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15 things for which our children love us

15 things for which our children love us

Similarly, children, being born, look at us from the bottom up and we, adults, seem to them to be huge beings. Our apartments are becoming for kids the real houses of giants with a lot of obstacles that need to be overcome.

In this image of a parent – a big man, in my opinion, there are so many important things for a child. After all, we tend to love everything big, we like it when there is a lot of good things.

In the same way, children fall in love with their giant parents, and from the very first days of their life they begin to add to their piggy bank what they like about us and what they like about us. It is this piggy bank that helps to maintain good relations between children and parents throughout life, and even sometimes in difficult life moments, we get those moments from memory that remind us of love, and ultimately help us overcome all difficulties.

Of course, there are many things for which parents are worthy to be loved. But love is an emotion, so it arises where we open our hearts to our children, where we give them all of ourselves.

1. For our smile. When we smile at our child, we send a signal to him – all is well!

This signal is very important for them, because if everything is good with us, adults, then everything will be fine with them!

2. For what we all know. In any case, our children think so.

And it is beautiful! Because while they think so, they will turn to us for advice.

3. For the fact that we are strong in their eyes and can protect them. The sense of security is one of the most important feelings that a child needs after birth.

It affects his attitude throughout his life. Only parents can give the child this feeling.

4. For being on their side. When something goes wrong and someone complains about our child, it is important to say to yourself: “There is a reason for this. And this is not the cause of the child, but in his behavior or reaction to something. ”

It is important to find this reason, then to be with the child in one detachment to search for the reasons.

5. For the fact that we remember them small. Yes!

Children of all ages love to listen to stories about how cute they were when they were small, how fun they grew up, and what first words they said.

6. For what we keep calm. A cry is an act of helplessness, of not being able to solve a problem differently.

Our shout is a signal that the system has failed.

7. For the fact that we give them hope. Seeing us, adults, calm, self-confident and boldly stepping through life, the children believe that they will grow up and become the same as we are.

15 things for which our children love us

8. They are fun with us. The best company for a child is his parents.

Every child knows that parents are able to come up with such an incredible adventure that can not be compared with any computer game!

9. During the time that we spend together. For conversations, for games, for a cartoon, for a pen, just next to it – in different ways, but the main thing together!

10. For allowing them to make mistakes. Children are sure that any mistake they make, the parent will help them fix it. Therefore, the child is extremely valuable as a parent responds to his mistakes.

11. For cooking their favorite food. Having matured, they will have a dish that they will call “the taste of childhood” and ask to cook it every time they visit us, their aged parents.

12. For coming to them at night, when they call us. Our response to their anxiety gives them peace of mind and confidence.

13. For letting you sleep in our bed sometimes. Comments are superfluous.

All children resort to their parents, and are happy that they are not expelled.

14. For not comparing them with other children. The comparison is very hurt. Often parents compare the weakest side of their child with the strongest side of another child.

This is unfair. The ability to feel your value is priceless for a child.

15. For the fact that we find time to view the home performances that our children are satisfied with, at reviewing their drawings and hanging them around the apartment. We are the first spectators of our children, we are the first to clap their hands, who will admire the drawing, plasticine crafts.

These are the small victories that we allow our children to make, contribute greatly to their happy future.

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