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13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Here you can walk for hours, admiring the beautiful nature and magnificent architectural structures – the Big and Small palaces, the Bread and Opera houses, the Temple of Ceres and others.

The pride of the park is a light and musical fountain. The show starts in the late afternoon.

To the sound of music, the fountain begins its enchanting dance, framed by light effects.

It is worth noting that the park is well equipped for sports and healthy lifestyle lovers. There are volleyball and basketball courts, a tennis court, sports facilities for acrobatics, and bodybuilding equipment.

Among other things, the park has developed special excursion programs for the whole family and classes for children of different ages (from 4 years old). You will be able to plunge into the traditions and fashion of the 18th century with an invitation to a stylized ball.

Go on a trip to the Porcelain Country, accompanied by the fairy fairy Farforina and much, much more. (Cost, information and recording by phone: 8 (499) 725-72-28).

Dolskaya, 1, the nearest metro station “Tsaritsyno”

tel .: (495) 321 80 39

Official site: http://www.tsaritsyno-museum.ru

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Originally it was a boyar manor. Later there was a biostation and even a pig-farm.

Today it is a beautiful park with picturesque alleys – the perfect place for a family holiday.

The park is conditionally divided into two parts – the forest part and the entertainment part.

For children there are trampolines, playgrounds (one for kids, the other for older children), horseback riding and pony.

In the center of the park there is a large pond with lotuses and flocks of ducks cheerfully greeting visitors who have prepared a treat for them. In summer you can rent a boat (and for a modest fee) and ride the whole family.

m. New Cheryomushki, Kaluga

Opening hours: summer: Mon-Sun 9.00–23.00; winter: Mon-Sun 10.00–22.00

Official site: http://usadba-voroncovo.ru/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Branch of the Botanical Garden of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University Aptekarsky Garden – one of the oldest parks in Moscow. The garden was founded in 1706 by Peter I. From under the walls of the Kremlin, a vegetable garden was moved to this place for the cultivation of medicinal plants. There are no rides and noisy crowds of tourists, which makes this “old-timers” the most cozy garden in the city.

Various festivals are regularly held in the Pharmaceutical Garden: flowers, sand and ice sculptures, as well as educational tours.

During the holidays, from June 16 to August 31, the summer city camp “S.AD.ik” works in the Pharmaceutical Garden for children from 4 to 12 years old. One shift lasts 5 days.

Prospekt Mira, 26, the nearest metro station “Prospekt Mira koltsevaya”

tel .: (495) 680 58 80

Official site: http://hortus.ru/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

All-Russian Exhibition Center – VVC (VDNH) offers Muscovites and guests of the capital leisure for every taste. There is everything here, be it scientific, educational, sports or entertainment activities.

Want thrills? Visit the largest Ferris wheel in Europe.

Check your accuracy while playing paintball. To catch trout or carp go to the “Fishing Village”.

And do not forget to introduce the younger generation to the heroes of fairy tales in their abode – the house “Once upon a time.”

At the All-Russian Exhibition Center, a newly established “Changeling House” was installed, in which anyone can check their vestibular apparatus.

Prospekt Mira, household 119, the nearest metro station “VDNH”

tel .: (495) 544 34 00

Official site: http://www.vvcentre.ru/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Recreation Park Sokolniki is not only the largest park in Moscow (about 600 hectares), but also a monument of landscape art. This year he turned 135 years old.

It regularly hosts theatrical festivals, sports, music and entertainment programs, literary evenings, concerts of professional and amateur artists.

For young guests there is a huge number of attractions (both for the youngest and for teenagers), there is an opportunity to ride electric cars and horses, play billiards and even go karting.

The park has a large rose garden, which presents rare species and unusual colors of flowers.

Summer attraction of the park – the project “The Basin”. On the project site there are two open-air pools (one of which is heated), rental of deck chairs, towels and sports equipment is available.

Beach swings for children and beach volleyball and other sports activities for parents.

It is noteworthy and very commendable that the park has built a playground for children with disabilities “Emerald City”. There, special guys will be able to relax and unwind on a par with their peers.

Even in the park there is a children’s center for scientific discoveries “InnoPark”, the House of Children’s Art, a rope town, a chess and checkers club, on the basis of which the board games club is open. Young discoverers will be able to get the whole range of sensations by watching cartoons in 5D format.

The picture is complemented by unusual effects: wind, spray, rotation of seats.

Sokolnichesky Val, 1, p. 1, the nearest metro station “Sokolniki” tel .: (499) 268 60 11

Official website: http://park.sokolniki.com/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Recreation Park Fili carries the proud title of one of the greenest parks in Moscow. For children it has everything you need: rides, playgrounds, slot machines.

The park is simply created for those who like to tickle their nerves, both for big and for small ones: here is the most difficult and “scary” route of the rope “Panda Park”. Here, in Fili, the first stationary Zorbing track, 78 meters in length and with 3-meter differences, operates.

Adrenaline rush inside a huge transparent ball is provided.

Lovers of calm sports will find a schedule of free classes in yoga, Nordic walking and even ballroom dancing on the park’s website.

On weekends from the pier, located on the embankment of the park, annular motor-boat trips along the Moscow River are made. Children under 6 years old can ride on the boat for free.

On board you can take free bicycles and prams.

For children from 7 to 14 years on the basis of art studio “Filka” in the park on weekdays until August 31 runs a summer city camp. The program includes active recreation, creativity, cognitive activity and even the study of foreign languages.

Bolshaya Filevskaya, 32, the nearest metro station Filevsky Park, Pionerskaya

tel .: (495) 146 05 31

Official website: http://parkfili.com/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

CPKiO them. Gorky is perhaps the most famous Moscow park, in which daily flows of both local residents and guests of the capital (attendance on weekdays for more than 20,000 people and 100,000 on weekends and public holidays).

On the territory of Gorky Park, there are the Miracle-Grad and Luna-Park amusement complexes, several restaurants, a boat station, and the Green Theater, where various concerts are held during the warm season, horse riding, pony, hydro-pedal, cycle cars and carriages are organized. built modern playgrounds.

For children in the park there is a real club of young naturalists – “Green School” (at the Pioneer pond, right behind the musical stage, in the same building with the Garage Education Center). Here you can learn everything about the world, do science and art, listen to fairy tales, play forgotten games, and you can arrange a holiday in honor of your birthday!

The school is gradually expanding and now it has appeared: a carpentry workshop, a cooking studio, a greenhouse and even a nursery for the youngest (for children from 0−4 years old, they work every day from 11.00 to 20.00).

The park is open around the clock. True, this does not apply to amusement rides, the time of which must be specified later.

Official website: http://www.park-gorkogo.com/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Landscape part of Gorky Park. He was formed in the first half of the reign of Nicholas I from the nobility estates, which used to belong to Trubetskoy, Golitsyn and Orlov. Today in Neskuchny Sad you can practice big and small tennis, ride a river boat, visit the rope park and the White Castle chess club.

Also in the garden there are rental bikes and rollers.

For children of preschool and primary school age there is a children’s club “Shardam”, where every day there are held exciting workshops and creative workshops, outdoor games and recreational sports activities, quests in Gorky Park and workshops on plant care, a drum school and a children’s cafe.

The entrance to the Garden is located not far from the Oktyabrskaya metro station (Koltsevaya Line) or Leninsky Prospect metro station (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line). A pedestrian bridge was moved to the garden across the Moscow River.

On it in 10 minutes you can walk to the metro station “Frunzenskaya”.

Leninsky Prospect, 30

tel .: (495) 958 50 24

Official website: http://www.park-gorkogo.com/tag/Neskuchnyj-sad.phtml

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Lovers of vegetation is advised to definitely visit the Main Botanical Garden. N.V.

Tsitsina. The garden has the richest collections (the largest in Russia), representing the diverse flora of almost all continents and climatic zones of the globe.

On their basis, using botanical expositions of plants: natural flora of Russia, the former USSR, an arboretum, an exposition of tropical and subtropical plants, flower-ornamental and cultural plants were created using modern landscape architecture techniques.

Consider that there are no rides and cafes in the park, but this is a beautiful and extremely picturesque “refuge” from the summer heat.

Botanicheskaya, 4, the nearest metro station “VDNH”, “Vladykino”

tel .: (495) 619 53 68

Official site: http://www.gbsad.ru/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Izmailovo Park of Culture and Recreation is located on the territory of the Izmailovo Forest Park. Here, the pine forest, birch groves, ancient ponds and architectural monuments of the 18th century perfectly coexist with modern attractions, slot machines, table tennis courts, shooting club and pavilion for playing ice (Bavarian version of curling).

For young visitors to the park (from 3 to 6 years old), there is a children’s leisure center, Svetlyachok. The mini club is divided into several zones: a game room, a music corner, labyrinths and a children’s cafe.

Here, every child will find something to his taste.

Fans of active recreation (adults and children from 130 cm tall) will be able to compete in skill and agility, as well as test their physical training in the vast rope town “PandaPark”.

The entrance to the park is free.

Opening hours of most attractions: weekdays – from 12:00 to 21:00; on weekends and holidays – from 11:00 to 21:00.

Opening hours and cost of rides can be clarified by phone: (499) 166-61-19.

Official site: http://www.izmailovsky-park.ru/

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

The Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve is the former residence of the Russian Tsars and one of the most picturesque places in Moscow. Ancient architecture, ponds and healing springs, shady avenues make it a wonderful place for contemplation and relaxation. The park regularly holds various holidays, folk festivals, festivals and fairs.

The most famous of them is the honey fair. In the summer they fly kites and build sandy sculptures. For children, there is a town of rides, inflatable trampolines, shooting range.

On weekends horse riding and carriage rides are organized.

The park is open daily:

from May 1 to September 30 – from 8:00 to 24:00;

from October 1 to April 30 – from 8:00 to 21:00.

The entrance to the park is free.

Andropova Ave., 39, the nearest metro station “Kolomenskoye”

tel .: (499) 615 27 68

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

Victory Park – a memorial complex dedicated to the victory in the Great Patriotic War, was opened on May 9, 1995.

The main alley – “Years of War”, located between Victory Square and the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, consists of five terraces, symbolizing five years of war.

An open-air exhibition of military equipment is deployed in the park, which will especially attract the attention of future defenders of the Fatherland. There are more than 300 samples of heavy equipment from the USSR, Germany and countries that participated in the battles.

Brothers Fonchenko, 8, the nearest metro station “Victory Park”

tel .: (495) 237 07 11 (single reference)

13 best parks in Moscow for a family holiday

The Elk Island National Park starts from the Sokolniki Park and extends beyond the Ring Road to Mytishchi, Koroleva, Shchelkova and Balashikha. In a relatively small area of ​​the National Park (about 12 thousand hectares) one can find coniferous forests of the taiga zone, swampy meadows, swamps of various types, meadows, ponds. The park is the source of the rivers Yauza and Pekhorka.

The uniqueness of the Losiny Island lies in the fact that all the landscapes of Central Russia are presented in its miniature, and in its natural environment there are 45 species of mammals, 180 species of birds, 18 species of reptiles and amphibians, half of which are listed in the Red Book.

Visiting the park, you will get a unique opportunity – to see the largest mammals in the Moscow region – elks, who feel absolutely at ease here. In the ecological centers of the park you can familiarize yourself with the natural-historical expositions, order a fascinating excursion along any route you like.

A young friends “Losiny Island” waiting for lively corners with their informative game and exciting programs.

Transverse glade, 1 g, the nearest metro station “Sokolniki

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