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13 ways to make a child move

13 ways to make a child move

Let’s not be boring: we, the parents, are not perfect themselves, and often prefer to have a longer sleep at the weekend and less strain the muscles of the legs. What really demand from children, if they have such an example to follow?

No wonder that modern children have become less mobile. Conclusion: you need to start with yourself.

More precisely, together.

Below – 13 ways to raise a child from the couch.

1. Ask your child to help you around the house. A vacuum cleaner, a broom, a rag for dust and a garbage bag are good sports equipment. To help it was interesting – think up a game that your child would love to catch. For example, today you are fighting dusty monsters, and the task of the children is to prevent these villains from hiding in the corners.

A child with a mop can “turn” into a youngster on an enchanted ship. A vacuum cleaner can collect “space debris” from an abandoned planet.

2. Dance. It is difficult for children of 2–5 years old to resist or sit on the couch if there is cheerful music.

Learn the ballroom steps, the break and hiphop figures, invent your own styles, play scenes from fairy tales to the music and dramatize the songs. Be spontaneous: if a child watches a musical film or cartoon on TV, you will only have to start dancing on the screen during the song and the children will follow your example with pleasure.

13 ways to make a child move

3. Leave the whole family out of the house to make a snowman under the window, throw the ball into the basket or play bowling, go ice-skating or rollerblading, go cycling. Choose for walking such places where there are not swings, merry-go-rounds and sandboxes, but various playgrounds for outdoor activities: slides, stairs, trampolines, and labyrinths.

4. Get a dog. But not a sofa-pocket breed, not a heavyweight and a bumpkin, but one with which it will be interesting for the child to play apportirovku, frisbee and just “catch up”.

5. Buy pedometers for all family members. Solemnly hand each his personal pedometer and arrange various competitions with prizes and medals. Who takes more steps a day, who more “strikes” on a walk – and so on.

Dream on health.

6. Play catch-up. The best way to “push” an obstinate child from a place is to invite him to catch up with you.

This method is especially effective when the game arises spontaneously, for example, during a normal walk, on the way home from kindergarten (school), etc.

13 ways to make a child move

7. Remove the TV from the baby’s room. It is proved that the presence of this good civilization in the nursery leads to obesity much more often than if the child watches TV in the common room.

Put in its place in the children’s mini-trampoline or a small sports complex. The boys will love the wall bars, and the girls with pleasure “monkey” on the rings and rope ladders.

You can also arrange a gym with a sofa and several mats.

8. Hang a boxing bag in the child’s room. Imitate martial arts, swordsman movements, archery – this is a good alternative to computer “shooters.” Do not think that this advice is good only for boys. Girls also need to put energy somewhere.

And besides, this is a great way to introduce dad to games with a girl.

9. Play charades. Almost forgotten fun of the past develops not only the imagination and ingenuity. It makes move.

Play with animals, objects and abstract notions using only your own body and facial expressions.

10. Explore the surroundings. Do not be limited to the nearest playground. Make it a rule every week to walk in a new place.

Go on excursions, museums, study architecture. The child will be able to feel like a scientist, a traveler, a researcher.

13 ways to make a child move

11. Arrange “photohunting” on walks: make an album with photos of sculptures, animals, trees and flowers. In the summer, collect herbariums. In the fall – beautiful leaves (they, by the way, can be photographed and not demolished in an apartment by armfuls).

With older children, you can create an account on Instagram or Flickr and upload the best photos taken by the child there, thereby motivating him to new achievements.

12. Invite other children to play “cat and mouse” or “geese, geese, ha-ha-ha” together. Negotiate with other parents living in the neighborhood, or going to the same group or class with your children.

In the company of peers, the child will be more fun to move.

13. Praise the child for everything he does quickly and without digging. Do not scold for slowness, do not cut for unwillingness to move, but encourage activity and speed. The positive reinforcement in this case will work faster than the hundreds of comments and threats to “take away the tablet” or “ban cartoons”.

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