prepare for the trip (especially if it is long-term) in advance.

  • Stock up on discs – with audio fairy tales or with children’s songs (for example, from cartoons). Some time the baby will listen to what you turn on him. At the same time, you can sing along or move to the beat of the music – that’s the physical clock. And you can play a fun “guessing game.” Record different sounds on the disc in advance (grass rustling, sound of the sea, sound of breaking glass, as well as sounds that animals make), turn it on – let the kid guess what it is. Not bad at the same time that the audio control buttons at the same time were on the steering wheel.
  • One of the most popular ways to entertain your baby on the road is to turn on your favorite cartoon. Download them in advance to the tablet and place in the car a special holder for it with a mount on the headrest in front of the chair. Having established a “mini-cinema” in this way, you will occupy the crumb and will not look back at the first opportunity, fearing that the child will damage the expensive “toy”.
  • Think about what games for the development of memory, logic, attention and imagination may be of interest to your child. For example, ask him to carefully look at the road and call the colors of cars passing by. Boys will be interested in tracking car brands.

Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time from the first landing of the baby in the car to the moment he fully mastered in his cabin. He masters himself to such an extent that he begins to independently decide at what point it is time for him to leave the car seat and unfastens his seat belts himself. Of course, such situations are very distracting, because you are worried and nervous, and therefore, not as intently as necessary, watch the road.

This bad habit can both pass with age and become firmly established. How to prevent this?

  • Tell your child in detail why belts are needed. Do not be lazy to do this as often as possible: repetition is the mother of learning. When the baby is a little older, watch along with him videos of the results of crash tests, so that he sees the possible sad consequences of driving without seat belts.
  • Come up with some “magic” poem that you and your child will pronounce during the seat belt fastening procedure. Children love such magical rituals! You can also use the following method: say that you are a pilot in an airplane, and ask your passengers if they are wearing a seatbelt. The child must check the condition of their belts and give you “permission to take off.” Threaten the child not to go anywhere if he tries to unfasten the straps while driving. Such training moments are good to use when a particularly pleasant trip is planned – for example, to an entertainment center or to a circus.
  • Always fasten yourself in the car: children are great imitators. In addition, it will be difficult for you to explain the need to travel in a “buckled up” state if your own seat belt is idle at this time.
  • Be consistent and always wear your baby! If you allow him to drive in the car once unfastened or outside the car seat, it will be much more difficult to convince him of the need to follow the safety rules.

Today on sale you can find a special device that makes it difficult for children to unbutton their seat belts independently. But safety experts categorically do not recommend using it: in case of an accident, it may prevent the unbuttoning of the seat belt and the evacuation of the child from the car.

Imagine how easy it is for you and your passengers to feel inside a solid steel protective structure! In Volvo cars, this design is made of one of the most durable steel in the world – boron. In a collision, the front and rear deformation zones absorb and distribute the impact energy to reduce the impact on the driver and passengers; in a side impact, the side impact protection system SIPS distributes the impact force to a large part of the body to reduce the risk of injury.

Finally, a steel crossbar is provided for additional protection of passengers under the dashboard. In addition, in a side collision, a special inflatable curtain helps protect the heads of the side front and rear passengers.

It stays inflated for several seconds, providing long-lasting protection in case of repeated collisions. In all Volvo cars that have built-in booster cushions, the inflatable curtain is extended down to improve head protection for young children and small stature.

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