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15 most serious mistakes of young parents

15 most serious mistakes of young parents

1. Dummy on a string

For some reason it is considered: if you hang a lace with a pacifier on your neck, this accessory will not get lost when it falls out of your sleepy crumbs. And what’s the point? An infant will still not be able to find the pacifier on its own and shove it in his mouth again.

So he will cry anyway until one of the older members of the family comes to his aid. But the main thing is that the lace can become dangerous: the baby can get confused in it. Under favorable circumstances, scabs or cuts form on the skin; under unfavorable conditions, this can lead to suffocation.

Therefore, to fix the nipples, it is more correct to use a soft strap on the clip, which comes off under tension.

2. Baby with a bottle in the crib

Sometimes parents, trying to remake many things at the same time, give the baby a bottle in the crib and, propping it with a roller or a soft toy, so that the food arrives without interruption, they leave the baby alone with this device. It is very dangerous! Imagine what will happen if he chokes or the backup accidentally finds himself in a position that prevents the baby from breathing.

In the first case, the baby may choke, in the second – suffocate. Therefore, until the child is 8-9 months old and he has not learned to hold the bottle in his hands, you cannot leave him alone with the bottle.

And later it is better not to do it.

Some parents, in order for the child to fall asleep faster and sleep better at night, give him soothing teas or a slight sleeping pill as an antihistamine. They are absolutely wrong!

It is impossible to give any, even seemingly the most innocuous drugs without consulting a doctor. First you need to understand why the pussy does not sleep well at night and does not fall asleep for a long time, and then prescribe drugs. And only a doctor can do this.

In addition, it often turns out that our ideas about what a baby’s sleep should be do not correspond to the age-related physiological norm. If you want to improve the sleep of the baby, try to adjust his daily routine and adjust the daily routine of the family as a whole.

4. Light in the nursery for the whole night.

The night left in the nursery is not good for the child. HGH is best produced in the dark. For your convenience, you can put the baby in the soft “disguised” lighting night light or in the light from the corridor.

But as soon as the crumb falls asleep, the light should be removed, especially since the fear of darkness can appear in children at an older age.

15 most serious mistakes of young parents

Do not give a porridge or sweet water during the night feedings to the child. It is not necessary in this matter to be guided by popular wisdom: in order for a child to learn to sleep all night long, he must grow up a little. For night feeding, only breast milk or adaptive milk formula is suitable.

Porridge and other complementary food dishes should be used only during the day: as experts say, these products are not physiological for night feedings, since the digestive organs must work seriously for their digestion. Sweet water is the cause of tooth decay. As you know, sugar creates a favorable environment for the reproduction of any microbes.

Night awakenings in the second half of life with proper diet are not related to night hunger, but to the unwillingness of the nervous system for prolonged uninterrupted sleep at night or to the fact that the child is accustomed to night feeding.

6. Changing the brand of milk formula

Only the doctor should select the formula for the infant. Parents in this matter should not take the initiative and even more so – to change the brand of the mixture, even if the crumbs have any problems, for example, with digestion.

The fact is that artificial mixtures of the same age category for healthy babies have almost the same recipe. Switching to a product from another manufacturer is unlikely to have a tangible effect.

It is necessary to replace the milk mixture only if the baby has serious disorders. For example, when a baby erupts abundantly, the doctor recommends an anti-reflux mixture, with strong manifestations of allergy – hypoallergenic, etc.

But again, to decide whether the child needs a medical mixture, should the doctor, not the mother or grandmother.

15 most serious mistakes of young parents

7. Let’s all be in the microwave

Alas, this method of fast, almost instantly warming up food has significant drawbacks: while the milk is already warm, the bottle still remains cold, and besides, the contents of the bottle can heat up unevenly. That is why, taking the container out of the microwave, it is recommended to shake it vigorously and drop some liquid on your wrist – so you will see that the mixture does not heat up too much. The same precautions must be taken if the bottle is heated in hot water.

To avoid such problems will help a special heater for bottles. By setting the desired temperature, you can be calm: the mixture will not overheat, even if you are late in time to remove the bottle from the heater.

8. Sleep on your tummy.

While the baby has not learned to roll over from the belly to the back, that is, on average up to 4-5 months, you should not put it to sleep on the belly: in this position, the baby may suffocate. So very young children should sleep on their backs or on their sides. Lay the baby on his stomach should be when he is awake.

In this position, he will be able at the same time not only to play, but also to train the muscles of the back, neck, and arms.

Kids love the height very much and are filled with happy laughter when they are thrown up. Here are adults, seeking to give the crumbs pleasure, and are happy to try.

On the one hand, such “flights” are beneficial: they help to train the vestibular apparatus, activate the activity of the cardiovascular system, and the child experiences a short-term and unusual weightless condition for him. And on the other hand, young children have fun that borders on overexcitement, moreover, if you throw a baby too high, there is a risk that it will “fly” past the hands of an adult and fall. It is fraught with serious injuries.

Consider also the fact that a sudden and energetic tossing a child can frighten him. During such entertainments, make sure that there are no protruding corners nearby, above – low-hanging lamps, and below – a solid surface.

Stop without waiting for the child to cry, that is, perevozbuditsya.

10. “Seated” training

You can not seat the child at an angle of 90 °, until he learned to do it yourself. Usually, this skill comes by 6 months.

Until this age, muscles, ligaments, spine and hip joints are not adapted to such loads. If it’s time to sit down, the baby is healthy, but “lazy,” call for help massage and gymnastics.

11. Alone on the changing table

This is the most common mistake of adults. All adults, of course, know that it is impossible to leave the baby alone on the changing table, even if it took only a second to run off, in no case, but they continue to do it with enviable consistency. And the kids get injuries of varying severity.

If you need to turn away to get something, always hold the child with your hand, do not answer the phone. Did you ring the doorbell?

Take the baby in your arms and go open it with him.

12. Stimulation of the chair

Fearing difficulties in the work of the intestines, other parents are ready to stimulate his cleansing without special needs. Before resorting to such methods, you should make sure that the crumbs really have constipation (this does not happen very often). In any case, the first thing you should consult a pediatrician.

It may be possible to cope with difficulties by increasing the share of fruits, vegetables, and prunes in the kid’s menu. If this measure does not take effect, the doctor will select a treatment.

Do not treat shallow wounds in baby iodine. Iodine and other alcohol-containing agents can cause a chemical burn in the area of ​​application.

In addition, if the antiseptic contains a dye, it is difficult to control the wound, so you can skip the signs of inflammation. Therefore, use colorless antiseptics without alcohol based on chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.

14. People walk in the mountains.

Grudnichkov better not to take to the mountains. Thinned air will not be good for the child.

Even at a low altitude, the baby will experience a lack of oxygen.

15. The Sun Can Harm

Ultraviolet stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is so necessary for children, but the cells responsible for the production of melanin pigment in infants are still not working at full capacity. For this reason, the infant’s body will not be able to protect itself from the harmful effects of sunlight, for example, from sunburn. In addition, thermoregulation in very young differs from thermoregulation in adults, so babies are at risk of overheating.

Even if you and your child are in the shade, use sunscreen with a maximum UV index.

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