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15 games that teach a child kindness

15 games that teach a child kindness

It is known that children learn everything by the example of adults, namely by examples, and not by words, which often disagree with the case. This must be taken into account. Surrounding the child with tenderness and love from birth, becoming a great example of compassion, mercy and nobility for the baby – you will take the first steps to children’s kindness.

And giving the child the opportunity to gain their own experience of caring for loved ones and people dear to him – teach him, feeling a good attitude towards you, do not dwell on this, but try not only to take it, but also to give it back.

Give the kid and the joy of helping those who do not expect kindness from him or can not fully repay, pay for the care.

To engender the seed of kindness in the nature of the child will require a lot of effort and patience. And although this important moral quality will be formed in a child for a long time, encountering obstacles in the form of egoism and conflict, compassion and mercy will become a character trait, a conscious choice, rooted in habit. From this baby himself will benefit.

Sympathetic, kind children who can give others a warm attitude are successful, always have many friends, have high self-esteem and much easier to resist peer pressure.

To form the quality of character in the game is an interesting and entertaining business that will bring many pleasant moments to you and your child. After all, in essence, all games are a demonstration of love for a child, a perception of his care for you, and then for other people.

And what could be happier than to give love and receive it from the dearest man in the world?

15 games that teach a child kindness

Kiss – a natural manifestation of feelings. Do not limit yourself and kiss the child as much as you want.

Do not be afraid to spoil the baby, now he needs your caress.

Send crumbs kisses. Point your finger where they fly. Let kisses touch the nose of the child, his cheeks, arms and legs, tummy.

Send kisses at close range or move on. You can exchange kisses, standing in front of a mirror.

Teach your child to imitate you and to return the airy manifestations of feelings. Let this gesture become a sign of mutual love. When sending kisses, repeat some kind of tender phrase: “Kisses, kisses, that’s what we need!” Or “Many, many kisses fly to you from me!”

Seeing grandparents, dad to work or older children to school, send a kiss along with the baby.

Use in your relationship with the baby and kisses of the “Tumbo-Yumbo tribe”: bring your face close to the face of the child and rub your nose saying “I caught your nose!”. Change your voice.

Touch a finger to the nose of the baby and ask him to repeat your actions.

Often, when the baby hits or falls, it is enough to regret it and the pain immediately passes. Kindness heals.

When the crumb bruises, blow on the sore spot and say: “It will no longer hurt!”. “Treat” the crumb and after vaccinations or blood tests.

Ask the child to blow too on the sore spot when you knock.

Take the toys and together regret those who have something that hurts or who are accidentally dropped on the floor. Remember the poems of A. Barto about the clubfoot bear.

When you treat your child with baby cookies or give him a slice of banana, ask the baby for a bit. Eat the sweetness shared by the baby in an exaggeratedly animated manner and thank the child.

Feed each other with a spoon or offer individual pieces of food that you can put in your mouth with your hands.

Take the toy products and dishes. Feed each other pretend.

Invite your favorite toys to dinner and try not to offend anyone.

To make the child feel the joy of contact between people, caress him and stroke his head. Sentence at the same time, gentle and kind words, say what a good baby, beautiful and cute, how you like him, call the crumbs pleasant nicknames – kitten, bunny, etc.

Remember that such light massage movements on the head soothe the child, relieve nervous tension and have a very beneficial effect on the condition of the crumbs. Ask your baby to pat on the head and you.

Tell me how you like.

Take soft toys, animals and stroke each of them on the fur. Let the little animals express their gratitude to the baby, and let the child feel how pleasant they are by touch.

15 games that teach a child kindness

5. Bouquet as a gift

During the walk, depending on the time of year, gather wild flowers, branches with buds that will surely open at home in the water, autumn leaves or rowan berries on the twigs in bouquets and decide together whom you will give them. Owners of bouquets can be close people or just neighbors. Everyone will be pleased to receive a gift from your baby.

And the baby will feel how nice it is to give people joy.

If you go to visit and buy flowers as a gift, take one flower and for the crumbs so that he himself can present it and take care.

6. Give, please!

This game is a request to find and bring some things. Ask the child to find some toy and give it to his brother, or take the remote from the TV and give it to his grandfather.

Put several items in a separate box and ask the child to bring you one by one according to your description. Each time a child fulfills a request, carefully consider what the baby has brought, thank him for the assignment.

By the age of two, the baby may well be helping around the house. Small duties will bring him joy and learn to be useful.

After all, this is one of the manifestations of kindness.

Of course, at first the crumb cannot do everything correctly and accurately. But it still does not matter.

Be patient and allow your child to learn how to help you and take care of loved ones. Show your child how to wipe the dust with a cloth and clean the room together.

Ask your kid for dinner spread out on the table spoons. Water the indoor flowers together.

Now for the baby, these and similar activities are a real game. Now it is not necessary to invent stories about the invasion of aliens, after which you need to clean up trash or live flowers arguing on the windowsill, who will first bring lunch in a watering can.

This will take you closer to four to five years.

15 games that teach a child kindness

Do not throw away stale bread. Put it in the bag and take it with you for another walk. Offer a child to feed the birds.

Explain to your child that urban birds should be fed, especially in winter. That your care is very important to them.

Make a feeder and hang it near a window or on a tree near the entrance. Sprinkle bread crumbs or millet, sunflower seeds there and watch how many birds arrive to try what you have prepared for them.

9. Dedicated to loved ones!

Take the soap bubbles into the bathroom. You can try to make a foam solution yourself (mix a half cup of dishwashing liquid, 2 cups of boiled or distilled water, and 2 teaspoons of sugar) thoroughly.

Soap bubbles can be blown out using wire of different shapes and sizes, connected in a ring and wrapped with sharp tape with tape.

Each resulting bubble devote to one of the relatives or friends of the baby.

10. Special Bear

Choose from toys a soft animal with a sad expression “face”. This teddy bear or bunny will now cause the baby’s compassion and desire to feel sorry for the little friend. Speak for a toy: “Nobody plays with me.

Nobody loves me. ”As a rule, children grab the unfortunate and pull them to themselves. If this does not happen yet, take pity on the bear yourself, caress it and invite the baby to do the same.

15 games that teach a child kindness

11. With all my heart

Engage with your child making gifts for all loved ones. These can be gifts for the New Year or March 8 and February 23, for a birthday or “just like that.”

Choose a pleasant and not complicated way of making crafts. Cut out “print” from raw potatoes and make beautiful multi-colored pictures – “Bright spots” or “Bunch of grapes” or “Flowers”.

Prepare a salty dough (for two glasses of flour a glass of salt “Extra” and three fourth glasses of water) and ask the child to make fruit plates or beads for a necklace. However, what a gift you get is not the most important thing.

The main thing is that he was from the bottom of his heart.

12. The presentation begins

Many fairy tales teach children to distinguish between good and evil, to love good characters, causes a desire to help them, to protect. The rich heritage must be fully exploited.

Fairy tales need not only read, but also play them, discuss and draw conclusions.

Arrange a mini-theater at home and tell your child good stories right from the doll scene. Show your child and short stories, invented by you and suitable for different life situations. Discuss with him who of the heroes was kind and took care, and who was evil and not good.

Ask the child who he would like to be like.

Arrange for your child such situations with toys, where he should take care of someone, help someone or share something. It can be both plot games and tasks on leaflets.

Books and children’s albums for creativity are full of similar tasks. “Help the kitten to find his house” – you need to find a way through the maze. “Save the chicken from the cat” – you need to draw a fence between them. “Feed the birds with bread crumbs” – you need to draw dots in the feeder – food.

But is it possible to organize similar games with toys? Offer a child to build a house for a bunny of cubes. After all, it will soon get colder and start a blizzard.

Ask the baby to hide the little mouse from the cat, so that the cat never finds it. Ask the baby if he can give his car so that the bear can go to the forest to pick berries?

Explain to the child that not only in the game, but also in life, many need help, and that whenever possible we should try to render it.

14. The diminutive game

Of course, you often call your child a diminutive name: not Mary, but Masha, not Peter, but Petenka. Invite your child, relatives, relatives and friends to call it affectionately. Find out from the kid how he thinks if he can make it.

How can you call a woman Zina? Granny Zinochka.

How do you call Andrew? Andryushenka.

Be sure to remember all the friends of the baby and change their names to affectionate.

Try to call affectionately all the items that you see. Stool, bed, ball and machine, small suitcase, etc.

15. Tree on bail

Choose a tree that you like the most, something unusual and pleasant for you. Take patronage over him.

Find information about its name and features. Visit your tree, each time hugging him by the trunk or stroking the bark.

Pay attention to the child, as the tree changes depending on the season, take photos and drawings of your pet.

A great gift idea that a child can make with your participation is paper tulips. Watch the video tutorial:

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