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25 ways to soothe your baby

25 ways to soothe your baby

9 tips “in haste”

1) Leave the house

My son immediately calms down when I take him outside if we are outside the city, or at least on the balcony. We stand and listen to the wind, catch the chirping of birds, look at the trees.

I hold my daughter at the chest and gently sway. Then I begin to whisper in her ear: Shi Shi Shi Shi Shi.

She calms down as soon as she hears these sounds.

3) Touching hands

I give my son a massage. First, I warm up some baby oil between my palms and gently massage his forehead, then I rub the bridge of my nose with soft movements, turn to the cheeks, chin and neck.

My son especially likes it when I stretch my arms and legs.

4) Humming a tune

I have a secret how to calm a crying baby. We sit in the room with the lights off, and I begin to hum my little song.

The melody I take is usually well-known, and I invent the words myself, and the main theme of my songs is about love for the child.

5) Create a world of water

Whenever my 10-month-old twins start to act up, I pour a bath for them. A change of scenery improves their mood, and they really relax.

They especially like it when I start foaming gel with lavender oil.

6) Cold help

When my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter starts crying, I resort to such tricks: I open the refrigerator and stand with my daughter in front of him, so that cold air will flow on us. The little face of the baby is refreshed, and she calms down.

7) Soft toy

My weapon is a musical soft toy. Every time I get it as a surprise, and it works!

One has only to press the secret button on the teddy bear, as the crumb calms down, listening to a cheerful song that the toy “sings”.

I know one trick that “worked” with all three of my kids. I take the crying child in my arms and bring it to the mirror.

Acquaintance with the “other” child distracts the cry from sad thoughts, and he quickly switches, forgetting about his anxiety.

9) Connect the fan

Don’t underestimate the power of the fan. One day, when the child became frightened, I sent the air flow down and stood with the child under it.

Scarce was fascinated by the pleasant coolness and spinning device.

  1. When nothing helps to calm our baby, we put her in the stroller and start shaking slightly. Such a vibration distracts her from hysterics.
  2. Any rhythmic, measured movements, bewitching, help the child to relax. We have been using this effective method for eight months now.
  3. If the kid is seriously nervous, I put him on the trampoline. Jumping, the child is distracted, and the tears are replaced by laughter.
  4. It happens when my daughter does not calm down. Then I resort to a doubly useful business. I sit down on the exercise ball and jump – and the baby laughs, and I train my legs.
  5. The reason – the gases. One of the reasons for the long naughty behavior of a baby is pain due to intestinal gases. You can help the little ones get rid of them. Lay it flat on your back, take the children’s legs in your hands and make them move on the principle of cycling. Also, after consulting with the doctor, you can give the child useful in this case natural products.
  1. Put the baby in the stroller and touch it to the edge of the washing machine. Washing will begin, and a light vibration and noise will act on the crumbs no worse than a lullaby. Above all, do not leave the crumb alone, hold the stroller with your hands.
  2. Recall that babies in the womb are never on their backs. Therefore, in order to calm the baby, hold him in your arms and turn it over from tummy to one flank, then to another.
  3. Crying a child is the main way to cope with stress. Knowing how important this function is for a baby, try to beat tantrums with love. Hold the baby in your arms, speak to him in a tender voice.
  4. Kids get tired very quickly – they need frequent rest. To avoid hysterics, send a little one to sleep as soon as you notice the first signs of fatigue.

There is not a single way that would work without fail in all situations. However, there are the most effective, time-tested tricks.

  1. Take the kid to drive. If this is not possible, put him in a pram and go for a walk to the nearest park.
  2. Hug the baby, arrange him a comfortable nest with pleasant to the touch things, such as a soft blanket or a toy.
  3. Newborns love warmth and comfort. So try to calm the tantrum by wrapping the baby tightly in a warm blanket.
  4. Many babies calm down when they suck on a pacifier (or even mum or dad’s fingers).
  5. It will help the “white noise.” The barely audible, obscure sound of a radio, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine lulls a little crybaby.
  6. Clothing may cause discomfort. Let the crumbs stay completely naked for a while.
  7. If it seems to you that nothing can stop the crying of a child, contact a third person for help. While you yourself will have a little rest, your baby will calm down, studying a person unfamiliar to him.

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