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12 ways to part with insomnia

12 ways to part with insomnia

The first months of pregnancy usually immerse the expectant mothers in the sleepy kingdom: the body takes its own, running the natural process of hormonal adjustment, which causes fatigue and an irresistible desire to rest.

Over time, these little troubles go away, and the second trimester comes into a much more harmonious relationship with sleep. Problems usually arise later – towards the end of pregnancy, when about a third of expectant mothers literally lose peace and sleep. The cause of these events are changes in the psyche and body of a woman who is preparing for the birth of a baby.

Nightly anxiety and worries about the future and the past, such as mental excursions into the history of one’s own family, increasingly prevent one from falling asleep. In addition, changes in the activity of some brain centers make the future mothers dreams more vivid and memorable. But this is not all: our exceptional sensitivity is enhanced by physical restraint.

The closer the term of childbirth, the more difficult it is for the expectant mother to fall asleep because of unpleasant sensations in the back, feeling of heaviness in the legs, frequent absenteeism in the toilet and gymnastics, which the grown-up baby arranges from time to time. And yet there is a solution!

12 ways to part with insomnia

Physical activity is good for the body: at this moment we not only train and strengthen different muscle groups, but also teach it to resist stress, as a result, the feeling of fear dulled, and nervousness recedes. With the exception of traumatic sports (skiing, horseback riding, basketball), most activities, such as swimming, walking, gymnastics, yoga, are great for pregnant women. The most important thing is not to be too zealous.

If you do not play sports, walk into pleasure, while remaining active within your means. And remember: an active day is the best prelude to a peaceful sleep.

Future mothers are often shy of their dark thoughts, because, according to others, they should be happy with only one thought about the upcoming birth of a baby! And yet, the so-called prenatal depression exists and is found much more often than all of us think.

He teaches us to relax well every part of the body, as a result, muscle tension disappears, and a feeling of warmth, peace and light weightlessness appears in the body. Such activities are ideal for women of anxious nature. For several sessions you will learn the skills of relaxation, which you can successfully use to fall asleep or to ease the fear of many unresolved issues.

In addition, self-hypnosis and auto-training help to manage pain well, which makes such exercises an excellent method of preparing for childbirth.

Thoughtful dinner – the key to a good sleep. So that at night you will not be tormented by bloating and a feeling of heaviness, have dinner lightly and no later than 1.5–2 hours before bedtime.

Let your main evening meal be fish, cottage cheese or eggs, because proteins well satisfy hunger and supply the body with amino acids that help calm down. The main thing is not to overdo it with a serving size: in large quantities proteins increase body temperature, which slows down the process of falling asleep.

Carbohydrates, such as sugar and honey, also have a great effect on sleep quality. The lettuce, apples and milk still have a hypnotic effect.

But it is better to forget about tea and coffee in the evening. The ideal dinner is a vegetable soup, meat without sauce or fish with vegetables and green salad, sweet yogurt, and an apple.

Specialists can offer a special program “Antistress” for lovers of water procedures. Warm 10–15-minute baths (35–36 ° C) with the addition of 1–2 drops of rosemary oil improve sleep, and also relieve nausea and dizziness symptoms in the first half of pregnancy.

Only, before plunging into a fragrant whirlpool, obtain the approval of a physician. If he does not mind, try adding bromine concentrate, vegetable or aromatic oils to water – they have a good effect on the nervous system, relieve fatigue and improve sleep.

For example, for 1–1.5 hours before bedtime, you can take a soothing bath (36 ° C) with jasmine and lemon oil (2–3 drops), milk (1–3 cups) and almond oil (3 teaspoons). Those who need to cheer up, suitable orange oil or grapefruit.

By the way, the substances that are included in their composition tighten and smooth the skin. And so that she has time to absorb moisture, you should not wipe dry after a bath, just wet the body with a towel. If you cannot wake up at all, take a douche – this is a good training for the vessels: they narrow under the action of cold water and expand when the skin gets hot.

As a result, the process of blood supply to the organs and tissues of the mother’s body and the baby will go without a hitch. To begin with, the difference between the temperature of warm and cold water should be small – 28 and 36 ° C. Let it be doused with warm water for 1.5 minutes, and cold – 0.5 minutes.

In the future, try to increase this contrast gradually. If you take a shower in the morning, finish the procedure with cold douche, and in the evening, complete it with warm water, because it calms.

A circular shower is a procedure when our skin is bombarded by many small streams of water. It helps to relax well, which means it improves sleep.

Keep in mind that the water temperature should be no higher than 35–37 ° С, and the maximum procedure time is 10–15 minutes. Take such a shower immediately after a meal is not worth it, wait a pause of 1.5-2 hours.

ASYA UNYAEVA, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Superficial massage relaxes and soothes, under expert hands of an expert the tension in the body disappears, squeezing disappears without a trace, as well as unpleasant sensations in the back and legs. And even if his performer becomes an unprofessional – your husband, you will feel both calmer and more confident when you feel his care and participation.

They will help you cope not only with the problems of digestion, but also facilitate the process of falling asleep. Especially good in this sense are linden-based drinks, which has a calming and relaxing effect.

Broths from orange flowers will relieve nervousness, hawthorn will adjust the heartbeat and reduce anxiety. Melissa and mint will soften the effects of stress and help you fall asleep.

All these drinks are not addictive and safe for the baby. Drink them 20 minutes before bedtime.

12 ways to part with insomnia

A warm bath with a few drops of lavender, chamomile or sandalwood essential oil will help you fall asleep easily. In order not to overload the veins in the legs – it’s already difficult for them – make sure that the water is not very hot, and after the procedure, rinse your feet under running cold water.

Your bed should not be too soft or hard – a well-chosen and preferably orthopedic mattress will help you in the fight against insomnia. Ventilate the room before bedtime and keep it cool — about 18 ° C. If you feel heaviness in your legs, put a cushion under the mattress, if you can no longer sleep on your back, lie on your left side, and put a pillow under your right knee or between your legs.

Try not to sleep on your back: the uterus with the baby can squeeze a large vein that runs along the spine, which will make the expectant mother not good. And one more thing: put a cushion under your back.

If you are suddenly drawn to sleep, do not fight this desire: at the beginning of the second half of the day it is quite natural. Whatever your siesta, short (about 20 minutes) or long (1.5–2 hours), it will relieve tension and fatigue, ease digestion and prepare you for a night’s sleep.

Goosebumps, tingling and a feeling of tension in the legs – these are signs of “tired legs syndrome”. These feelings can prevent you from falling asleep or, well, something good, wake up in the middle of the night. In future mothers, the appearance of the syndrome is associated with a lack of iron in the body.

Vitamins and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6 can help alleviate the acuity of the feeling of tired legs and cramps of the calf muscles at night.

The child, like his mother, needs rest. Even before the birth of his dream has different phases: the period of mobile and slow sleep.

The first phase takes him 80% of the time allotted for a siesta, it is at this time that the baby grows and develops, for example, he trains himself to breathe.

The closer the baby’s birthday, the more hectic nights. Kicking a foot, another visit to the toilet, some kind of incomprehensible discomfort, a huge stomach – this list of annoying troubles can go on and on.

If you are not able to fall asleep at all and you feel that insomnia is depriving you of strength, talk to your doctor about it.

12 ways to part with insomnia

Homeopathy and acupuncture can be interesting in this sense: they have no side effects and are safe for the child. In homeopathy, the choice of the drug depends on the exact description of the disorder you have and your nature. That is why only a specialist can prescribe a medicine.

Acupuncture aims to restore the balance of internal energy and perfectly fights anxiety, insomnia, fatigue.

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