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25 tips on how to wean the child from sweets

25 tips on how to wean the child from sweets

25 tips on how to wean the child from sweets

The authors of the book How to Wean a Child from Sweet, Jacob Teitelbaum and Deborah Kennedy, say that sugar can cause a variety of diseases: from caries to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In the book, they talk about how to preserve the health of the child, teach him to eat right and limit sweets in his daily diet.

We offer you some interesting facts and advice from doctor Jacob Teitelbaum and baby food specialist Deborah Kennedy.

  1. Nutritionists advise children to use no more than 260 calories of fat and sugar, that is, just EIGHT teaspoons per day.
  2. Sweet foods and drinks are addictive. Their effects on the brain are similar to those of drugs. When using sugar, alcohol or drugs in certain parts of the brain, similar reactions occur.
  3. Scientists have shown that even babies love the sweet taste.
  4. A significant amount of sugar in the diet of the child interferes with the normal metabolism, complicates the absorption of fiber, vitamins A, C and E, folic acid, magnesium and calcium.
  5. According to research: if you limit the amount of sugar and increase the amount of protein in the diet of a teenager, then in three months he will have 2 times less acne.
  6. Sugar leads to nutritional deficiency, which affects the whole body. Children do not study well, they have less strength for sports, and in adolescents it can cause a delay in sexual development.
  7. Artificial sweeteners (acesulfame potassium, aspartame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame) are harmful to children. They are able to tune the taste buds to a very sweet taste, teaching the child to unnaturally sweet foods.
  8. Sweeteners, even natural ones, are excessively sweet (stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar) and does not at all resemble the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, the child’s taste buds will not be adjusted correctly.
  9. Give up juices, on packages that say “50% less sugar” and “light juice”. They contain artificial sweeteners.
  10. If a child drinks only one glass of chocolate milk per day, this will give as many as 15–34 glasses (3–7 kg) of excess sugar per year.
  11. Do not water children soda. There is a huge amount of sugar in it! Each can (volume 355 ml) contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar.
  12. When a child eats whole grains, the nutrients enter the body slowly, gradually, because first you have to work on splitting complex carbohydrates into sugar molecules. Refined grain releases carbohydrates into the bloodstream in one powerful stream, causing such a sharp jump in blood sugar levels as if your child was eating pure sugar.
  13. Pay attention to the finished breakfast. They can be considered healthy if they correspond to four parameters, all the rest are disguised sweets:
    – in the first place in the composition – whole grains;
    – no more than 4 grams of sugar per serving (1 teaspoon);
    – no food colors;
    – the list of ingredients should be short.
  14. Look at the composition of low-sugar foods. They should not be sugar alcohols (sorbitol) and sweeteners.
  15. A truly healthy snack for children should combine two elements: fruits and proteins, whole grains and proteins, or vegetables and proteins.
  16. In sauces (honey, sweet and sour, barbecue, ketchup) a lot of sugar. Do not allow children to season all food with them, otherwise over time they will not be able to eat normal food without seasoning.
  17. Learn product labels. Do not buy those in which among the first three ingredients there is sugar. They are very sweet.
  18. Degreased foods usually have more sugar than normal varieties.
  19. Kids eating habits can be formed in the family. Do not teach children to sweet since infancy, give them healthy foods, and they will get used to them. This healthy eating habit will stay with them for life.
  20. 450 ml of packaged orange juice contains as much sugar as eight oranges. Give your child only fresh juices.
  21. In sweet dairy products, very little calcium is needed for bone growth. Buy natural milk without additives and natural yogurt.
  22. Teach your child to eat less sweets with rewards. For example, give kids stickers for every uneaten sweetness. Older children add points or points, which can later be exchanged for a prize.
  23. You influence what your child will eat. Scientists have proven that children learn from their parents, that is, they adopt the eating habits of adults. If you yourself eat a lot of sweet, then your child will do the same. Therefore, if you want to instill healthy habits in him, start with yourself.
  24. Eliminate the dessert from the main meals. Many children refuse to eat soup or salad while waiting for sweets. To avoid this, replace the usual dessert fruit. Then the baby will stop waiting for the sweet end of dinner and learn how to eat healthy dishes.
  25. Children, like adults, experience their little stresses every day. And many try to eat their sweets. They give pleasant sensations and are addictive. To save a child from such a habit, try to talk with him about school affairs every day and solve his problems in a timely manner.

We thank the publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” for providing material from the book “How to wean a child from sweets”

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