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14 foods needed during pregnancy

14 foods needed during pregnancy

All future mothers know about folic acid, but not all – about vitamin B. Formally, folic acid is also a vitamin of group B, more precisely, vitamin B9. It is very important for a pregnant woman to ensure that throughout the pregnancy, not only the level of folic acid in the body, but also all the B vitamins do not fall. Very many of them are contained in cereal flakes and cereal for breakfast. As a rule, in one bowl of cereal contains almost the entire daily allowance.

In addition, for many it is the easiest and most delicious way to get vitamins. When choosing flakes and cereals, give preference to those that contain 4 or more croup. An excellent choice would be foods that contain whole grains, they are rich in complex carbohydrates, which means that you will receive an influx of energy and maintain a feeling of fullness for longer.

But from the usual sweet corn breakfast cereals better to give up – they have very little useful.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

If you have not done this before pregnancy, now is the time – replace all the usual bakery products with similar ones, but from whole grain bread. You will get extra fiber that will help tidy up your digestive tract, and you will get a good source of iron and zinc.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

All pregnant women need an additional 10 grams of protein per day (the total protein norm is at least 60 grams). Legumes, especially beans and lentils, are an excellent source of protein.

In one glass of boiled lentils, it is about 15 g. In the same glass, in addition to protein, is half the daily norm of folic acid, so with one blow you kill two birds with one stone. In addition to protein and folic acid, legumes contain large amounts of fiber, which will help normalize stools.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Broccoli – a real magic wand for a pregnant woman. This is a storehouse of all the necessary vitamins and substances. Calcium, folic acid, fiber, antioxidants that help the body to resist diseases – everything is in it.

Even vitamin C, and in good quantities. So broccoli will help you learn iron from other products.

Therefore, it will be very useful to combine broccoli with macaroni from coarse flour or brown rice or use it as an independent side dish for meat.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

During pregnancy, our body absorbs almost 2 times more calcium from food. Perhaps its most popular source is milk.

In one glass contains almost half the daily rate. Prefer milk normal fat content of 2.5-3.2%.

Calcium derived from dairy products, for the successful assimilation necessarily need milk fat, so skimmed milk, although it is considered dietary, is not the best option in terms of obtaining calcium.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Bananas are rich in potassium and because of this they are a good natural energetic, able to give a quick influx of strength and help cope with fatigue. For pregnant women, bananas are especially good because they do not cause trouble to your stomach, they are unlikely to cause nausea. If you are not a fan of bananas, try adding them in small portions to your morning porridge or cereal with milk.

The only “but”: only ripe bananas are good for your body. Unripe green bananas, on the contrary, are very hard to digest, contain insoluble starch, which our stomach and intestines cannot cope with.

It is the immature bananas that often cause bloating, gas formation and severity.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

The daily rate of iron of the expectant mother, as well as the daily rate of calcium, increases during pregnancy. With its shortage, we often feel chronic fatigue.

An excellent source of iron is lean meat. Moreover, iron from meat is very easily absorbed by our body, so be sure to include it in your diet.

A cabbage or herbs as a side dish will help the gland to digest.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Cheese is an important source of protein and calcium. But some types of cheeses during pregnancy are banned.

These are all blue cheese and some soft varieties. But no one has canceled hard and processed soft cheeses, such as mozzarella and mascarpone.

Most of the calcium is found in hard cheeses. The absolute leader – Parmesan – just one tablespoon of Parmesan contains almost 70 mg of calcium, which is 7% of the recommended daily intake

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Many women develop aversion to meat during pregnancy. Eggs will be a good solution. They are an excellent source of protein, because they contain all the essential amino acids, so necessary for our body.

Omelet with vegetables –a dish, as if ideally created for expectant mothers. If the flavors of such dishes make you uncomfortable, boil eggs in advance and store in the refrigerator in case you need to make a quick breakfast.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Want to be healthy – add greens and vegetables wherever you can imagine. Make sure that no meal, except for breakfast, is complete without greens or cabbage, because this is the source of practically everything you need. Spinach, dill, parsley, and most dark green leafy lettuces abound in folic acid and iron, cabbage and turnips are excellent sources of calcium.

If you want to increase the nutritional value of your salads, replace the familiar Chinese salad or iceberg with dark green herbs, for example, lettuce.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Oranges are well equipped with vitamin C, folic acid, fiber and, most importantly, liquid. They are almost 90% water and perfectly satisfy the daily need of the body for fluids.

For those who are not enthusiastic about the prospect of drinking 2 liters of plain water every day, oranges are a great alternative. Your body will not be dehydrated, which means fatigue and exhausted appearance will disappear.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Fat during pregnancy is critical for the development of the brain of the future baby. He also helps you maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time.

Experts recommend to balance the presence of fats in the diet, and use not only saturated fats from meat, butter and other animal products. Unsaturated fats are also essential for the normal functioning of the body of a pregnant woman.

It is only important to observe moderation: a day should not eat more than one handful of nuts and more than two tablespoons of vegetable oil. There is another nuance: nuts – a known allergen.

And, if earlier you had even a weak allergy, then during pregnancy it is better to eliminate them from the diet altogether. Otherwise, you will put your baby at risk of developing food allergies at an early age.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

Dried fruits and berries – delicious, and most importantly a convenient format for a light snack. This is a great alternative to harmful sweets and a source of vitamins and nutrients.

The main task is to choose the right dried fruits. The correct ones are those that have not been subjected to chemical treatment, frying and soaking, and boiling down in all sorts of sugar and other syrups. To simplify the task, immediately cut off for yourself fried bananas and candied fruits.

Good fruits should not look like from the picture. Black dots, brownish color, dullness – these are normal phenomena, often indicating naturalness. But the glossy dried fruit of bright color is better to beware.

And remember, dried fruit is a dehydrated product. If they are not soaked beforehand, they will swell up in your stomach and take a large amount of water.

Therefore, when you eat dried fruits, remember that on this day you need to drink more fluids.

14 foods needed during pregnancy

The easiest way to get energy in the morning is to eat a bowl of oatmeal. Do this at least two or three times a week. Why?

Because complex carbohydrates, which is oatmeal, are absorbed by the body gradually, and thus you feel full longer without additional snacks and second-third breakfasts. This will help you control weight gain in pregnancy.

In addition, oatmeal helps control blood cholesterol levels. Just do not buy instant oatmeal type “Extra”.

They are useless. Take the “simple” oatmeal with bran.

Cooked with milk such oatmeal will bring you many times more benefits and vitamins.

The health of her baby depends on what lies on the plate of the future mother. How to make your diet for 9 months?

The list of products that should appear on the table of the future mother every day is very extensive – and this is not accidental. The list of substances necessary for the future baby for growth and development is also large, and he can get them only in one way – from her mother’s plate.

Each of these components plays its own important role, and none can be discounted. Read more

They used to say: the future mother should eat for two. This popular idea turned out to be wrong.

Much healthier, and most importantly, nicer to be picky about food choices. In addition, you have no reason to eat more than usual, unless the doctor asked you to.

Despite the fact that the baby draws nutrients from her mother’s reserves, her body’s energy needs increase only slightly.

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