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3 steps to love your body

3 steps to love your body

Of course, you need to keep yourself in shape. And the most powerful transformations occur when you work under the guidance of a trainer, dietician or other practitioner. But it is very important that you love and accept your body as it is.

And for this there are several simple techniques. They are always at your fingertips, and you can use them at any time.

Here are some tips.

For many of us, exercise is a heavy duty. Ask yourself – do you exercise because you like it or because you have to do it, for example, for fear of gaining weight?

We buy an expensive subscription and we are dragging ourselves to the gym time after time, although in reality we don’t want to do that at all. Stop!

Exercises are truly effective only when they support both our body and our spirit.

3 steps to love your body

Do not go to the boring pilates for you, do not swing the hated press – find the form of movement that you like. Let it be dancing, yoga, long walks, just active walks in the park with your favorite dog – anything. And do it several times a week.

In the midst of the process, take a pause and listen to your body – how it feels, what muscles are worked out, what is your mood and physical condition. Breathe deeply and try to concentrate, fix this moment. You should have fun!

Thank your body for allowing you to move as you like.

Very often, insecurity in the perfection of our own body leads us to restrictions on food. We are constantly sitting on a wide variety of diets, counting calories around the clock, chronically malnourished, or simply depriving ourselves of products that were once labeled “harmful food.”

3 steps to love your body

And here a reasonable balance is also important. At least once a week you should allow yourself something special, even if it is against the rules of your diet. Make yourself a delicious dinner.

Even if you eat alone, turn on the music, light a couple of candles, take out beautiful plates and eat your favorite dish with appetite (and let it be even the Four Cheeses pizza). Do not forget about the holidays.

Remind yourself that your body deserves encouragement.

When we do not love our body, style becomes unimportant and something secondary for us. Many women believe that their full hips are not worthy of a fashionable skirt. Why decorate something that you don’t really like, right? “There will be a waist of 60 centimeters – then I will buy a new dress,” says a friend sadly.

Perhaps for someone it is an incentive to lose weight. But if you are trying to lose weight for a long time, give relief, so as not to drive yourself into an emotional dead end.

3 steps to love your body

It will sound trivial, but when you put on a new beautiful fashionable clothes, it allows you to feel more confident, and positively works on self-esteem. And this is true for both women and men.

But the fair sex has more space in this area. So treat yourself with new clothes, refresh your haircut, try a new make-up, put your hair, make a manicure. Can’t afford the extra expenses?

There is a budget option. Look in your closet and fantasize creating new combinations.

It is possible that on the farthest shelf of the cabinet you will find a long-forgotten sweater that will look great with a black pencil skirt, but you never thought about wearing them together.

And most importantly – do all this out of love for yourself and your body. You do not have to meet other people’s beauty standards.

12 simple ways to become more attractive to others.
It doesn’t matter if we sit at home with the child all day, or every day we sign important contracts, we all want one thing: to be more attractive. This result each achieves in its own way. But there are universal and reliable ways to look like so that others themselves will be happy to communicate with you.

Many of these tips are extremely simple. But stick to them, and you will be surprised – they work like magic! Read more

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