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17 Moments of Spring: Our Spring Beauty Plan

17 Moments of Spring: Our Spring Beauty Plan

Faced with winter cold outside and drought in the premises due to the heating season, our skin becomes dull, sensitive and dehydrated. Dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Center for Cosmetology at Smolenka, Savva Zaytsev, recommends that the first step is to get rid of dead cells with the help of mild exfoliating agents. Gommazhi are treated most carefully with the skin, since, unlike scrubs, they do not contain solid particles.

Cleansing occurs due to fruit acids, which dissolve the “dead” cells on the skin surface. Drugs with alpha hydrochloride (glycolic, almond, milk), in addition to peeling, moisturize the skin well.

For deep irrigation, look for hyaluronic acid, placenta, aloe, watercress, shea butter in the forefront of formulas. Avitaminosis in the spring is also familiar to the skin, so get creams with vitamins A, E and C.

In winter, the so-called “cold allergy” is often encountered – the reaction of the skin to lower temperatures and frosty air. Its consequences are redness, peeling, feeling of tightness. As a result of overloads, the skin becomes irritated and sensitive.

Bring in the form of reactive skin under the force of bran extract, vitamin E and thermal water.

The final ritual of skin renewal is the application of a mask. These fairies carry a high concentration of nutrients.

Eyes – our main tool of seduction in winter and summer. Spring is the time to shoot your eyes.

In order to prepare a weapon for battle, use drugs with caffeine, escin and algae extract. They can easily eliminate swelling, dark circles and wrinkles.

The best adornment of female eyes – long magnificent eyelashes. The gel base for eyelashes with vitamin B5 stimulates growth, prevents their fragility and loss.

Castor oil, Melvita, has a beneficial effect on the quality and quantity of eyelashes and can be used as an eye makeup remover.

Once or twice a week, a large cleansing will not interfere with the body. Carefully and delicately get rid of dry skin with a scrub that provides mechanical exfoliation.

Many products “combine duties”: cleanse, increase elasticity and saturate the skin with mouth-watering aromas.

How well hydrated the body is is easy to check. Carry out the test: turn the clothes inside out. If you find on it a white bloom from small pieces of leather, it means it’s time to “drink”.

To quench your thirst will help lotion, gel or oil. The last of the above most effectively copes with the task. And do not believe in the myths that oils violate skin breathing and leave greasy marks on clothes.

Modern products are quickly absorbed, leaving behind a velvety skin.

17 Moments of Spring: Our Spring Beauty Plan

Choosing a hand cream, pay attention to the composition. Vegetable oils (argan, apricot, almond, jojoba, Karite) containing omega-3 and omega-6 acids, perfectly restore the horny layer.

Wax (bee or coconut oil) forms a protective film on the skin that resists the evaporation of moisture and dryness. Glycerin is a real water trap.

Panthenol (provitamin B5) skillfully fights cracks and heals the skin.

Beautiful manicure and healthy, strong nails – the next point of care for the external data of our upper limbs. To protect the nails from constant contact with detergents and mechanical damage, apply the base under the varnish. She will make them impenetrable.

Therapeutic coatings containing silicon increase the amount of keratin (building protein) in the nails. They become less porous and do not stratify.

According to the training director and chief technologist of the network of manicure and pedicure salons Anastasia Dashko, nail care during pregnancy requires special attention. After all, not only the result is important here, but also the safety of the product. An excellent batch of nails make up the oil – the perfect combination of naturalness and efficiency.

Oil not only moisturizes the nail plate, but also softens the cuticle, preventing the appearance of burrs.

Responsibly refer to the choice of nail polish remover. Being a strong solvent, the liquid with acetone dries and weakens the nails.

The best option is oil-based preparations with vitamin complexes.

Remember that all detergents and care products must be selected based on the needs of the hair (restoration, protection, color retention, growth stimulation) and change seasonally. Each product performs its mission at a certain time of the year.

It is important to consider the features of the scalp. It may be naturally dry or hypersensitive due to the use of inappropriate products. As a result of the “error”, itching, redness, peeling will fall down like snow.

As for the extra care, carefully study the labels. Most masks are applied exclusively along the length of the hair, so as not to overload the roots.

Some products are designed to nourish the scalp.

In an emergency situation, the dry shampoo will become the magic wand. Thanks to its absorption, this rapid means absorbs excess fat, refreshing the hairstyle.

Hair loss is a common problem, especially in spring. Use Innéov “Hair density” auxiliary complexes.

They fill hair with energy and promote the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Reduce mechanical damage to the hair. Use a hairdryer in cold air mode, pre-applying curling protection on your curls.

Comb wet strands starting from the tips, so as not to injure the hair.

To wake up from the “winter hibernation”, we offer you the most harmless and original means – color therapy. In the middle of the 20th century, scientists discovered that colors can be used for therapeutic purposes.

For example, sunny yellow improves mood and memory, Emerald green promotes rhythmic work of the heart, and Sky Blue enhances immunity.

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